Illusion syndrome that other people like you (Erotomania)

People who suffer from delusional syndrome that other people like them always mistakenly believe that people with social status, financial status, and family background are secretly in love and infatuated with them. In theory, this is a rare condition, but compared to reality, the rate of people suffering from this type of delusion is high.

Illusion syndrome other people like me

People with Erotomania always think that someone is madly in love with them

What is Erotomania?

The syndrome of delusion that others like you, also known as Erotomania, the term Erotomania was used from the heart in 1921 by  French psychotherapist Gaëtan Gatian de Clérambault and has been applied to this day. Accordingly, people with the disease constantly have thoughts and illusions that other people are passionately in love with them. They think that people who are famous, have high status, have money, have a stable economy or have great beauty are secretly in love with them.

However, this delusion is just an illusion, which is imagined and deduced by the patient. More specifically, in most cases, the subjects that the patient thinks are having feelings for them don’t even know who they are or even know their existence. Others, when suffering from delusional syndrome, that other people like them even think that a stranger who meets them for the first time or accidentally passes by can also fall in love with them at first sight.

The patient will have a strong belief that the other person is trying to send them a lot of messages of love, constantly sending messages expressing affection. All of this is completely unreal, it only happens through the patient’s thoughts and associations and they consider it to be telepathy.

Although there is no evidence to prove that other people are trying to confess and pursue, they still have not shaken their faith in their virtual love. The patient will find out the details and clues to prove that the other person is very much in love with him but does not want to make his feelings public.

Some cases have been identified with Erotomania over time, such as:

  • In 1980, a woman was diagnosed with delusional syndrome that other people like her. The patient always thinks that most of the men around are in love and secretly pursuing her. These thoughts continued to persist and invade her mind for 8 years and it only really ended when she was diagnosed and treated.
  • In 2012, a man named Robert Hoskins tried to age Madonna – a famous singer and he always assumed that she was also in love with him. He even threatened many times, showing all sorts of tricks to enter the singer’s house until he was completely treated.
  • In 2016, a married woman claimed that her husband was preventing other men from loving her. She was then taken to the hospital by her husband for a successful examination and treatment.

In fact, it is possible to explain to the patient that their thoughts are not real because they always think that you are jealous of what they have. In addition, experts say that delusional syndrome is linked to a number of mental health conditions that are linked to delusions or manic behavior.

Manifestations of delusional syndrome other people like you

The most characteristic manifestation of people with delusional syndrome that others love them is that they have an extremely strong belief in a perfect person who secretly loves and misses them. That thought makes them feel happier, more excited and more and more immersed in fantasies that are not real.

If these symptoms persist for a long time, then over time, the patient will tend to perform erroneous acts to find proof of their love. In addition, some cases even become “crazy” in love, constantly mentioning “the other half” to everyone around.

Illusion syndrome other people like me

The characteristic manifestation of people with Erotomania is always having the belief that someone is watching and wants to flirt with them

Because of their thoughts about a certain object, they tend to want to meet, talk, and communicate a lot with that person. Along with that are the following symptoms:

  • Find all ways to inform and share with everyone about the love relationship of the two people, even though it is just a one-way speculation of the patient.
  • Continuously send messages, letters, gifts to your imaginary lover.
  • Call and try to contact the person but no response.
  • There is a tendency to fabricate complicated but false evidence and cases about the other party trying to pursue, flirt or even stalk and stalk them.
  • Always assume that your partner is trying to signal, secretly text, wink, or make loving gestures with you.
  • They even have feelings of jealousy and think that the other person can touch and communicate with others and no longer be faithful to them.
  • Some patients also engage in disruptive behaviors in public, attack or threaten their loved ones.
  • Patients with Erotomania will often lose interest in most social activities that occur around them.
  • Most patients will have some symptoms of other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

The symptoms of delusional delusion syndrome usually last for a short period of time, but in some cases persist if not treated properly, this is often referred to as a state. “mental breakdown” – one of the typical symptoms of psychosis. According to experts, this condition is very closely related to the worsening of delusions or some mental characteristics.

An example of a state of illusion that other people have feelings for her as in history once mentioned a woman who thought that King George V was secretly in love with and pursuing her. The cause of this illusion was that the King had moved the window curtains while she was waiting outside the palace, which made her think that the King was giving a signal to flirt with her.

Because of the association with a number of other psychological problems, most cases of delusional syndrome other people like them will have some symptoms such as:

  • Having a sleep disorder, usually will be insomnia, not sleeping well, restless sleep, frequent dreams, or waking up in the middle of the night and having difficulty falling back to sleep.
  • Always enthusiastically, actively participate in events, meetings, meetings in the presence of that person.
  • When thinking about a lover in their imagination, the patient will feel extremely happy, excited, excited, and full of energy.
  • Thoughts and illusions keep appearing and intermingling.
  • When talking with people around, patients often tend to talk about many different topics, speak very quickly.
  • There are potentially risky and reckless behaviors such as uncontrolled spending, driving traffic at high speed.

Illusion syndrome other people like you – What is the cause?

Up to now, there is no specific and exact information about the cause of delusional syndrome. In the process of understanding and conducting many studies, scientists have also continuously put forward many different theories to explain the reasons for the onset of these strange symptoms.

Of all the theories, the cause of lack of affection from childhood is the most agreed upon. Also because of the trauma and loss from childhood can persist and persist into adulthood. Many people will tend to want to be loved, so it is easy to form an illusion that others are in love with them.

To prove this hypothesis, Dr. Helen Fisher – a famous anthropologist once conducted a survey. He conducted brain scans of 18 people suffering from delusional syndrome that other people like them and found that all had expressions of very unusual excitement. In fact, love is actually a factor that can trigger the excitement of the human brain. However, if that love is one-sided and completely unrequited, it is more likely to turn into pain, great obsession, and the risk of complications into Erotomania is very high.

Illusion syndrome other people like me

The cause of delusional syndrome that other people like you is still unknown

In addition, the results of a few other studies also suggest that this syndrome is related to a brain hemorrhage or stroke, or can be understood more accurately and specifically, it is the association. to dysfunction in the anterior part of the brain. Some other ideas suggest that delusional syndrome other people love you can also be a result of false perception syndrome or Fregoli syndrome.

In a survey conducted on 246 cases of Erotomania syndrome, the rate of women suffering from this condition is many times higher than that of men, accounting for more than 70% of the total cases. The audience that women often target is men with high status in society, with good finances or famous and influential people. As for the case of male patients, they will start to show signs earlier and often keep an eye on people with high sexual attraction, with a sexy body, attractive.

In terms of data and statistics, the number of people suffering from this syndrome is not much, but in reality, there are quite a few people with Erotomania but they themselves or those around them do not realize or the patient tends to hide and hide. Avoid examination and treatment. This is also one of the reasons that hinders the research and improvement of this syndrome, the statistical rate of the number of people suffering from the disease is also inaccurate.

Complications of Erotomania syndrome

People with delusional syndrome that others like themselves not only have fanciful and unreal thoughts, but also tend to perform dangerous, aggressive, and threatening behaviors. In fact, there have been many cases where the influence of Erotomania causes patients to have threatening behaviors, invasion of privacy, stalking, harassing others and being arrested and administratively fined.

Illusion syndrome other people like me

Illusion of others loving you can increase the risk of complications into dangerous disorders

More specifically, people who fantasize that others love them can become crazy, they are ready to perform acts of physical harm, even killing their lover in delusion and suicide. In addition, as shared above, this syndrome is associated with a number of mental health problems and the risk of developing conditions such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Eating disorders, the most common being bulimia or anorexia
  • The risk of abuse of alcohol, stimulants

Symptoms of Erotomania can last for a few days, but many cases persist for a long time and turn more serious for many years in a row if not detected and treated promptly. Therefore, as soon as you notice someone’s signs of delusional syndrome that other people like you, you should convince them and take them to visit specialized facilities, meet directly with a psychiatrist. This is considered as one of the dangerous neurological diseases and should be treated early to avoid possible unfortunate consequences.

Remedies for delusional syndrome other people like you

For the condition of having paranoid syndrome that other people like them, priority will be given to treatment with psychotherapy and the use of drugs. Depending on each different disease case, experts will consider to choose the most appropriate remedy. Besides, in order for the patient’s mental health to be restored better, it is also necessary to rely on some external influences.

The help of people around and the patient’s living environment are also factors that affect each person’s treatment outcome. Therefore, the next of kin need to care, spend a lot of time sharing and confiding with the patient so that they gradually get better.

At the same time, before stepping out of his own fantasy world, the patient needs to break the defense and practice first. Try to stay optimistic, improve communication skills, build and maintain good relationships, live in harmony with people to improve Eromania’s condition.

For cases where people suffer from this syndrome due to an underlying problem, a specialist will consider and apply effective treatment for each different form of disease. Patients need to trust and strictly follow the treatment regimen given by the doctor for the recovery process to bring the best results.

The above article has provided some useful information to help you better understand the delusional syndrome that other people like you. Also because the patient himself cannot recognize the abnormalities in his or her thoughts, the people around him, especially his family, need to pay attention and promptly detect the symptoms of the disease in order to have appropriate interventions. unify.

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