How to increase height for young people?

The eternal question of young Vietnamese today is how to increase height, especially those who are…

Many previous studies suggested that people no longer grow in height after puberty has ended. But the latest research proves and tests that our increase in height can continue until we are around the age of 25. It’s just the speed. increase height after puberty will be slower than the previous time, so we won’t notice it. And also during the time after puberty, ie around 16-25 years old, we should still make efforts to improve our height, because after this age the opportunity to grow taller will no longer exist.

Practice sports

Here is a method of training to increase height that combines nutrition and exercise, how to sleep to grow taller scientifically.

Make a plan to increase height now, time is your missed opportunity enemy!

1. Exercise and sports

More gently, you can practice Yoga with the stretching action of the body, helping to increase height and make the spirit more comfortable and relaxing.

Spend 30 minutes a day doing exercises to increase height to stretch bones – muscles or choose a favorite sport to practice, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, swinging, pedaling car,…

2. Vitamin D Supplement and foods rich in calcium for the body

If you want to increase height quickly, you should eat a lot of calcium-rich foods, especially dairy, seafood and soy products.

Practice sports

Calcium does not determine all the length of bones because without vitamin D, calcium will not be converted from food to substance in bone medicine. Vitamin D is found in some foods such as shrimp, salmon, tuna, cereals, dairy products… Or you can bask in the sun between 6-8am, this is a source of vitamin D Natural from the sun, very good for the body.

3. Pay attention to sleep

Get enough sleep for 8 hours/night and an extra 30 minutes of nap in the afternoon, don’t stay up late after 11pm, will help you increase the height in adulthood. This is a healthy lifestyle, sleeping on time and deep sleep stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone and improve our height and weight.

Practice sports

How to increase height in adulthood? Most of us go through puberty with unscientific diet and exercise to increase height, so height has not reached the maximum possible threshold. Don’t put all the blame on genetics, genetics only account for about 20-30% of the height decision. If you have just passed puberty, are in your 20s, you still have a chance to increase your height if you know how. The results are not overnight, but the process of persistent efforts will have good results.

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