Instructions on how to calculate the most standard female BMI today

To have an appropriate exercise schedule and diet, you need to understand the current state of your body. Nowadays, people can also determine their own body condition at home without going to the hospital. Especially women who are planning to lose weight, they should learn the index and how to calculate female BMI. So how to calculate BMI need what? Let’s explore with Ocany!

Instructions on how to calculate the most standard female BMI today

Instructions on how to calculate the most standard female BMI today

What is BMI?

First, the article will briefly outline the concept of BMI.

Body Mass Index or body mass index, abbreviated as BMI. This index determines the current state of the body, whether you are obese or malnourished.

BMI was proposed by Adolphe Quetelet (Belgian scientist) in 1832. This formula can be used by both adult men and women based on the measurements of weight and height. However, this index does not calculate the amount of excess fat in the body.

Relationship between BMI and health

BMI will partly reflect your health status. When BMI increases suddenly or is too high, the body is prone to dangerous diseases. At this time, you should adjust your diet and activities.

BMI will partly reflect your health status

BMI will partly reflect your health status

Today, girls should know how to calculate female BMI, this can help you control your weight easily. BMI not only shows your health status but also your physique. The higher the index, the higher the risk of obesity, now you need to recalculate the calories in the menu, learn how to reduce calories and burn energy with exercises.

There is one more thing that few people will know about BMI. Female BMI can greatly affect fertility. Even if this index differs too much from the standard set, the risk of ovarian cancer in women will also increase.

How to calculate female BMI and 6 formulas to calculate mass index you need to know

How to calculate female BMI and men will have a slight difference, besides this indicator also splits into 6 other variations of the formula. To understand better, you should read through this section.

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Quetelet block index

Quetelet is also the name of the Belgian scientist who invented BMI, this formula is commonly used and can be calculated for both men and women.

How to calculate BMI for women:

BMI = Weight (kg)/Height^2 (m)

Based on the index just calculated, you compare with the following table to know your status.

< 8.5 Thin Short
18.5 – 24.9 Normal Medium
25 – 29.9 Little overweight High
30 – 34.9 Grade 1 obesity High
35 – 39.9 Grade 2 obesity Very high
> 40 Grade 3 obesity Danger

Waist-hip ratio

This is a formula that can help you calculate the exact amount of fat in each specific area of ​​the body. In women, this measurement usually ranges from 0.65 to 0.85.

Recipe: BMI = Waist measurement / Hip measurement.

Calculated by age

The age will also affect the BMI, according to which we have the formula:

BMI = 50 + 0.75 * (Height – 150) + (Age -20)/4

Broca Index’s weight loss formula

Broca Index is a popular formula for calculating BMI based on weight and height. You need to measure the circumference of the smallest wrist, then we will determine the body weight. Women’s wrist circumference will usually be around 15-17cm.

Broca Index is a formula to calculate BMI based on weight and height

Broca Index is a formula to calculate female BMI based on weight and height

Broca Index will be divided into 2 cases:

  • Under 40: Weight (kg) = Height (cm) – 110
  • Over 40: Weight (kg) = Height (cm) – 100

John McCall’s Formula

John McCall – Fitness expert created a calculator for those who want to lose weight. This formula is based on body part size based on wrist circumference.

Part Calculation formula
Chest Wrist Size * 6.5
Hip Wrist Size * 6.5
Waist Wrist Size * 6.5
Femoral Wrist Size * 6.5
Neck Wrist Size * 6.5
Arm Wrist Size * 6.5
Calf Wrist Size * 6.5
Arm Wrist Size * 6.5

Another recipe

Some how to calculate female BMI faster: (Odd of height = A)

  • Min weight = A*8/10
  • Maximum weight = A*9/10
  • Standard weight = A

What is the ideal BMI for women?

According to each person’s body condition, how to calculate female BMI will give different numbers. Usually, the ideal BMI number for women will be between 19-24. If your BMI is out of this range, you are losing weight control. Your body is having problems with malnutrition or being overweight.

BMI between 19-24 is ideal

BMI between 19-24 is ideal

How to maintain & balance BMI for women?

After you have learned how to calculate female BMI then it is important to get this indicator back to the standard level. Not only is it a matter of physique, but if this index is outside the standard range, the body will be prone to many serious diseases.

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Now you need a scientific activity schedule based on the calculated BMI to maintain this number at an acceptable level for the body to stay healthy.

Exercise regularly

Long-term high-intensity exercise is not recommended. As for exercise, you need to focus on the element of regular maintenance and correct technique. If you practice with high intensity, it is very easy to injure yourself.

You can choose subjects like swimming, yoga or gentle Cardio exercises like walking, jogging, cycling. When walking for 1 hour, you will burn 176 kcal, if jogging is equivalent to 500 kcal.

You can choose any sport you like

You can choose any sport you like

Exercises will consume energy, accelerate the burning of excess fat, especially the fat in the abdomen and thighs. You should have a scientific exercise schedule, you should maintain the habit of practicing at least 1 hour / day, at least 15 minutes each time. Try to spend more than 3 training sessions a week.

Keep calm

Mood is also an important factor affecting how to calculate female BMI. When you are under pressure at work, lack of sleep, your weight is easy to lose control.

These things will also disrupt hormones in the body, darken the skin, affect digestion, eating and daily living schedule. Need to try to keep the most relaxing mood, can be combined with herbal teas, fruit juices.

Design the right diet and eat it on time

After knowing how to calculate female BMI, you need to design a meal plan and menu to maintain this index at an acceptable level. Sugar and fat are two food groups that should be limited in the menu.

To cut calories in your diet, you need to avoid using sugary carbonated drinks, cakes and adding green vegetables. An ideal menu will include 15% protein, 12% lipid, 73% glucide.

Design the right diet and eat it on time

Design the right diet and eat it on time

In addition to the diet. You also need to eat well and on time. Limit eating after 7 hours and should drink enough 2 liters of water per day. Using electrolyte water, mineral water will be more effective for your weight loss.

How to calculate female BMI It will be very useful for women who are intending to lose weight. When you know the exact condition of your body, you can create a more reasonable menu and exercise plan. Besides, you also need to be persistent in following the set plan. Hopefully, after the article, you will soon find a suitable schedule and have the desired health and physique.

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