How to Stop the Thoughts or Thoughts of “Suicide”

Suicidal thoughts can prompt suicidal behavior and lead to unfortunate situations. If you are facing negative thinking, readers should refer to the article to know how to stop suicidal thoughts and give yourself one more chance to experience life.

suicidal intention

Suicidal intentions should be prevented in time to avoid unfortunate situations

When did the suicidal ideation appear?

In life, there will be times when we have to face failure and great pain. In an unstable mental state, many people develop suicidal thoughts. The thought of wanting to die is not something so crazy or strange. In fact, many people develop this negative thought when faced with serious events such as bankruptcy, the loss of a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness or facing sequelae. heavily due to an accident.

In addition, suicidal thoughts can also appear in people with psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. Due to the influence of these diseases, Judgment and perception may be impaired. The result is the formation of negative thoughts, including suicidal thoughts.

When you have suicidal thoughts, don’t panic. In fact, this thought will come up at some point in your life when you feel helpless in the face of overwhelming pain and loss. If you are strong in the face, you can support yourself through the thought of looking to death and become stronger and more resilient in the face of life’s challenges.

How to stop suicidal thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts can build up day by day and prompt suicidal behavior. Knowing that birth and death are natural laws, but choosing death by yourself is never the right decision. Your death is sometimes not the way to end things but just the solution to escape reality.

If you are facing suicidal thoughts, the following solutions will help you overcome negative thinking and find motivation in life:

1. Share negative thoughts with those around you

When you have negative thoughts, you should share this with those around you instead of hiding it. If you keep everything in your heart, you yourself will feel more tired and heavier over time.

Feelings of deep, persistent distress will suffocate you with life and prompt suicidal behavior to free yourself. So, please share your own thoughts and feelings for understanding and encouragement. The people around you may not be tactful, but they themselves always give you sincere care and affection.

people who are contemplating suicide

People with suicidal thoughts should share their negative thoughts with those around them instead of hiding them in their hearts

Or thinking about death is often accompanied by thinking that you are useless, incompetent and a burden to those around you. However, in the eyes of people, you still hold an important position. So, give them the opportunity to share and understand with you to get through this dark period.

If you don’t feel comfortable having a live chat, you can text or write. The words of encouragement and comfort from everyone will hold you back to this life and you will also give yourself another chance to experience life.

2. Find joy in life

We only think about death when we are constantly faced with negative emotions. So, an effective way to stop suicidal thoughts is to find joy in life. When you suffer, you become pessimistic and see everything in a negative light. However, besides the bad things, life still has countless beautiful and precious things. The most important thing is whether you are really open to finding and accepting positive things.

When contemplating suicide, share this with family and friends and ask for their support to find joy in life. Joy originates from very small things – it can be a happy family atmosphere, encouragement and comfort from relatives, friends or moments when you are satisfied with your passion.

people who are contemplating suicide

Finding joy in life will help you overcome suicidal thoughts and other negative thoughts

Alternatively, you can also entertain yourself by spending time on a hobby, learning to cook, or learning a new language. Social activities such as volunteering, planting trees, collecting waste, etc. will also bring you positive things. Even small joys will help ease negative emotions and bring you warmth in a time when you feel the coldest and darkest.

3. Make a plan to address the cause of the suicidal ideation

Suicidal thoughts often arise when faced with a serious event such as bankruptcy, the loss of a loved one, terminal illness or mental health problems. To stop this thinking, you should make a plan to address the cause of the suicidal ideation.

If the cause is debt, calculate the debt and find a solution. You can share this with your family for some support. Although undesirable, this may be the best solution. Besides, you also need to plan your expenses and find suitable jobs to repay the debt.

With things that can’t be changed, learn to accept and remember that it’s not just you but a lot of people who have to face the same bad things. However, whether suffering, self-tormenting or calmly accepting and strong overcoming is the decision of each person.

4. Thinking about bad things after suicide

It sounds ridiculous, but you can stop suicidal thoughts by thinking about the bad things after you find yourself dead. After committing suicide, your pain may lessen, but the rest of you will have to face greater pain and loss and despair.

If you think that your departure will help those who stay have a better life, this is completely wrong thinking. Those who stay will face loss, grief and depression for a long time. Even they themselves will have to torment and blame for thinking that they are the cause of your suicide.

In addition to loneliness, your loved ones may have to shoulder the consequences for you such as debt, taking care of children and grandchildren, etc. So, try to overcome suicidal thoughts and strongly face the bad things that are happening. happen. Because suicide will leave more painful consequences than you can imagine.

5. Do not seek alcohol, stimulants

When contemplating suicide, you should avoid alcohol and drugs. Unhealthy habits will increase levels of anxiety, depression and strong urges to think about suicide. Therefore, these habits should be avoided so that you can lift your spirits and overcome thoughts of death.

people who are contemplating suicide

When contemplating suicide, it is necessary to stay away from alcohol and drugs to prevent unfortunate situations

When in a state of stress and negativity, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, you should still try to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Try to get enough sleep, avoid fasting and maybe take some time off to calm down.

A healthy lifestyle will help promote mental health, thereby making you stronger to overcome suicidal thoughts and negative emotions. If you can’t take care of yourself during this time, seek help from family and friends.

6. Contact the suicide prevention hotline

In fact, when contemplating suicide, few people remain calm and lucid. If you don’t know how to stop suicidal thoughts, you can contact the suicide prevention hotline 800-273-8255 to be shared.

Timely intervention will help you to stabilize your mind and think more clearly about suicidal thoughts. Before you die, give those around you a chance to help you. Because leaving in silence can leave great pain and sometimes cause relatives and friends to die. So don’t hesitate to contact the suicide prevention hotline if you can’t control your negative thoughts.

7. Actively find a psychologist

Most people with suicidal thoughts are dealing with psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, depression, depression or anxiety disorder. To overcome suicidal thoughts, you should see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Suicidal thoughts are the result of psychological problems that are not examined and treated in time. With the intervention of treatment methods, you will gradually regain your spirit and strongly reject the thought of looking for death. After treatment, you will have a healthy mind and have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest.

Hopefully, through the article, readers know how to stop suicidal thoughts and intentions. Ending life by suicide is never the right choice. So give yourself a chance to overcome negative thinking and become stronger.

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