Immediately apply 4 yoga exercises to treat shoulder and neck pain for office workers

Shoulder pain is an obsession of many people, especially office workers. However, now your worries can be erased by 4 yoga exercises for people with shoulder pain below!

How does yoga affect neck pain?

With gentle movements, sufficient strength and simplicity, yoga will help improve your neck and shoulder pain as follows:

  • Improve the flexibility and elasticity of the musculoskeletal system, so that the neck, shoulders, nape, and arms are more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Supports blood circulation to organs in the body such as the nape, neck and shoulders, and provides the necessary nutrients and oxygen. This will help heal damaged cells, release pressure on nerves, blood vessels and purify toxins inside muscle bundles very well.
  • Support to improve fatigue, spasticity, numbness in the neck, shoulders, and nape of the neck, thereby improving the patient’s mobility, making daily activities go more smoothly.

Yoga exercises for people with shoulder and neck pain are only suitable for new-onset cases, with mild pathological symptoms. You should note that this therapy only works to support treatment, not to replace the intensive methods prescribed by a specialist.

If you persist in exercising for a long time, but the symptoms of shoulder and neck pain do not improve, then the patient needs to see a doctor for proper examination and treatment.

Regular use of air conditioners and electric fans directly affects the supply of nutrients to the shoulder and neck area

Regular use of air conditioners and electric fans directly affects the supply of nutrients to the shoulder and neck area

4 yoga exercises to treat shoulder and neck pain for office people

Office people spend most of their time sitting and working at home and are quite busy, so going to practice centers is also quite difficult. Here are some convenient and effective yoga exercises to treat shoulder and neck pain right at the office.

1. Neck Stretching Exercise

Neck stretch exercises


  • Sit upright in a chair, keep your back straight, alternately intertwine your fingers between your hands and place your hands behind your head with your palms touching your head.
  • Slowly push your head down with the palm of your hand so that your chin touches your neck. When performing this pose, keep your back straight when pushing your head down.
  • Hold this position for about 5-7 seconds or longer if you feel comfortable. Finally, slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement 3-5 times.
  • After pushing your neck forward, perform a backward neck stretch. Continue interlacing your fingers, with palms touching and placing both thumbs under your chin.
  • Gently push your chin up, pushing with your thumbs. Remember to keep your back straight as you push your chin up.
  • Hold this position for about 5-7 seconds or longer if you feel comfortable. This helps to stretch the muscles around the neck and release tension.
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2. Spinal twisting posture

Spinal twisting pose


  • Stay in your office chair and do this simple pose.
  • Turn to the right, holding the right hand of the chair with the left hand. Hold that position for 7-10 seconds, gradually relax back to the original position.
  • Keep turning left, holding left hand with right hand.
  • Hold this position for 7-10 seconds. In this way, repeat the movement 5-6 times. This pose is great for the shoulders and back, releasing stiffness and tension created when you sit for long hours.

This spinal twisting posture is applied to the treatment process for people with shoulder and neck pain, in addition to supporting treatment, there are other great uses if you do it regularly.

3. Back stretch

Back stretch


  • Need to lean forward and place the upper half of the body on the lap. At the same time, let your hands go down, parallel to your feet.
  • Hold this pose for 15-20 seconds and practice 4-5 times to help stretch the entire shoulder and neck muscles and release fatigue.

4. Saral pranayama (breathing exercise)

Yoga exercises for people with shoulder pain: breathing exercises


  • Close your eyes and relax, straighten your back, one hand on your stomach and the other hand down, take a deep breath, then slowly exhale.
  • Be aware of your inhalation and exhalation because this will help you actively perform the breathing exercise effectively. Putting your hands on your belly helps your mind join the movement of your belly, under the influence of your breath.
  • Do the inhalation and exhalation as many times as you can until you feel really comfortable. Effective breathing not only helps to provide adequate oxygen to the muscles of the shoulder and neck, but also helps relieve stress for the entire body.

Note when treating neck and shoulder pain with yoga

Simple home-based yoga exercises for shoulder and neck pain are a supportive therapy chosen by many patients and have brought many positive results. However, in the process of implementation, you should also note a few things below to improve efficiency.

  • Consult your doctor to choose the right yoga poses for your health condition.
  • Stick to exercise every day, at least for the first 2 weeks. At the same time, you should arrange a reasonable time to practice, avoid overtraining.
  • For “beginners”, you should choose basic yoga exercises.
  • Keep the neck and back straight during daily activities, and the patient should correct incorrect movements.
  • Balance between work and rest. You should make sure you get enough sleep, always keep your mind relaxed, avoid excessive pressure and stress.
  • Build a healthy diet: Increase the intake of foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and essential nutrients for the body, while limiting the use of alcohol, stimulants, canned foods …
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Note when treating shoulder and neck pain with yoga

You should consult your doctor to find the right yoga exercises

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