Is Autism A Disease? Is It Self-Healing?

Autism is a common disorder, it accounts for about 1% of the total world population based on statistics from 2015. However, many people still mistakenly believe this is a disease and think that the disease will have a cure. treatment, thereby causing many serious harms affecting the health and life of young children. So is autism a disease? Can it heal on its own?

Is Autism A Disease?
Autism is not a disease, it is a common developmental disorder in children

What is autism? Is it a disease?

Autism is a long-lasting developmental disorder that can severely affect the way a person perceives and evaluates the world around them, and their ability to interact and communicate with others. People with this disorder often face many difficulties and obstacles in interacting, thinking, and acting.

According to experts, this is a common developmental disorder. It is estimated that from 2015 about 1% of the world’s population suffers from this disorder. However, this is not a disease, it is not like the common cold that can be completely treated.

According to the World Health Organization – WHO, autism is a brain development disorder with typical manifestations such as poor communication skills, inability to express emotions, lack of reflexes, repetitive actions. again. This disorder often has an early onset in children, including newborns.

When suffering from autism, children often tend to live separately, do not communicate or play with friends, often sit blankly and have strange actions that are often repeated without purpose. According to Western medicine, this is a disorder, not a disease. To improve, it is necessary to have educational and teaching measures, not to follow a fixed method of treatment.

In Eastern medicine, autism is considered as a syndrome with typical manifestations of decline in intelligence, communication and behavior. This is a state of damage to the viscera and meridians and is improved thanks to the impact on the corresponding meridians and acupoints.

Does autism go away on its own? Can it be cured?

As shared above, autism is a syndrome, not a disease. Therefore, in order to overcome the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to apply appropriate educational, lifestyle and teaching measures, not necessarily treatment. At the same time, this is a long-lasting and complex disorder, so it takes a long time to recover well.

Although autism can improve well if detected early and appropriate interventions are applied. However, the process of health recovery sometimes will not be as desired, autism symptoms will be difficult to completely reduce and completely stop. These manifestations will persist for a lifetime and depending on the extent will cause effects on the health and life of children.

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Western medicine only accepts the treatment of diseases associated with nerves, mental retardation or hyperactivity disorder. Usually, after a visit and diagnosis at specialized hospitals, parents will be advised to transfer the child to rehabilitation at a disability education intervention center.

Is Autism A Disease?
To improve autism, it is necessary to persevere in educating and teaching children for a long time.

As for traditional medicine, it will support autism treatment by affecting meridians and acupuncture points. Children with autism will be combined with many different techniques such as hydro-acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, thread implantation, acupressure massage to restore functions and control abnormal symptoms. At the same time, combine with psychotherapy with experienced psychologists to bring the best results.

Whether autism can be cured or not depends much on the severity of each person. There are cases of mild autism, children only have a little difficulty in communicating, integrating with peers and people around. If early detection and good interventions can be applied, autism can be easily overcome.

However, if the level of autism is more severe, the child completely loses language ability, has no reflexes, loses control of activities such as defecation, bleeding, etc. have many difficult. At this time, it is necessary to persevere in treatment for many sessions, the recovery time will also last for many years.

How to improve autism you should know

Because autism is not a disease, there is no specific treatment for autism. The application of interventions only partially helps to control the symptoms but cannot completely eliminate them. The main purpose of the treatment process is to help children improve their necessary skills, raise awareness and better integrate into the community, ensuring their quality of life.

After conducting a specific examination and diagnosis of the child’s autism. Parents will be advised and guided on some appropriate educational and support measures for their children. To help children recover good health and necessary life skills, parents should note some of the following habits:

  • Spend more time with your children, play together, explore the world. Ideally, parents should be around and play with their children for at least 3 hours a day.
  • Limit children watching TV
  • Try to give your child lots of attention, talk often, name names, make eye contact, and create needs.
  • Teach children to use their fingers to point to objects, body parts, or pictures from comic books.
  • Teach children communication gestures from simple to complex such as nodding, hello, handshake, cheers, high five, ….
  • Teach children how to play with toys or play with people around them.
  • Help children imitate the movements, sounds of vehicles, animals, etc.
  • Teach children how to express emotions, make gestures, use words.
  • Ask your child to perform simple age-appropriate chores.
  • Let children perform fine motor movements such as tearing, collage, coloring, assembling or gross motor movements such as crawling, rolling, jumping, walking,….
  • Teach children to be independent, such as going to the toilet by themselves, shoveling rice, folding clothes by themselves, etc.
  • Always encourage and give lots of encouragement and praise to help children have more motivation and progress.
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The information in this article has helped readers answer the question “Is autism a disease? Will it heal on its own?” Although this is not a disease, it is persistent and causes many effects in young children. Therefore, as soon as parents notice the signs of autism, they should take the initiative to bring their children to a specialist facility for examination and diagnosis for timely support.

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