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Fear of rejection is an emotion that almost everyone has experienced at some point. If not corrected early, this fear can worsen over time and affect many aspects of life. Therefore, it is necessary to learn ways to overcome the fear of rejection to regain confidence and bravery soon.

Fear of Rejection – No One’s Problem

Fear of rejection is one of the most common and understandable fears. It seems to become a part of human life. Most people feel nervous and somewhat stressed when they put themselves in situations that could lead to rejection.

However, for some people the fear is very strong and becomes overwhelming. The fear of rejection can have a far-reaching impact on a person’s life. It is often associated with many different causes.

Social anxiety disorder may be related to the fear of rejection. Because people with this condition are always afraid to do or say something embarrassing, unpopular, or unable to connect with others.

In addition, the fear of rejection can be linked to other mental health problems. Such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic stress, etc.

Those who have experienced rejection a few times can easily see how painful it is and the effects it has. It is these negative experiences that trigger anxiety about it happening again.

Fear of rejection can keep you from taking risks and prevent you from achieving your big goals. If not controlled early, the fear can get worse over time. It even increases the risk of mental health problems.

Effects of fear of rejection on life

Everyone will experience the fear of rejection in different ways. However, this fear always tends to affect the ability to succeed in a variety of situations and aspects of life. Consists of:

The effect of fear of rejection

Fear of rejection can cause you to miss many good opportunities when applying for a job

  • Job Interview: Fear of rejection can make you less confident. Meanwhile, confidence is the key that unlocks many things. Fear can make you appear weak and insecure. This greatly affects the job interview, even causing you to miss good opportunities.
  • Business transactions: The need to impress others is always present in life. Especially when negotiating transactions, attracting investors or selling products. However, for those who fear rejection, even something as simple as answering the phone can be difficult for them.
  • Meet new people: People with a fear of rejection often find it difficult to converse with strangers. Even chat with friends of friends. Your tendency to keep to yourself can make it difficult for you to form lasting relationships with others.
  • Dating problems: Fear of rejection can cause a person to feel significant anxiety on a first date. Instead of getting to know each other, they spend all their time worrying about everything.
  • Problems in marriage: In married life, no matter how compatible a couple is, they cannot agree on everything. People with a fear of rejection often find it difficult to express their needs and stances. This can hinder the search for a common voice.
  • Co-worker relationships: Everyone behaves in ways that help them fit in the group. However, peer pressure sometimes goes too far. It can cause people who are afraid of rejection to do things that make them uncomfortable just to continue being a part of the group.

Be more confident with 10 ways to overcome fear of rejection

Fear of rejection can hold you back and hinder your progress. Fear keeps you from taking on new challenges. But don’t worry too much, there are countless ways to help you face your fears and improve your confidence and self-worth.

Here are 10 ways to overcome your fear of rejection to help you move forward with confidence:

1. See rejection as a normal thing

Remember, rejection is a part of life. It is something that can happen to anyone. This is not the end at all and on the contrary it is sometimes just a beginning.

A very simple example for you to imagine, you are applying for a job and hundreds of other people are just like you. If you ask someone out, the chances of them saying no are up to 50%. Understand that, other than yourself, you have no control over anyone else.

Understanding that rejection is normal will help you deal with it more effectively. You need to realize that rejection happens to everyone and that the world has never been against you. The more you experience it, the more normal it becomes and the less scary it becomes.

2. Admit your feelings

Rejection for whatever reason is sure to hurt. Sadness seems to multiply if you are a sensitive person. Sometimes the people around you may judge you as exaggerating.

Admit your feelings when you're rejected

Rejection can be heartbreaking, but boldly admit your feelings

However, you need to remember that only you can measure the pain you are going through. Only you know how rejection affects your mood. Even rejection can sometimes be embarrassing, embarrassing, and confusing.

What you should do is be willing to admit your feelings. You can actively share it with your loved ones and trusted ones. They will be willing to listen and give you good advice instead of judging you. This helps you cope and control your emotions better.

3. Face the fear of rejection

Avoiding fear triggers can help you manage temporary feelings of discomfort. In the long run, however, it contributes to increased feelings of fear. In the end, instead of dealing with the fear of rejection, you become even more fearful and sensitive.

So, instead of avoiding situations that might get you rejected, focus on addressing your fears. Once you have had more experience with facing your fears, you will find that things are actually less worrisome than you expected. This strengthens your confidence in your ability to succeed.

Once you’ve faced the fear of rejection, you’ll be ready for other challenges as well. You need to remind yourself that, if you don’t try, you will stay where you are. The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. At the same time, the negative impact of a rejection will also be reduced. Keep trying until someone says yes.

4. Look for “learning” opportunities when rejected

In fact, being rejected is sometimes an opportunity to push you to discover and develop better yourself. Rejection is not the end, it can be a beginning. You can learn many lessons from rejection.

Instead of showing fear, reinforce the thought, rejection as an opportunity to learn. For example, if you decide to apply despite not meeting the basic requirements of the employer, it is understandable to be rejected. The lesson learned for you is that you should only try when you meet the prerequisites.

If you invite someone to hang out via text message but they decline, it might be better to meet in person and open up. There are countless lessons that can be learned from rejections. This will motivate you to act differently to be better next time.

Overcoming fear of rejection

See rejection as an opportunity to learn and correct your shortcomings

When you turn rejection into an opportunity to learn and make positive changes, you will be less afraid and afraid of it. Each time you fall, each time you fail, you find yourself getting up and rising stronger.

5. Be aware of your own worth

Rejection can be especially scary if you take it too seriously. For example, when you’ve been dating someone for a while but suddenly they stop communicating, you might worry and think you’ve screwed them up or that they don’t feel you’re attractive enough anymore.

However, you need to be aware that rejection is sometimes simply due to an inappropriate need. Sometimes the problem isn’t just with you, it’s with the other person or with both of you. Therefore, putting all the responsibility on yourself is never a good way.

A clear sense of self-confidence and self-worth will help you cultivate the belief that you absolutely deserve good things. To alleviate your fear of rejection and move forward, work on building your confidence and self-worth.

You can think about situations and circumstances that make you most proud of yourself. Or you can also list ways that you always try to do with the purpose of increasing your self-worth. You can also think about the good things you will bring to people. These are all simple things that can make you more aware of your worth.

6. Improve self-regulation skills

To overcome your fear of rejection early, you need to improve your self-regulation skills. This refers to your ability to identify and control your emotions and behaviors.

First, you need to identify negative thoughts that may be contributing to feelings of fear. Then proactively take steps to reframe your thinking in a more optimistic and positive direction.

You can choose from a number of relaxation solutions that can reduce stress and calm your mind. For example, meditating, practicing yoga, listening to soft music, taking a warm bath, aromatherapy, etc. A relaxed mind will help you stay calm and regulate your thoughts more effectively.

regulate emotions and behaviors in the face of rejection

You can meditate to better control your emotions against the fear of rejection

7. Focus on goals to overcome fear of rejection

When you are aware of your own worth, it also means that you will identify your strengths. Try to create a list of goals to strive for based on your strengths.

Make a plan and keep working on it. Having goals will give you more confidence in your future abilities as well as strengthen your self-worth. This will somewhat help reduce your fear of rejection.

Break your goals down into small steps to make it easier to conquer them. Small successes may better protect you against the effects of rejection. You should remember that, as long as you put in the effort, success will come. Just come early or come a little later.

8. Always aim for the positive

“When one door closes, another opens” – you must have heard this adage somewhere. The truth is, being rejected at one job gives you the freedom to try something else. Always aim for the positive. Because this is also a way to help you overcome the fear of rejection.

Maybe in your eyes, that opportunity is the only way to success. But in reality, the destination will always have more than one path. Just like a problem can have many solutions. Positive thinking will help you face your fear of rejection with a calmer and more relaxed mind.

If you want to apply for a high-paying position but don’t succeed, you can direct yourself to other things. High salary means stressful work and many responsibilities. Instead, you have more comfortable but moderate income options. Is this worth reconsidering?

Tips to overcome fear of rejection

No matter what the reason for being rejected, you should direct your thoughts to positive things

In love, too, if you are rejected by someone, think that there are countless other people out there who are more suitable. Maybe someone new will appear in your life the next day. Just think positively and then joy and happiness will definitely knock on your soul’s door.

9. Keep your point of view and perspective

Although there is always the possibility of existence, in reality, not in every situation the rejection will come true. You need to remember that you will not be able to achieve your goals or reach your dreams if you do not boldly move forward.

When you dare to push yourself out of your comfort zone, the possibility of rejection is also real. However, keep in mind that being rejected is not necessarily a bad thing. Because there are still many other opportunities waiting for you ahead.

Don’t just hold on to the past, that you were afraid of rejection, but look to the future. If you’re obsessed with a rejection situation, ask yourself if a week, a month, or a year from now, this moment still matters.

The fear of rejection can make you feel less confident, feeling like everything is falling apart. But keep in mind that, as time passes, it is only a small highlight in your life. Therefore, instead of being haunted by fear, think lighter and keep moving forward.

10. Take care of yourself

Taking time for yourself and working to improve your physical and mental health can be of great benefit to you. The healthier you are physically and mentally, the more satisfied you will be with yourself. Moreover, this is also a solid fulcrum to help you easily face the possibility of rejection.

How to overcome fear of rejection?

You should take time to rest and relax to stabilize your mind and overcome fear

No matter what happens, you must always love yourself. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Pay more attention to physical health. You need to make sure that you always choose healthy, healthy foods. Stay away from processed foods, alcohol and stimulants.
  • Physical activity has numerous health benefits. Studies show that exercise can boost the production of endorphins. This is the hormone that creates feelings of euphoria and joy. It helps to increase energy and positive attitude. It’s best to spend 30 to 45 minutes a day on physical activity.
  • Allow yourself time to rest and relax. Because stress can deepen feelings of fear. You can relax by walking, meditating, practicing yoga, gardening, or participating in any activity that brings peace of mind and physical well-being.
  • Special attention should be paid to sleep. In many cases, the fear of rejection can trigger anxiety and interfere with sleep. Try to go to bed early, clean your sleep and get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Quality sleep is the key to a healthy body.

The fear of rejection is sometimes so strong that it prevents you from stepping out of your comfort zone and into challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome this fear soon to regain confidence, self-esteem and strengthen bravery. See rejection as a great opportunity to grow instead of fearing it.

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