Is it really a good idea to get married when you’re not ready?

In fact, many people share that, although they love their other half very much, they feel shy and anxious when thinking about marriage. Marriage is the destination of most couples in love, but should you get married when you are not really ready?

Should I get married when I'm not ready?

If you are not really ready, do not rush to make a decision to get married.

Should you get married when you’re not ready?

Friends next door have married, have had a stable life, even there are friends who have children, have a full, full family. At the same time, your relatives are constantly begging you to get married to have a small family for yourself.

However, should you because of those pressures agree to get married when you are really not ready? There are many cases where they share that they love each other very much, but when they talk about getting married and building a small family, they feel hesitant, a little shy and hesitant.

They themselves have also thought about married life, married life with their children. However, they also constantly ask themselves a series of questions about that married life. That this is the right life partner, that married life is really happy and whether I have enough strength to take responsibility for it all?

When you’re not ready, don’t rush to get married. You should understand that life is yours and you have to decide for yourself. Don’t let external factors affect it, sometimes because of your haste, you have to face a lot of hurt, even a breakup in your marriage.

Currently, the divorce rate in our country is increasing. Based on the data of actual surveys, it is found that each year there are nearly 60,000 divorces, equivalent to 1 divorce for every 1,000 people. The most worrying thing is that for every 4 couples who register for marriage, 1 couple will divorce later, accounting for 25%.

Many couples before entering marriage also had a period of understanding and love. However, due to many influences, they decided to get married when they were not really ready. The haste in marriage is also the cause that can lead to many unfortunate divorces. At this time, you may not be mature enough, not experienced enough, and have the potential for married life, making it easier to break up.

Therefore, you should only get married when both are really ready to prepare for marriage. Only then can you feel happiness and joy in your married life. At the same time, this is also an important factor to help your marriage always be strong and be able to live together until “silver teeth”.

Signs that you are not really ready to get married

Getting married is an important decision of a person’s life, you need to be ready in all aspects before entering married life. Only then, the new married life is really happy, warm and long-lasting. You can feel excited and admired when your friends and relatives constantly board the flower car, organize romantic parties, and experience memorable moments.

However, do not because of external factors or pressure of age or family that you force yourself to enter life when you are not really ready. This will cause you to encounter many obstacles in your marriage, easily cause conflicts with your partner and more likely lead to divorce.

Therefore, before deciding to get married, be very calm and consider everything, ask yourself the question “Are you ready for marriage?”. To be able to enjoy your married life to the fullest, please do not rush to get married if you have the following signs:

1. Are you still in love with freedom?

Saying this does not mean that after you get married you will lose your freedom, but it will be limited. Because after you get married, you have to take care of your married life, have many worries for the future, and even after having children, you have to spend more time taking care of your children, spending more time with your family. . Therefore, if you are a person who loves freedom and feels suffocated if not having fun, do not rush to get married at this time.

Should I get married when I'm not ready?

If you are a freedom-loving person who wants to explore youth, don’t rush to get married right now.

We are the ones who can make our own decisions. Therefore, do not force yourself to experience interesting things about life because of the marriage barrier. Life is your own and you should be in control of it. Let’s just roam, explore fully with the young years so that when you enter the marriage you will not have any regrets.

2. You feel that marriage is boring

If you feel that marriage is an extremely boring and boring life, then perhaps you are not suitable to get married at this time. Marriage needs to be started and built from the efforts of both sides, both husband and wife need to cultivate affection and constantly renew their lives.

Therefore, if you are feeling that this is an uninteresting life, do not rush to make a decision to get married. Many people often say that sometimes we are too afraid to get married because of our own imagination. However, if you already feel uninterested in it, when you enter your married life, it will be very difficult to get along and feel happy.

3. You do not have a stable and stable economy

If you think that you have a job with a good monthly income and you can completely secure yourself financially and have a solid marriage, this is a completely wrong thing. . The most concrete example of that is the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many families lost their main source of income and fell into difficulties, affecting their eating and daily activities.

Should I get married when I'm not ready?

Do not rush to get married when there is no stable and stable economy.

Therefore, if you currently only have a stable job but do not have any backup, savings or other sources of income, do not rush to think about starting a family. The lack of financial flexibility is also the cause of a series of risks and obstacles to married life.

4. Don’t understand the lover well

If you’ve only known and dated your other half for a few months or less than a year, you may not be ready for marriage at this time. Are you sure that you are suitable for that person, do you understand their personality well and are the two really compatible?

If you are not really confident about this, you should not rush into marriage with them. Also because marriage is a long process, both must know how to listen, empathize, understand and share for each other to be able to live together until the end of their lives.

5. You haven’t given up your ego yet

For couples who love each other, sometimes only love is needed to maintain happiness. However, for a marriage, love is still not enough. Married life has a lot of things to worry about, so each person needs to know how to accept their own mistakes, learn to listen, understand and sometimes have to give up their personal ego.

Should I get married when I'm not ready?

Married life is still not suitable for those who have not yet given up their personal ego.

Each person is a separate individual, with different thoughts and opinions, so it is difficult to avoid conflict and motionless times. Therefore, if husband and wife do not know how to forgive, tolerate and be generous to each other, it is very difficult to maintain a long and happy marriage.

If you think your ego is too big and you can’t give it up for someone else, don’t get married. Start changing yourself now, learn to be patient and tolerant at the right time. Until you are mature enough to become a wife, husband, father and mother, then decide to get married.

6. You don’t want to take on responsibilities

Marriage comes with a multitude of different responsibilities. It’s not just the life of two people, sometimes you have to face different roles, being a wife, a bride, a mother, etc. When you decide to get married, it means you have to take on a lot of things. another unnamed job in the future.

If you are someone who does not want to take on responsibilities or is currently unable to do so, you should also carefully consider your decision to get married. Because in fact, when you get married, you not only worry about your small family but also the responsibility to your parents, relatives and a lot of other issues around.

7. You often argue with your partner

In fact, there aren’t any couples who have known each other for a long time without any arguments. Each person will have their own desires and thoughts, so sometimes there will be disagreements and conflicts about small things in daily life.

Should I get married when I'm not ready?

Review your relationship if both of you are constantly arguing and disagreeing.

However, if you and your partner are constantly arguing, disagreeing on many issues around life, you also need to consider this relationship carefully and do not rush to make a decision to get married. When arguments make you think and doubt about the harmony of both of you, it is clear that you are not ready to build a married life with them.

8. Do you still miss your ex?

Many people, when deciding to enter a new love, still cannot forget the silhouette of the old person. There are new love affairs that appear just to fill the position of the old ones. If you are in this situation then marriage is not the right choice.

Ask yourself if you are really forgetting the old memories, are thinking about them or not. Do you keep track of your ex’s activities, are you curious and want to know if they already have a new person or sometimes have thoughts of wanting to get back together.

If you still haven’t forgotten about your ex, don’t rush to start a married life with a new person. Also because trying to force yourself to get married while still missing your ex will only ruin your marriage, sometimes even hurting the person who really loves you.

9. You don’t see divorce as a big deal

Currently, society has more open views and views on divorce. Couples who do not get along or for some other reason easily make the decision to divorce to find a new relationship. However, you need to understand that divorce is a major turning point in a person’s life and it has an impact on you and your children.

Therefore, if you feel that divorce is a simple matter and not too big, this is also one of the signs that you are not ready to get married. Decide to enter marriage when you have understood and know how to appreciate your partner, not just because of the little things in life that make the wrong decision.

Don’t rush to get married when you’re not ready. Be very slow and calm to fully enjoy life until you are truly independent and brave to become a wife and husband. It’s never too late for a marriage, getting married sooner or later doesn’t matter, the right time can bring happiness.

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