How to keep the neck safe when doing candle pose?

Keeping your neck safe while performing the shoulder pose is very important and should be taken seriously if you want to pursue iyengar yoga.

Due to the nature of the candle pose, when an injury occurs, the spine, shoulders, especially the head and neck will be affected first. Therefore, keeping the neck safe while performing the exercise is very important. So what should be done to perform this pose safely? Please refer to for complete information and practice.

Adjust according to the physical condition of the practitioner

The correct candle posture will not be safe for students with problems such as sclerosis of the shoulder and neck muscles; neck injury; Osteoporosis; overweight, obesity and other problems.

Use a chair when doing Candlestick Pose to keep your neck safe

Use a chair when doing Candlestick Pose to keep your neck safe

In such cases, you should practice this pose in a simple way, such as Viparita Karani (Les Relax on the Wall). Another way to keep the neck safe is to use a chair to raise the hips, thereby reducing pressure on the neck.

Make sure the neck rest is high and soft enough

If you use cushions or layers of blankets to support your neck when doing the candle pose, be sure to use just enough (not too little or too much). Too little will not be enough to support you during practice.

On the contrary, they will cause the surface to become too porous, making it difficult to balance. Then a yoga teacher will know how much neck support you need to keep your neck safe during the practice!

Start up

Any physical exercise needs a warm-up, and iyengar yoga is no exception. Shoulders will be the part that you need to pay special attention to and warm up carefully.

Because this is the main fulcrum for your body weight. Although the neck is under less pressure, this is an important bone area and its strength is not as strong as other areas.

Therefore, the muscles and joints of the neck will be the next parts to target during the warm-up. Do neck, shoulder and back rotation exercises to warm up the body. Besides, you can also do stretching poses before coming to the shoulder stand.

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Start slow and focus on balance

If you’re a beginner in iyengar yoga, there’s no reason you should push yourself to do difficult movements like the candle pose. Instead, improve your flexibility and balance little by little by leaning your legs and back against the wall and pushing your legs as far as you can to get up.

Make sure to practice slowly and use equipment if needed

Make sure to practice slowly and use equipment if needed

Note the position and state of the head and neck

The habit of not letting the middle of the neck touch the mat or cushion should be formed and maintained during yoga because it will reduce pressure on the neck. The next point to note to keep the neck safe when practicing the candle pose is not to move the chin towards the chest, instead bring the chest close to the chin.

secure neck 1

To keep your neck safe, it’s best to keep your neck off the ground

When keeping the chin fixed, the flexor muscle in the neck will be fixed and not squeezed (when the neck flexor is tightened, it can cause pain and injury to the practitioner). During the process of performing this yoga pose, if the head rotates back and forth, it will put a lot of pressure on the muscles, tendons and discs in the neck. Therefore, in order to perform the movement safely, you need to absolutely fix the head.

Note when doing shoulderstand exercises without cushions

When doing shoulderstand with mat, don’t be in a hurry to force yourself to stand up straight for the first few times. Instead, you should put your weight on your back shoulders and bend just enough to keep your neck comfortable; At the same time, it is necessary to avoid advanced movements such as halasana (plow pose) when you are new to yoga.

Because this pose requires the neck to have more stamina when doing the candle pose. In short, tThe shoulder stance is one of the most interesting and useful movements of iyengar yoga.

Therefore, you should make good use of this posture to bring maximum effect. The above notes not only keep the neck safe when performing, but also form small but useful habits during your yoga practice!

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