Is recognizing autistic children through crying really accurate?

Recognizing autistic children through crying seems to be an absurd thing, but in recent years there have been many scientific studies that have investigated and proven this issue. This is considered a valuable thing and very useful in early detection of autism so that early intervention and effective treatment can be achieved.

Recognizing autistic children through crying
According to some specialized studies, a baby’s cry can also be a warning sign of autism

Can a baby’s cry warn of autism?

It can be seen that, no matter how good a child is, it is inevitable that there will be times of crying and discomfort. At the same age, most children are typically developing. No matter how children are born in any culture, live in an educational environment, the expressions of speech and language acquisition will be the same. However, for young children with autism, there is no specific pattern throughout the first year.

In fact, the earliest manifestation of language development is babbling. In addition, the cry of a baby is also considered as one of the languages ​​representing the adaptive communication system. It is known that crying is not simply a natural reflex, but in a specific way it is a human motor response to emotions, then the production of sound.

According to the assessment and analysis of experts, the cry of young children is not only different in sound, but it also shows how the baby perceives. It is like a signal that informs the need, the desire for special attention and attention. Although crying is not specifically defined as a type of language. However, it is also considered one of the best communication tools often used by babies to be able to notify and signal to parents.

According to the results of many specialized studies, it has been found that, right from the first years of life, children who are later diagnosed with autism have abnormal expressions, their crying will also be different from their own. The other children. Babies with different types of developmental disabilities will also have different cries, especially in developing babies.

In a specialized study, it was shown that mothers of children with typical development can easily analyze and interpret the voices and cries that babies are trying to communicate about their needs. , different wishes. However, for parents of children with autism will find it extremely difficult to understand the messages through the baby’s cry. Also because a baby’s cry often has a unique style, unlike other babies.

To put it simply, during the period when young children develop their initial ability to communicate, the “language” of children with autism will not be understood by their parents and will cause the intentional communication process to be lost. failure, will normally start in the 9th month.

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Most parents of children with autism share that they face many obstacles and difficulties in decoding and understanding their child’s sensory signals, especially in the early stages of life. . It is also because of the lack of understanding of the baby’s cry that many parents are unable to find the cause of the crying, unable to solve and meet the needs of the baby well.

How to recognize autistic children through crying?

Until now, the cause of the onset of symptoms of autism has not been identified specifically and precisely. However, the rate of children suffering from this syndrome is increasing strongly and causing a lot of negative impacts on their health, life and future. Children with this syndrome often have difficulty communicating, using language, and are limited by some social skills.

According to research and statistics, the symptoms of autism often start very early, mainly around the first 3 years of life. However, if parents do not take the time to observe and monitor their children’s behavior, it is very difficult for parents to detect abnormalities in their children. Usually, it is not until the age of 2 onwards that the signs of autism become apparent.

Recognizing autistic children through crying
The cry of a child with autism will be somewhat abnormal and more unpredictable than that of normal children

As shared above, the cry of a baby is also one of the factors that help parents detect abnormalities in young children. Many scientific researchers at Brown University, together with Women’s and Newborns Hospital, have researched and developed a machine used to analyze babies’ cries. This has great significance in identifying specific problems in the functioning of the nervous system and in child development.

Accordingly, a spokesperson at Brown University also said that “Slight variations in the call, which are almost inaudible to the human ear”. Stephen Sheinkopf, a Brown University professor and developer of the tool, said: “We’ve known for a long time that older adults with autism make unusual sounds or voices or atypical. This has been discussed as helpful in developing early identification tools for autism. That is a big challenge. How do you spot the signs of autism in babies?”

This analyzer is operated in a way that simplifies the captured chirps into 12.5millisecond frames and the sound analyzes each frame with at least 80 parameters. The study was done after a disorder known as Cri du chat syndrome, also known as cat meow syndrome, part of a genetic defect that resembles Down syndrome.

How to comfort a child with autism or crying parents should know

The frequent crying of autistic children also makes many parents feel headache and helpless. However, do not ignore the child, but quickly apply the following measures to calm the tantrums of children with autism:

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Recognizing autistic children through crying
Parents need to know how to calm and soothe the spirit to avoid the constant crying of autistic children
  • Identify and eliminate triggers: To be able to control and reduce the crisis of children with autism, the first and most important thing is to find out the triggers that create the child’s sensitivity. This will help parents know how to fix it effectively and be ready to deal with potential problems.
  • Find ways to distract your child’s attention: In order for children to stop paying attention to factors that cause panic and excitement, parents should try to find ways to distract their children. You can do anything to make your child happier and more comfortable. The purpose of this action is to help your child focus on things that are more interesting but not too stimulating. Parents can sing a song that their child loves, play a game with their child or make interesting sounds that attract children.
  • Help your child feel safe: The first priority that you need to keep in mind when a child with autism is panicking is to immediately remove the triggers that make the child feel insecure and afraid. Parents can move their child to a quieter and more comfortable environment so that the child can calm down and settle down again.
  • Try to stay calm: When children cry, parents need to keep calm and control their emotions well. Also because if adults also become confused and agitated, things will not be resolved well. You should understand that any of your aggressive, aggressive actions and gestures can become a big threat to young children. It is best to control your speech and behavior well, move gently, talk slowly.
  • Absolutely do not act without explanation: To avoid aggravating conflicts and making your child’s temper worse, you need to know how to balance things around. One of the most effective ways to do this is to explain to your child what you are about to do. Regardless of how your child reacts, an explanation will help calm them down, limiting impulsive reactions in children with autism.

Recognizing the signs of autism through the cries of young children is not easy. However, if parents can take the time to observe and learn, they can also recognize abnormalities in children, especially babies. Hopefully, through the information of this article, readers will understand more about autism as well as learn some ways to detect abnormalities early through the baby’s cry to have appropriate interventions.

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