Instructions on how to increase height for children at puberty

My son is currently in grade 12. If before, in the second half of grade 9 and beginning of 10th grade, his height has grown significantly, but now he doesn’t see any taller, only grows horizontally. Now he is only 1m60 tall, my son is less than 1m70 tall, so he always looks a bit short to his peers. I want to ask experts, are there any nutritious foods to help increase height for children at puberty ? (Ms. Thanh Nga, 43 years old, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai)

How to increase height for children at puberty

According to the report of the National Institute of Nutrition, the height of Vietnamese people is among the lowest in Asia. Accordingly, if the average height standard surveyed by the World Health Organization is 1m75 for adult men, it is only 1m64 in Vietnam. If compared with neighboring countries with Vietnam, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese people, our average height ratio is still 5-8cm lower.

As she shared, her son is between the ages of 17 and 18, which means he’s still in puberty. Although the average male height ratio in our country is only 1m64, with today’s modern life, nutrition is more secure than before, so the common ground for boys of high school age is usually 1m68. to 1m75. Because she did not provide her height as well as her husband’s, so we can’t rule out the reason that she “inherited” height from her parents. However, that mechanism is not a prerequisite, because nutrition and exercise are considered to be important factors contributing to improving optimal height.

In addition, when children enter puberty, but their height is still growing slowly, even falling far behind their peers, parents can support children in implementing methods to increase height such as: after:


Parents should limit starch to fight obesity for their children, and at the same time increase the amount of protein in meat, fish, soy, milk, especially animal protein sources in meals. In particular, products containing a lot of collagen will help bone cartilage to grow significantly.

Nutrition accounts for 32% in determining the height of each person

Nutrition accounts for 32% in determining the height of each person

Practice sports

It is never superfluous to join and love a certain sport. You should advise your child to practice the barbell 2-3 times a day, each time only need to practice for 10-15 minutes, the joints will have a good chance to stretch. Or you can buy your child a set of badminton rackets to help them move their joints. In particular, with swimming and volleyball, it takes a lot of reaching activities that will have a very good effect on promoting height.

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Functional foods to increase height

Leading scientists in the US have invented nutritional products to support and supplement essential nutrients for puberty and adolescents, extracted from natural ingredients such as: Nano Calcium , Hydrolyzed collagen type 2, vitamin K2, vitamin D3… This is considered the most optimal solution to promote overall height. However, when choosing these products, parents should also refer to information about origin and medical certification in advance to ensure quality.​

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