How to take care of dry skin for smooth, shiny skin

Everyone has different skin types, with each skin type having its own way of taking care of. If you have dry skin, moisturizing and hydrating is essential. Facial skin care Dryness is important because this is a skin type that produces less oil than other skin types. Therefore, it also requires specific skin protection requirements.

Characteristics of dry skin

Dry skin produces less oil, so the surface is often drier. Even if you are not provided with enough water, your skin is prone to peeling and old. This makes your face often feel dry and uncomfortable when the weather is cold. Girls with dry skin therefore also have a headache when it comes to choosing products that are suitable for their skin.

Dry skin often lacks water and is prone to peeling - dry facial care
Dry skin is often dehydrated and prone to flaking.

Especially dry skin is often dull and often has red patches on the face. The elasticity of the skin is also less than that of other skin, if you pay close attention you can notice that there are lines appearing on the skin. Wrinkles on the skin are also easy to appear and prone to allergies, faster aging.

How to take care of dry skin for smooth skin

The process of taking care of dry skin also includes the same steps as taking care of other skin. However, in each step, there are notes you need to pay attention to so that your skin is protected and cared for in a comprehensive way.

1. Cleanse skin every day to take care of dry facial skin

This is the first and most important step whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin or normal skin. For dry skin, this becomes even more important.

If you wear makeup, you need to do the makeup remover step before washing your face. Dry skin often lacks moisture, so you should limit washing your face with warm water. Because this will make the skin more and more dry and tight.

Many people think that the more you wash your face, the better. However, with dry skin, you should only wash your face twice a day, avoid washing too much and should choose cleansers suitable for your skin to avoid drying out your skin after use.

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2. Exfoliate every week

Dry skin often has a lot of flaking excess skin on the face. So exfoliating the skin is extremely necessary and important to remove these flaky patches on the face. However, you should also only perform exfoliation 1 to 2 times per week.

Don’t do it too many times as it can damage the skin and make it thinner. It can even cause allergies for dry skin.

Exfoliate dead skin cells - dry facial skin care
Exfoliate dead skin cells.

3. Use rose water

Rose water works very well in moisturizing and balancing the pH of the skin. If you do not use this product, your skin is easily dehydrated, not fully hydrated. In addition, this product also helps to clean the skin deeply from the inside to help clean the skin and avoid the penetration of bacteria from the outside.

4. Moisturises the skin to keep it soft and smooth

It can be said that this is the most important step in dry skin care. Because the biggest problem of this skin type is the lack of water. Therefore, moisturizing the skin is very important. To keep the skin smooth and bright, moisturizing is indispensable.

You should choose for yourself moisturizing products specifically for dry skin to provide moisture to your skin. In addition, you can use the mask every day to best moisturize your face.

Moisturises for smooth, supple skin - care for dry skin
Moisturizes the skin to keep it soft.

What to pay attention to when taking care of dry skin?

In addition to basic skin care procedures, to have beautiful skin you need to adjust your diet as well as your activities. Daily replenishment of 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day is essential to care for dry skin as well as protect your health.

Besides, you should also add enough nutrients to keep the skin healthy from deep inside. Eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits will help keep the skin soft and detoxify better. At the same time stay away from stimulants as well as sugary drinks to have a vibrant skin.

Eat more green vegetables and fruits to make your skin more beautiful - dry skin care
Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits for better skin.

In order to prevent the skin from becoming dull, the use of sunscreen is very important. Even if you are not directly exposed to the sun, you should still use sunscreen every day. If you skip this step, the skin will be more prone to dryness, roughness and faster aging.

Using sunscreen also helps you avoid skin cancer. However, choose a sunscreen product with the right index for your skin to bring the most effective.

Taking care of dry skin is actually not too complicated if you understand your skin well. Regular implementation of the skin protection process and regularly moisturizing the skin is the way to take care of dry skin to keep the skin bright and healthy as well as eliminate the phenomenon of roughness and dryness.

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