Is rose water moisturizing? How is the effect?

Rose water is one of the familiar skincare steps of women in recent years. Although it is known that rose water has many different uses, its moisturizing ability is really outstanding. The following article will help you reveal the answer to the question “is rose water moisturizing?”.

What is rose water?

What is rose water? What are toners?
What is rose water? What are toners?

Rose water is also known as toner, one of the skincare steps is added to balance the PH level of the skin. Rose water can be extracted from many different ingredients, but most of them are in the form of water.

What does rose water do?

1. Clean the skin for the 2nd time

After you have washed your face with a cleanser, the use of a toner will double its ability to clean and remove the remaining dirt after the cleanser. If she has sensitive skin, acne skin, toner is the perfect choice, a gentle, safe product that does not cause skin irritation.

2. PHONE balance

Some types of face wash will make your skin lose its inherent PH, using rose water will help balance the pH on the skin. Besides, rose water can also tighten pores to limit dirt that can enter.

3. Treatment of acne

Rose water, if you know how to take care of it, will repel acne spots on the skin thanks to its salicylic acid ingredient. This ingredient will penetrate the skin to attack the dry acne cores and push them out.

4. Limit aging

Although it is only a small step in the skincare process, the effectiveness that rose water brings in anti-aging is remarkable. Rose water works in the skin cell layer, it will erase wrinkles, crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth and forehead, bringing healthy, radiant skin.

Is rose water moisturizing?

This is a question asked by many girls who have just practiced skincare. Because according to many studies, rose water has many uses such as cleansing, tightening pores, moisturizing …. So a small amount of rose water that you apply on your face really has the ability to moisturize?

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Kinds of good and benign rose water toners
Good and benign rose water toners.

The answer is yes because when the skin has just gone through the step of removing makeup and washing the face, it is very dry and feels tight and lacks moisture. This is the time when rose water promotes its moisturizing effect because of the nutritional ingredients contained in them.

Most women feel that their skin is softer, smoother, and more moisturized after applying rose water to their skin. Specifically, the essence from the rose and the vitamins contained in the product will go into the epidermis of the pores, making the skin hydrated from deep within.

Some rose water products also contain specialized moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin hyaluronic acid, etc., so the moisturizing ability of rose water is completely possible.

How to use toner to increase moisturizing effect

1. Use multiple toner steps at the same time

If you only use toner once, the moisturizing ability will not be as high as if you layer many layers at the same time. Using multiple layers of toner at the same time is a method that Korean girls use a lot to maintain skin moisture before starting the next skincare steps.

The method is quite simple, you can use a cotton pad or directly by hand to pat the toner onto the skin. For each layer, you should let the skin rest for about 30 seconds so that the nutrients can penetrate quickly into the skin and do not make the skin suffocated by too many products at once.

2. Use lotion mask

Lotion mask is a great option to increase the skin’s ability to moisturize with toner. If you do not want to use too many products at the same time as the steps suggested above, the lotion mask is a safe and effective choice that saves quite a bit of product.

You can use makeup remover cotton, makeup remover tablets, … to use as a mask to apply lotion mask. The habit of using this toner in the form of a lotion mask will greatly increase the moisturizing effect of the toner.

3. Choose a moisturizing toner suitable for each skin type

There are many toners on the market today for different skin types. Only when you choose the right toner for you will the quality of your skin be significantly improved. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right toner for your skin.

What is rose water?
Choosing the right rose water requires understanding.
  • Alcohol content less than 10%: suitable for dry skin and dry mixture. Reading on ingredients the word Alcohol (or Ethanol) will come in 10th or higher in the ingredient list printed on the package.
  • Alcohol concentration above 20%: suitable for most skin types. In this type, the word Alcohol will stand at position 5-6
  • Alcohol content over 30%: special for oily skin. In this type, the word Alcohol will be in position 2-3.

With the above explanations and how to use it to help the toner promote its full moisturizing effect, hopefully she will use a really effective toner to improve the quality of her skin.


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