How to deal with excess skin after weight loss?

After the spectacular “makeover” of weight loss, the skin often becomes looser and to solve this problem is not simple. However, you can actively limit the excess skin after weight loss. Learn how to deal with this with

For people with a slightly “oversized” body, their patches of skin will be larger than the average person, especially in areas like the abdomen or biceps. If these cases are successful in losing weight, that is, the body returns to its normal size but these areas of skin do not keep up with the changes of the body or cannot change in size for some reason, then you need to there are interventions so that this area does not lose aesthetics.

Usually, surgery is the common method to deal with loose skin after weight loss. In these surgeries, after liposuction, excess skin is removed, and the muscle layer below the skin is raised or reshaped.

Why does excess skin appear after weight loss?

Surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss is a popular method or applied

In addition to the above method, you can also use non-surgical liposuction (liposuction), a method of reducing excess fat that uses ultrasound waves to stimulate thermogenesis in the skin, thereby promoting the body to generate heat. Collagen production helps reduce body measurements. However, after the procedure, the skin may be itchy and red because the tiny blood vessels under the skin must vibrate at a very high frequency during the procedure.

Skin tightening methods are also worth considering, but can only be applied to cases where the excess skin is not too much, suitable for people with little overweight.

Is it possible to actively improve the excess skin?

In fact, there is no magic pill or exercise that can improve excess skin after weight loss. Therefore, this situation has become a complicated problem in the cosmetic industry. Interventions such as supplements and topical creams are only effective for mild cases, mainly phenomena such as wrinkles or sagging skin.

The only way that people who are trying to lose weight can do it is to lose weight by exercising slowly, avoiding rapid weight loss to minimize the phenomenon of excess skin right from the time the body size has not changed. Giving your body at least a year to catch up with your weight loss is always a sensible choice in your journey to getting in shape. When you intend to lose weight, you need to note that the excess skin that appears has no way to intervene without appropriate cosmetic and medical measures.

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Exercise to lose weight slowly to create conditions for the skin to have enough time to adapt to the body’s changes

Can excess skin go away on its own?

After losing weight, without supportive measures, the loose skin will not be able to disappear naturally. The amount of excess skin left after weight loss reflects the skin’s sensitivity to a decrease in body measurements and depends on quite a few factors such as age, genes or the difference in weight before and after weight loss.

Even without any treatment, the skin still improves, showing that your skin has good elasticity and skin quality. This is also the key to handling excess skin after weight loss simply and effectively.

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How can I take good care of my skin after losing weight?

The only way that you can do it at home is with proper skin care. Using sun protection measures, limiting smoking, alcohol, adding more vegetables and fruits to the diet and reducing sugar and saturated fat consumption to make skin quality improve markedly.

Vegetables are foods that are good for the skin

Strength training is also a natural and effective way to stretch loose skin. Maintaining a reasonable exercise and fitness regime not only helps the body to be healthier but also enhances physical strength, supports the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure. The muscles that stretch every time you exercise also help the skin to be more smooth and shiny. However, you also need to clean properly after exercise so that the skin is not adversely affected by sweat and dead cells.

Although it has not been scientifically proven, there is a way that many people apply is to use a dry brush with bristles made from natural ingredients to rub on the sagging skin, this action will help stimulate blood circulation under the skin. , from which nutrients, water and oxygen supply to the skin will be more.

In general, if you don’t want surgery to remove excess skin, you should lose weight slowly and reasonably to give your skin time to catch up with your body, and avoid fast and rapid weight loss methods.

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