How to do barbell exercises properly to increase height

According to scientific research, doing barbell exercises is a way to help grow taller quickly. Why is that? How does this sport affect height?

Practicing pull-ups helps to stretch the whole body under the influence of gravity, thus “liberating” the cartilage layers between the growing bones. You can imagine that the ends of the bones are pulled apart, the pressure caused by the bones pressing on the cartilage (due to the weight of the body) is no longer there, new layers of cartilage grow much more easily.

But the more layers of new cartilage are born, the longer the bones of the child, the taller the child. Therefore, if you play the bar every day, you will grow up very quickly and easily reach the maximum height.

Grip the bar properly when exercising to improve your physique

Method 1: Grasp the bar so that the palm of the hand turns to the body. Using this method requires more force

Method 2: Grasp the bar so that the palms are facing out, the hands are shoulder-width apart. You can choose one of two ways as long as it is convenient for you to practice. Once you have grasped the bar in the right position, you can practice freely exercises to increase height with beams.

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Choose the right bar to practice

You need to determine what the main purpose of your training is to choose the right type of bar for training. With a wall-mounted pull-up bar, its main function is simply to pull the bar up. As for the multi-function single or double bar, it will support you with more exercises including arm muscles, leg muscles, and chest muscles.

How to practice barbell to increase height?

Exercise 1: Hanging naturally on the beams. Grasp the bar with both hands wider than shoulder width. Bend elbows, pull yourself up, head in front of the bar. When the nape of the neck almost touches the bar, let go of the body and return to the starting position. Do it over and over again.

Exercise 2: Hanging on the bar, legs stretched naturally, legs closed. Keeping your knees straight, slowly raise your legs until they make a 90-degree angle with your back, then stop. Hold the position for about 7-10 seconds, then slowly release your legs. Repeat that action several times.

Exercise 3: Prepare a crossbar, something heavy like a sandbag that weighs about 50-60 kg. Take a heavy object and tie a strong and wide rope to it.

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Place heavy objects on the ground, just below the hanging position. Hang naturally on the bar and point your toes straight to the ground, keeping your arms straight.

Hook the toes of both feet into the leash, bend the feet so that the feet and shins form a hook, stretch the rope tied to the weight from bottom to top.

Using the force of both hands, slowly pull up so that the whole body is stretched to the maximum, to the point that you can gradually lift the heavy object off the ground. Stay in a two-way pulled position for as long as possible.

When your hands are tired, gradually lower the weight, then repeat the movement many times until tired, then stop. Above are some guidelines to help you choose and practice the right way to increase your height effectively. Wish you quickly get the maximum height.

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