10 ways to make an impression at first meeting

First impressions are the almost immediate conclusions a person draws when meeting someone for the first time. Anyone should “take to heart” the ways to impress the first time meeting someone. Because a good first impression is a solid foundation for a healthy relationship and sustainable development.

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How important is a good first impression?

Just one glance (sometimes as short as 3-7 seconds) is enough for someone to judge you on the first meeting. In this very short period of time, other people will form an impression of you based on your appearance, dress, mannerisms, body language, etc.

First impressions, whether accurate or not, take a lot of time and effort to change, even in the face of conflicting evidence. Because they are mostly subconscious, they will be very persistent.

In fact, all your relationships will be affected by the first impression you make. If people’s first impression of you is friendly, trustworthy, and competent, they’ll usually feel comfortable around you. They easily see you as a good friend and open up to you more.

A good first impression will make the other person remember you. They may refer you to their friends or colleagues. Therefore, making a good impression will affect the expansion of social relationships. This even has far-reaching effects on both your life and career.

At work, a good first impression tends to lead to more opportunities. You’ll be more likely to turn leads into actual customers. In addition, referrals through social networks also lead to many new job offers or opportunities for career advancement.

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In love affairs, a good first impression with the other person is the beginning of the development of the relationship between two people. You will have many opportunities to meet for the 2nd and 3rd time and start getting to know each other more deeply in a relaxed and excited mood.

10 ways to make a good impression at first meeting

As you know, first impression is very important factor for any relationship. However, you need to remember, there are only 7 seconds to make a positive impact when you meet someone for the first time. There’s no room for error if you want to make a “bright” impression during a date, interview, meeting or client presentation.

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Meeting new people at key times can be overwhelming and daunting. Because you also know that you only have a few short seconds to conquer the opponent. This can put you in a spiral of anxiety. However, you absolutely can learn skills to promote good looks from the opponent in the first seconds.

Remember, making a good impression doesn’t mean you have to change who you are or pretend to be someone else. Instead, you need to show your best and most sincere self. Also, an important part of making a good impression is making others feel comfortable and at ease in your presence.

Here are 10 ways to make a good first impression on people when you first meet them:

1. Punctuality is the way to make a good first impression

Punctuality is a way to show respect and courtesy to others. At the same time, this is also a way to make a good impression at the first meeting. Being late, whether for a date, business meeting, or family gathering sends the message to others that you value your time more than theirs.

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Here are some tips to help you improve your punctuality:

  • Give yourself about 25% more time than you think you’ll need to get somewhere good to complete a task.
  • Don’t try to check your email, voicemail, or social media notifications right before you have to leave.
  • Track how much time you spend on daily tasks to prevent yourself from underestimating the time needed for specific activities.
  • Identify the main reasons why you want to be on time. Also use these reasons to motivate yourself not to be late for appointments.

2. Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most important forms of nonverbal communication. It has the ability to show your honesty and respect to the person you are talking to. Maintaining eye contact will also show that you’re paying attention. Also always listen to what they have to say.

Try to make eye contact before you start a conversation and maintain it regularly throughout the conversation. It can be seen that, knowing how to make eye contact is the way to make a very good impression at first meeting. However, you need to know the difference between making eye contact and staring at someone.

3. Active and funny

Being proactive and funny is also a way to make a good impression on someone when you first meet them. Talk to the person comfortably and naturally. Sometimes it’s good to know how to joke and make light jokes to keep the atmosphere up.

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Cheerful laughter at the first meeting will promote the relationship to develop gently and smoothly. You shouldn’t let the conversation have too many periods of silence. Because this can put both of them in awkward and confusing situations.

make a first impression

Humor is a great “weapon” to help you make a good first impression on others

If possible, you should be proactive in starting stories. Especially on a date, you can make jokes with funny jokes or talk about a good movie that just came out. Witness and humor can help you score points with the other person right from the first meeting.

4. How to impress at first meeting thanks to scent

Scent is anyone’s most important accessory when meeting with other people. Using a cool and gentle scent can touch the emotions of the other person immediately. This is also the way to make a great impression right from the first meeting.

However, you need to remember, use perfume delicately. Spraying an entire “half bottle of perfume” on people is never a smart choice on the first meeting. You can choose for yourself a scent that is suitable for the climate and brings a sense of relaxation. Absolutely do not choose perfumes that are too strong in hot summer days.

In addition, you also need to pay more attention to your breathing. Some problems such as digestive disorders, poor dental care or excessive stress can make your breath smell bad and make you lose points in front of your opponent.

Before your appointment, you need to avoid consuming strong-smelling foods. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to clean teeth, use dental floss to clean between teeth and do not forget to use antibacterial lotion to rinse your mouth. You should also carry gum with you so that you can fight fires in case of need. Fresh breath will help you feel more confident and comfortable when talking to the other person.

5. Pay attention to your appearance

It sounds unfair but the reality is that most of us judge each other by our looks. Regardless of your shape or age, taking care of your appearance and paying attention to dressing appropriately for the situation always helps you make a good first impression.

One’s outfit choices are said to be a very powerful communication tool when meeting new people for the first time. The good news is that even small changes can skew the odds of making an impression in your favor. You need to adjust the look of the outfit, the colors and choose the accessories carefully.

Tips for making a good first impression

Appearance and mannerisms are major determinants of someone’s first impression of you

In addition, grooming and personal hygiene also play a very important part in your overall appearance. So don’t forget to pay attention to your teeth, hair, hands and nails as well. Paying attention to your true appearance is one way to make a strong first impression.

6. Body Language

Communication is not simply through words. Your facial expressions, hand gestures and posture also send very powerful messages whenever you interact with others.

Research shows that about 60-70% of the meaning in human communication begins with nonverbal behaviors. Even so, some people still don’t give much thought to their body language. At the same time, they are unaware that body language can send confusing or negative signals.

Paying attention to your body language will help you tailor it to set the stage for making a great first impression. Whenever you meet someone new, keep these tips in mind:

Try not to narrow the space in front of you by crossing your arms or placing the bag on your lap.
Minimize movements such as biting your nails, tapping your fingers, or playing with your hair.
Pay attention to your posture, avoid leaning forward or leaning back too far in the chair.
Show that you’re listening by jerking your head and leaning forward slightly.

7. How to make a first impression with a smile

A genuine smile is one of the most attractive traits that almost everyone has. Smiles can light up a room by creating a positive atmosphere. It makes anyone present feel comfortable and welcome.

Studies show that smiling with your eyes or mouth can help you present yourself as a sincere and trustworthy person. To master the Duchenne smile – the true expression of happiness, you need to think about happy things. You need to smile fully until you can feel the muscles around your eyes tense.

Duchenne smile is the secret to help you make a good impression on others right from the first meeting

Duchenne smile is the secret to help you make a good impression on others right from the first meeting

It can be seen that, having a genuine smile is a way to make a strong impression at first meeting. A smile that makes eye contact is an important part of a first impression, conveying warmth, kindness, and empathy.

8. Always have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is an essential part of making a good first impression. No matter how well-dressed and well-groomed you may be, your appearance cannot offset the bad impression that a negative attitude can cause.

Building a positive attitude is not always easy. Especially in situations that make you feel nervous like a first date or an interview. Make sure you stay focused on your opponent. At the same time give your full attention to them. This will help you create a warm and very believable impression.

You can also enhance their assessment of you by smiling, relaxing your facial muscles, and making long enough eye contact. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to your attitude, think back to times when you felt happy and active. This helps the positive emotions direct your mind to a better place.

In the long run, you can create a positive attitude for yourself by training your mind. You will feel more comfortable in difficult situations. Staying connected with positive people, practicing mindfulness or noting can help you practice positivity very effectively.

9. Know how to listen

Paying attention and listening attentively while the other person is talking is a way to show your respect for them. However, if you want to establish a long-term relationship, just listening is not enough. You should share a little more information about yourself during the first meeting so that the other person has a chance to get to know you better.

How to make a great first impression

If you want to make a good impression on someone on the first meeting, you need to show that you are a good listener

In addition, you need to be very careful not to interrupt when others are talking or not to insert difficult words into the story they tell. Occasionally smile or nod slightly to show that you are paying attention to what the other person has to say.

10. Sincere to the other party

Finding ways to make a good first impression means trying to “fit in” to some extent. However, it does not mean that you lose yourself or pretend to be someone else.

A person can quickly pick up on insincerity, so you need to be yourself. You need to know your own strengths and weaknesses and communicate them in a subtle, gentle way.

Showing honesty and sincerity to the other person will make you feel more confident. It also helps you to build trust and gain respect from the people you meet for the first time.

Things not to do on the first date

In order to make a good impression, in addition to carefully preparing in style, clothing, body language, smile, etc., you also need to pay special attention to the things that should be avoided in the first meeting. Such as:

things to avoid in first meeting

Don’t use your phone often during your first meeting with someone

  • Excessive self-expression: This is often the result of talking too much and not listening enough. Many people also showed a rather bossy attitude, taunting the opponent. This will give the impression that you don’t care about the other person or what they have to say and are just trying to flatter yourself.
  • Interrupting When Others Talk: In most cultures, interrupting someone is considered very rude. Not only does it show that you’re not really listening, but it also makes the other person uncomfortable with the interruption. It also shows that you are more interested in your own story and value your own opinion over the opinions of others.
  • Do not use the phone constantly: Not being able to leave your phone is a bad habit of many young people today. If you often use the phone during the first meeting, you will create a bad impression that you are not paying attention and disrespecting the other person. Especially on a first date, if you focus on your phone, it will be difficult for the other person to give you the opportunity to meet next time.
  • Trying too hard: Your overexertion may cause others to judge you as insincere. It often creates the feeling that you are ready to do almost anything to make a good impression. This makes the other party feel the need to be wary of you.

Hopefully these 10 ways to make an impression at first meeting above will help you get a sympathetic and good look from someone. In addition to careful and thorough preparation, you should try to relax your body as well as keep your mind relaxed. These are very important factors that determine the building of a good first impression.

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