Is talking to yourself normal or pathological?

Is talking to yourself a normal state or a pathological concern is the concern of many people who are in this situation. The fact that this can be a sign of people feeling lonely, not knowing how to share it with anyone can also be a sign of many other psychological problems, other dangerous mental illnesses that need to be treated soon, so it’s great. should not be subjective.

Is talking to yourself normal or pathological?

Do you ever stay in your room and sing to yourself, talk to yourself, try on your clothes, look in the mirror and say you’re beautiful? In fact, this is quite a normal state in many people, especially those who are alone. Even according to a study conducted by professor Paloma Mari-Beffa at Bangkok, talking alone shows self-awareness, even a sign of intelligent people.

Talk to yourself

Often talking alone makes many people worry about whether they are normal or not?

However, according to experts, a lot of dangerous psychotic patients also have symptoms of often muttering and talking to themselves. These subjects can cause a lot of bad consequences if they don’t quickly get appropriate treatment and examination. So how do you know if it’s normal or abnormal to talk to yourself?

It’s normal to talk to yourself

According to experts, almost everyone has talked to themselves. Complimenting yourself for being beautiful in the mirror, thinking to yourself to laugh, and comforting yourself when faced with difficult situations is also talking to yourself. In fact, this is the manifestation of people who feel lonely, with no one to share or talk to.

This state can be clearly seen in a main group of children, who are only children. Because the mother is too busy, looking after the children while working or cooking, she often lets them play alone. As a result, children often tend to play, imagine and act out characters and talk to themselves. Even if there are dolls or teddy bears, the children create their own situations, play the roles of two characters and argue with each other.

Talk to yourself

Children are extremely talkative subjects but still have a completely normal mind

As can be seen, in this situation self-talk is perfectly normal. Talking to ourselves makes us feel safer, less empty, more open. In particular, some experts also pointed out that self-talk, role-playing, and self-debating also stimulate creativity and intelligence in many people.

Or some statistics also show that athletes are the group that often talks to themselves. The sayings they often say are “trying”, “I will do it”, and this can completely boost their spirits, ease anxiety and stress, and help them be more confident in themselves. People who are faced with stressful situations such as preparing for an interview or preparing a presentation often tell themselves the same thing.

Most of us have a tendency to have an internal monologue with our thoughts and struggles in our heads, just how we express those thoughts, whether or not we speak out loud. In general, if a person’s mental state of self-talk occurs only in a few situations, for example only when they are feeling stressed or when they are alone, then there is nothing to worry about.

It’s unusual to talk to yourself alone

If you yourself often find people around you tend to mutter to yourself too much, even in crowded places, this is most likely a sign of extremely dangerous psycho-psychological problems. According to experts, frequent mumbling to yourself represents a negative, out-of-control state of mind and can be accompanied by unintentional actions that make it feel like someone is talking, someone else in the mood. Their bodies make them do that.

Specifically, self-talk can be related to the following issues


People with depression often have extremely negative spirits, low mood, no vitality, always in a state of fatigue and tend to be isolated, do not want to talk to anyone. They may lock themselves in their homes throughout the day, avoiding all meetings or even texting and not responding. However, the depressed person’s mind also feels extremely frustrated and uncomfortable, so he can talk alone to relieve himself.

Talk to yourself

Depressed people often have extremely negative psychology, secretiveness, decreased mood, and the whole body seems to have no energy

They often spend time reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the dark future. The words you say to yourself at this time are often negative, depressed, lamenting, and can even provoke yourself into unhealthy behaviors such as banging your head against the wall, pulling your own hair. . Or, for example, for people with postpartum depression, when talking to themselves, they may also feel suffocated, thinking that the baby is the cause of their suffering.

People with depression, if not treated early, can lead to self-harming behaviors, such as cutting hands or even suicide. The cause of the disease is often due to the impact of external factors such as pressure, negative living environment, violence, frequent humiliation…

Anxiety disorders

People with anxiety disorders also tend to talk to themselves to calm themselves through the fear. For example, a person with OCD may always be talking to himself to decide whether to return home to check if the door is closed or the stove is turned off. Of course, most patients always choose to return to the test, but it also takes a while to fight with themselves.

Anxiety disorders are often caused by genetic factors, past obsessions or abnormalities in neurotransmitters in the brain. Depending on the type of disease, the effects of anxiety disorders on life and extremely serious, some people can barely leave the house because the outside is filled with scary things that make the patient always in a state of trembling. , agitation, increased blood pressure, sweating…


Talking to yourself, muttering to yourself can completely be a sign of schizophrenia – an extremely dangerous neurological disease. Patients always feel like they have voices in their heads and they often mumble in response to these voices. The language they use is also extremely strange, weird, unclear sentences, lack of logic that outsiders cannot understand.

Talk to yourself

People with schizophrenia always feel a voice in their head

The thinking and behavior of people with schizophrenia is also very unusual, they are often forgetful and feel like someone has erased their actions. Increasingly, the patient is withdrawn from society, completely isolated from the surrounding, social skills decrease, hallucinations and delusions appear. Their cries and laughter also sounded very strange, feeling like other people.

In particular, people with schizophrenia can often become people who cause harm to society, get caught up in labor, and even kill people. Because they always hear voices in their heads urging them to perform these behaviors, and illusions about their own strength are also the factors that trigger these dangerous behaviors.

Bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder often have a tendency to change their emotions in an erratic, sudden, and difficult to control manner. The cause of the disease is often due to an imbalance of neurotransmitters, genetic factors or too many negative environmental influences. Anyone can get bipolar disorder and it comes with a lot of health and life effects.

For example, in a state of depression, these people are often extremely negative, tired, depressed, depressed, locked in a room, mumbling to themselves. Meanwhile, in the manic phase, these people’s energy levels are extremely high, making them active, talking continuously without sleeping. They also need to talk to themselves to release this excess energy.

In both states of bipolar disorder, a person may exhibit abnormal behaviors that can harm themselves and those around them. Emotions change constantly, making it impossible for patients to recognize who they are and how they are feeling.

What should I do when I often talk to myself?

With that said, self-talk can certainly involve elements of the normal and the abnormal. However, if it is related to abnormal factors, it will often be accompanied by manifestations such as negative spirit, excitability, strange behaviors, difficult to understand language, especially the tendency to separate from other people. people and mumbling to himself. Through that, you can identify to find the right improvement solution.

Under normal circumstances

In fact, more than 90% of people have ever talked to themselves to comfort, self-motivation, self-encouragement and reduce feelings of loneliness. But it can be seen that people with this tendency are often quite lonely, so they have to find companionship and harmony from themselves. On the other hand, talking alone is not harmful to anyone, not dangerous to society, so there is no need to worry too much.

Talk to yourself

Reading or writing can reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and loneliness for patients

If you want to improve this situation, you can choose to talk to someone, read a book or simply write down what is on your mind instead of saying it orally. When emotions and worries are released, the time to talk to yourself will also decrease.

However, if self-talk can make you feel comfortable and not affect others, you can still keep this habit. Just do what you feel most happy and happy, just make sure you don’t break the law, don’t harm anyone, don’t affect human morality, no one will be able to stop it. okay you.

Besides, no matter what, it is extremely necessary to keep a healthy mind. Being too lonely, unable to release negative emotions can also increase the risk of psychological problems. Therefore, practicing sports, learning how to clear the mind, thinking positively, aiming for positive things is what everyone needs.

With unusual circumstances

If it is related to psycho-psychiatric diseases, the family causes the person to talk alone, it is necessary to quickly take the patient to a neurologist or psychological center for the best examination and treatment. . Doctors and therapists will through conversation, have patients do tests, brain scans to find abnormalities and provide the best treatment.

With problems such as depression or anxiety disorders, patients may be prescribed psychotherapeutic therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, hypnosis to restore emotions, eliminate erroneous ideas and replaced with more correct ones. The therapist also teaches the patient ways to cope with stress, thereby seeing reality with a more optimistic eye.

Besides, for patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, in addition to psychotherapy will need medication or even inpatient treatment in a psychiatric hospital to control abnormal behaviors. Treatment time for these mental illnesses is often longer and more difficult, but if not controlled early, the patient can cause a lot of dangerous behavior for both himself and the people around him.

Treating the psychological problems or mental illnesses associated with self-talk has never been simple, even time-consuming. Patients may need a combination of medication and psycho-restorative therapies for the best results. There are people who have to be treated for 1-2 years, but there are also people who need maintenance treatment for the rest of their lives to prevent the maximum risk of disease recurrence.

Along with treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist, taking care of mental health, relaxing the mind, and avoiding stress is also extremely important for these subjects. When the mind is positive, the reception of therapies also brings better results. Families also need to be involved in the treatment of these subjects.

Improving mental health for all

As mentioned, regardless of the subject or the person who does not have the habit of talking to himself, taking care of his spiritual life is also extremely important. It can be clearly seen that people with a positive lifestyle, with good mental health always look extremely radiant, happy, see problems more accurately, thereby limiting the risk of psychological problems. – mental efficiency.

Talk to yourself

Taking care of a healthy mental life every day will minimize the risk of psychological and mental problems

Some measures to keep mentally healthy, more optimistic such as

  • Always make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day, avoid staying up too late, lack of sleep
  • Maintain a healthy, scientific diet, increase green vegetables and fruits, limit groups to eat spicy, hot, and greasy
  • Limit the use of alcohol, tobacco, and stimulants
  • Maintain the habit of exercising every day, especially can refer to subjects such as meditation, yoga because it is extremely good for the mind, body and sleep.
  • Learn to look at problems in a multi-dimensional way, towards positive, optimistic thoughts
  • Seek help when needed, don’t let negative things accumulate in your mind for too long
  • If you don’t want to talk, you can keep a diary to relieve the secrets in your mind
  • Always love yourself, confidently do what you love

Talking to yourself won’t be a problem if you don’t affect anyone else and still feel joy or positive values ​​every day. Learning to live optimistically, to share with others, to take care of a new spiritual life is the best method for people who like to talk to themselves.

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