How to take care of postpartum facial skin at home to have healthy glowing skin

Due to fear of ingredients in cosmetics, postpartum women mostly do not pay attention to facial skin care. This causes the skin to become aging and dull quickly. Especially after you have just gone through significant physical and mental changes. Secrets Postpartum facial care Below will help you to relieve your worries about this problem.

1. Common postpartum skin problems

Right from the time of pregnancy, the mother’s body has undergone many changes, especially the skin. If the skin during pregnancy is smooth and shiny, after giving birth, the skin is prone to problems such as acne, stretch marks or melasma, making women very self-conscious.

There are many causes for the above condition, in which it is fatigue, stress as well as a lack of attention to skin health that makes the skin weak and aging faster, so it is necessary to take measures. Skin Care Safe and effective for postpartum women.

1.1. Melasma, dark skin after birth

Not only appear bruises, with significant hormonal changes, during pregnancy women’s skin is also more prone to darkening and darkening. These patches of skin grow and over time form melasma. The higher the pregnancy hormone, the more obvious the spots are. After giving birth, this phenomenon gradually decreased but still caused uneven skin tone and poor color.

Dark spots on the skin make women feel self-conscious after giving birth - postpartum facial care
Dark spots on the skin make women self-conscious after giving birth.

1.2. Skin appears many bruises

After giving birth on the face, it is easy to appear bruises and uneven skin color. The cause comes from the fact that you often have to stay up late, worry or stress in the process of taking care of children. This condition is common with first-time mothers. Dark circles and puffiness make the face look tired and lifeless.

1.3. Postpartum acne

Acne was once considered an “enemy” for women’s skin. This is also a very common condition that women often encounter after giving birth. Pimples, especially Acne develops very quickly, making your skin vulnerable and causing a sense of inferiority when communicating.

2. Attentions when taking care of facial skin after giving birth

Postpartum facial care is often overlooked by many people because at this time, the mother’s time is mostly spent with her baby. The skin is much more sensitive at this point, so you need to pay special attention to your skin. With just a few tips, the skin will be protected and cared for in the best way.

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With acne problems, you should clean your skin every day with makeup remover and cleanser twice a day. You should use creams with fast absorption to avoid greasy when used. Skin at this time is quite dry and dull, so exfoliating once a week is also an indispensable thing.

For a more even skin tone, you should pay attention to use sunscreen every day and regularly reapply after 3-4 hours. Also limit your exposure to the sun. For women after giving birth, physical sunscreen is the perfect choice. Because the ingredients of these products are quite gentle and safe for mothers as well as babies.

If you have dark circles and puffiness, you should arrange and balance your schedule to avoid sleep deprivation. Mentality is also very important, keep your mood happy, comfortable and have a healthy diet to supplement the necessary nutrients for the body. You can also use some more types lotion for a more even and radiant skin tone.

3. Effective postpartum facial care

Most women after giving birth are very hesitant to use cosmetics because it can cause side effects affecting the quality of milk. Therefore, facial skin care with natural products is always a top priority for many people. You can completely improve this “poor” condition by drinking enough water throughout the day and applying the tips below.

3.1. Use potatoes for postpartum facial skin care

Potatoes have long been considered a food with many health benefits. Not only used in daily food processing, potatoes are also known to have very effective beauty effects. You can use potatoes to reduce pigmentation on the skin by applying a potato mask after giving birth.

Potato mask helps to reduce pigmentation on the skin - postpartum facial care
Potato mask helps to reduce pigmentation on the skin.

The method is quite simple, you just need to prepare 1, 2 potatoes and thinly slice them on the skin or rub gently for about 15-20 minutes. Then massage your face and rinse with clean water. Applying the method of facial skin care for women after giving birth regularly twice a week will bring high efficiency to help you quickly regain skin vitality and even skin tone for women.

3.2. Apply cucumber mask to help skin glow, healthy and shiny

Using a cucumber mask is loved by many women. Because in cucumber contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the skin. When using a cucumber mask, you can combine it with milk or tomatoes. Apply the mixture on the skin and relax for 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water to help your skin lighten up. You can use more lemon, but you should limit going out after applying the mask to avoid sunburn.

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The above suggestions need to be followed consistently and consistently to get the most visible results. Besides, you also need to combine with diet, rest and exercise to take care of your skin in the best way. Knowing how to take care of your face after giving birth, improving your mood and confidence, and being happy is also how you love your baby and yourself.

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