How to teach a 2-year-old child who is slow to speak helps children develop language

2 years old is an extremely important milestone for the comprehensive development of young children, especially language ability. However, there are many 2-year-old children who still do not speak, speak slower than their peers and cause many obstacles in life. Therefore, parents need to know how to teach their 2-year-old children with speech delays in language development, creating opportunities for children to integrate and communicate better.

How to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly
Children 2 years old with speech delay or no speech need intervention and support to improve as soon as possible.

Is a 2-year-old child with a speech delay worrying?

Each child will have a different rate of language development. There are children just over 12 months old who can speak simple words and by 18 months can already communicate basic.

However, there are also many cases of children delaying speech compared to normal developmental milestones. According to experts, when children are 18 months old, they still can’t talk or can’t talk much is not a cause for concern.

But if your child is 24 months old but still only a few hours, unable to speak fluently, it may be a sign that needs attention and early intervention. This is considered one of the golden stages for the early development of a child, if during this time the child encounters language difficulties and is not improved well, it will cause many obstacles to the child. with life, comprehensive development in the future.

If based on the normal growth rate of 2-year-old children, at this stage, children can already say 50 to 100 simple words. At the same time, children also know how to combine words into complete sentences and use them correctly in the context.

Some 2-year-olds already know how to ask short questions or even talk continuously. Children can name and distinguish familiar objects and animals, know how to use nouns and verbs flexibly.

How to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly
2 years old is a golden period to help children develop language quickly and effectively.

If a 2-year-old is still unable to reach these language milestones, it may be identified as having a speech delay and needs intervention as soon as possible. Also because language is known to be the basic and important communication tool for humans.

If this ability is lacking or limited, it will make it difficult for young children to integrate and interact well with people around them. At the same time, children cannot learn and absorb the information that is communicated well, thereby making their learning results much worse than their peers.

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Some children who are slow to speak when they are not well supported easily form guilt, shame and tend to be isolated from society. Children are always in a state of stress, anxiety, insecurity and self-isolation, with no need to contact and talk to anyone.

How to teach a 2-year-old child who is slow to speak helps children develop language effectively

There are many ways to teach a 2-year-old child with speech delay to develop better language and communication. Depending on the cause of the child’s speech delay, experts and doctors will consider applying the most appropriate and effective interventions.

For children who are simply slow to speak, just quickly applying interventions at home, supporting children’s natural language stimulation will help children gradually improve their vocabulary, more flexible verbal communication. However, for cases of speech delay due to diseases or hearing and speech defects, it is necessary to conduct long-term treatment, combining many different measures to help children. better improvement.

In fact, no matter how late a child has a speech delay, family always plays a very important role in the development and improvement of language for children. If a 2-year-old child shows signs of delay in speech, does not reach the normal developmental milestone, parents can immediately apply the following effective teaching methods:

1. Spend a lot of time talking with your child

Spending time talking and interacting with children more is an effective teaching method and is always encouraged to apply well to 2-year-old children with speech delay. When talking with children, parents should choose familiar topics around life or things that make children interested and love so that children can focus and be more excited.

How to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly
Young children will easily develop language when they talk and communicate a lot with their parents.

Continually talking to your child will help stimulate the need to interact and express one’s own point of view. During the division, parents should also ask questions so that children can answer and connect better.

This not only helps children gradually increase their vocabulary and interest in communication and conversation, but also builds a strong and close relationship between family and children, helping children feel loved. , concern of those around. Therefore, parents should spend free time during the day to talk with their children, helping children quickly develop better language.

2. Teach children who are slow to speak with toys

Any child is attracted to colorful and new toys. Especially at the age of 2, children have formed awareness and can distinguish many things around them, so they feel more curious and want to discover more interesting things in life.

Therefore, parents should choose suitable toys to play with their children, helping them improve their speaking ability more effectively. For 2-year-olds who are slow to speak, parents should prioritize the use of colorful toys, open-ended play rules, toys that can make sounds, etc.

In addition, while having fun, parents should also introduce and guide children how to name toys, only about colors, uses, and how to play so that children can distinguish them more clearly. When having fun, children’s psychology also becomes more comfortable and easier to absorb the knowledge and information imparted.

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3. Music helps 2-year-olds develop language

Letting children listen to music regularly is also one of the best ways to help a 2-year-old child with speech delay improve language and increase vocabulary. Music helps young children be more active in developing listening skills and easily absorbing languages, increasing their ability to memorize and expand vocabulary effectively.

Music includes many melodies, sounds, lyrics with different pitches and lows to help children hear better. At the same time, in order to memorize each melody, the lyrics require children to increase their concentration, sometimes having to recite the lyrics.

How to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly
Music helps 2-year-old children expand their vocabulary and interact more effectively.

Children who are regularly exposed to music will know how to express their emotions better, they know how to control and regulate their emotions through body movements. Moreover, choosing the right songs for children also helps children develop language easily, overcome speech problems, especially slurred speech.

Therefore, parents can consider giving children more exposure to music to help children gradually develop their own language ability, thereby easily communicating with people around. However, when starting with a 2-year-old child, parents should prioritize choosing songs with cheerful melodies, simple, easy-to-understand and short words so that children can easily absorb them.

4. Read books with children, tell stories

One of the great benefits of reading is that it helps us develop language, expand our vocabulary, and improve brain function effectively and safely. According to the results of scientific research, it is found that books can help improve speech delay in young children, even those who cannot read and have never been to school.

Reading books to children who are slow to speak will help children have a richer vocabulary, and at the same time help them improve thinking and stimulate creativity in young children. Parents should choose books suitable for 2-year-old children, giving priority to books with many attractive and interesting pictures and colors.

Currently, there are many educational books for children with speech delay that are widely available in the market. Parents can easily find and buy books with their children, tell stories to children to help children develop their brains, stimulate children’s words and ability to interact and react.

5. Give children the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities

Children with speech delay will easily improve their language skills and be more flexible in verbal communication if they are involved in outdoor fun and entertainment activities. Through outdoor activities, especially group games, teammates will help children increase their experiences, stimulate the need to connect and communicate more.

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How to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly
Young children need to have fun and participate in healthy outdoor activities.

When children are free to explore the elements of nature and meet new friends, young children will gradually feel more excited about socializing and building healthy, lasting relationships. Children will easily learn language through friends, know how to behave, react well to situations and problems happening around.

Besides, if young children can play in green spaces with natural sunlight, children will gradually improve their emotions, reduce stress, and learn to control their behavior and gestures. These children also know how to care and love the things around life, know how to appreciate the precious things that are currently available.

6. Limit and control your child’s phone time

Phones or electronic devices can be the main reason why many children, even though they are 2 years old, still cannot speak and communicate well. Therefore, the most important and effective way to teach a 2-year-old child to speak slowly is to limit the time children spend using phones and iPads.

Although these modern technological devices bring a lot of benefits to life. However, the constant exposure of children to the phone screen will make them gradually lose the need to interact directly, and over time, they will become “lazy” to speak.

If young children are “addicted” to smartphones, parents should find ways to adjust and cut down on their children’s time. Instead of keeping children glued to the screen, encourage and create many opportunities for children to have fun and relax outside.

7. Encourage children to talk about their own needs

Many parents always have a child-loving mentality, so they are ready to meet the needs of the child as soon as the child is only frowning, frowning or eeing for a few hours. In fact, most parents want to give their children the best, want their children not to be disadvantaged, lacking in all aspects.

However, being too pampered can also become the reason why many children stagnate and slow to speak. Children gradually assume that they do not need to use words to make certain requests or wishes, over time they will lose the ability to use language and have difficulty in developing communication like their peers. .

For example, when the child wants to eat, instruct the child to say the words “eat” or “hungry” and wait until the child makes a verbal request to do so. The process can be difficult at first, and sometimes children won’t cooperate. However, if parents can be persistent and make efforts in a certain time, children still have the ability to improve and develop better speaking skills.

The above article has shared some information on how to teach a 2-year-old child who is slow to speak, to help them easily develop their ability to use language and speak more flexibly. Hopefully, parents can promptly recognize and apply appropriate interventions to help children develop more comprehensively in the future.

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