10 ways to control and remove negative thoughts from your head quickly

What is an effective way to control and remove negative thoughts from the head is what anyone is looking for so that the spirit always becomes positive and optimistic when facing unhappy things. Practicing breathing therapy, listening to music, going for a walk or doodling are all the simplest ways to get rid of unpleasant things quickly.

10 ways to control and remove negative thoughts from your head quickly

In life, no matter how happy and optimistic people are, it is inevitable that there will be times when there are negative emotions, fatigue, and pressure. For example, students are upset because they got bad grades, adults are tired of working hard but still being reprimanded by their bosses, husbands are worried about pressure because they have to earn money to give their wives the best life. con.. No one is without worries and sorrows, it’s just how they express themselves.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts

Learning how to control, remove negative thoughts from the head is something everyone should learn

Negative emotions, if not eliminated, will gradually accumulate in the head, filling the mind and like an erupting volcano that will be uncontrollable. This is also the reason why many people suffer from psychological problems such as depression or anxiety disorders. Therefore, each person always needs to take measures to quickly resolve these negative emotions out of their mind.

Learn to breathe deeply

One of the important ways to control and eliminate negative thoughts when faced with stressful situations that anyone can apply is to breathe deeply. When we feel negative and stressed, we often fall into a state of agitation and irritability due to the rapid increase in blood pressure, the hormones that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system secrete more, causing the body to tremble and be frustrated. Therefore, we often become irritable, explosive, and see unpleasant and negative things everywhere.

As soon as you feel mentally unstable, find a quiet place, close your eyes, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Heart rate, blood pressure will gradually return to a stable state, the spirit is soothed to help you quickly regain calm. In fact, when you are calm, the way you see and solve problems will be extremely different from when you are agitated. It’s also easier to solve problems that are making you frustrated and uncomfortable.

In fact, the way to control and eliminate negative thoughts through breathing therapy is applied to people who are suffering from depression or other psychological problems because it has been proven to be really effective. You can learn this therapy through subjects such as meditation or yoga, or simply maintain the habit of breathing deeply and slowly exhaling in combination with purifying your mind every day.

Learn to look at problems two-way

The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, famously said, “Don’t be sorry that the rose bush has thorns, but be glad that the thorn bush has a rose”. The way you look at an issue can completely change how you feel. Instead of looking at the negative side of the problem, why don’t you try to look at the other side, you will surely find that everything is a lot easier.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts

The way you look at the problem completely determines how you feel

Any problem has both positive and negative sides, no matter how terrible it is, there is definitely a bright spot that you can cling to. For example, when you get a bad grade, instead of blaming yourself for being poor, think about how lucky you are to be able to recognize that mistake early so that the semester exam will not have to be repeated. Or when there was a conflict with your boss and you were laid off, think how lucky you are to have come out of such a negative environment and give yourself some time off to prepare for the busy time to come.

In general, it is not easy to learn how to control and eliminate negative thoughts through seeing the positive side in that problem. You can start by thinking slowly, analyze the good and bad sides of the problem and just act and think in that good direction. Gradually your mind will automatically follow positive thoughts without having to think hard.

How to control, eliminate negative thoughts, do something to distract

When you are feeling negative, secretive, uncomfortable, you absolutely should not sit still, especially in a closed room because the spirit will be more stuffy and uncomfortable. Instead, try standing up and doing something that distracts your mind, forgetting about the things that are bothering you. Once the emotions have calmed down, you can continue to deal with the problem that is bothering you, which will certainly be more effective.

For example, if you are working or getting up to go to the bathroom to wash your face, take a few walks around the room or simply drink water. If the situation allows, taking a walk outdoors, especially in cool places such as parks, where there are many trees, cool terraces will be like a “medicine” to recharge the body and energy. fastest mind.

Playing games is also a way to quickly remove negative thoughts from your head, effectively controlling emotions. However, choose simple games, avoid confrontational and competitive games because losing will only make you more angry, feel like “the whole world” has turned its back because it is not convenient to do anything. .


It may sound childish, but writing and doodling can be extremely effective in reducing stress. According to experts, when we let our hands make their own movements, it is time for the mind to relax because we don’t need to worry about it being ugly or beautiful. The brain will “pop up” itself like a pent-up spring for a long time, negative emotions also disappear quickly.

The doodles will help dispel the stress in the mind

The doodles will help dispel the stress in the mind

Nancy B.Irwin – Psychologist in Los Angeles has also shown that doodle therapy will trick the brain’s activity. Many people also choose to control negative thoughts through painting or coloring existing pictures. You can draw stars or simply spirals, squares, flowers or suns on any piece of paper.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts, try writing

Not only drawing but also writing is a super effective way to control and eliminate negative thoughts. Not everyone can be willing to talk or share with others their problems, especially introverts, people with few friends or it is a sensitive and private matter. If you can’t speak, try to choose a way to write, pouring all your thoughts into a diary as if pouring your heart into it also helps you feel much more comfortable.

In fact, sometimes we have a need to share because we want someone to listen, not a solution to solve that problem. Writing is also a way to “speak”, there are even many novels and literary works born from real life, from the author’s own diary. Don’t worry that you’re bad at writing, just be confident, feel free to write your heart out because the diary is your own.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the music

Music is really a medicine for the heart, it can make you feel moved to tears, can soothe your soul or activate abundant energy to make you feel more excited, more enthusiastic. Therefore, the way to control and eliminate negative thoughts by music is also applied in the therapy itself for patients with psychological problems.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts

Music is really a valuable “medicine” for the soul

If you want to cry (crying is also an extremely effective way to relieve stress) you can choose sad songs. But to raise the spirit of positivity, fun, and inspiration, choose vibrant songs, rock music, or even EDM tracks. If you are alone or don’t mind being around, don’t forget to “dance” or move to the tune of the music, ensuring your spirit will be lifted up quickly.

Studies have also shown that listening to music can help relax the mind, control heart rate and blood pressure at a stable index, especially inhibit the appearance of stress hormones. Another music material that helps your brain to relax and reduce stress is also meditation music, which is very suitable for those who are studying yoga or meditating.

Practice meditation or yoga

In fact, listening to music and doodling are only temporary solutions to eliminate stress and negativity. To aim for a longer-term effect, you should refer to therapies that help relax the mind, clear the mind, care for the spirit to be balanced, resolve the negative immediately, not to accumulate unnecessary things. too much fun.

Meditation and yoga have always been one of the most effective ways to control and eliminate negative thoughts, applied in many mental health care therapies. Both of these therapies help the practitioner to control the breath, open the mind, and purify the negativity. Not only that, meditation and yoga are also extremely good for health, the body, sleep or the whole body.

According to experts, just 15 minutes of meditation can replace a nap. In people who practice meditation or yoga every day, you can also see that they are extremely gentle, positive, cheerful, loving life, filled with a feeling of happiness and joy. Therefore, people with melancholy, negative thoughts should soon learn to control and eliminate their “ugly” emotions through these two therapies.

Daily exercise

Maintaining a daily exercise routine also gives you a lot of benefits to eliminate negativity every day, towards a healthier, more optimistic life. For example, when some people feel frustrated, tired, uncomfortable, they tend to want to “act”, such as smashing things, throwing things, otherwise they will be very upset. Instead of venting your anger on things, you can completely “release” these negative energies through sports.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts

Releasing all negative things through exercise also helps you improve your health

Running, learning martial arts, climbing mountains, playing badminton or swimming are all ways to control and eliminate negative thoughts for everyone. On the contrary, studies also show that exercise increases the production of happy hormones to calm the mind, “cooling down” the “hot” in the mind. Above all, exercise also helps to improve health, maintain a healthy and beautiful body to regain confidence.

How to control negative thoughts – Go to sleep

Our spirit is easy to go downhill, easy to fall into negativity, more stressed when lack of energy from not enough sleep. So the way to control and eliminate negative thoughts sometimes is to go to sleep. When the body is fully charged with energy, the brain is fully rested, it will increase creativity, stimulate imagination, happy hormones are produced to dispel all negativity.

Of course, you don’t always have to give it all up to get a good night’s sleep. However, when you feel too negative, can no longer think of anything important, and your spirit is extremely stagnant, you should arrange everything to rest and recharge. In your daily life, you should also ensure to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sleep 7-8 hours a day, avoid staying up too late to improve both physical and mental health.

There are always people around you who are willing to listen

When you feel tired, it will be happy if someone asks “how is your day, how are you feeling?”. Don’t make yourself a loner, hiding all the negativity in your heart. Believe that there are always people around who are willing to listen, share and help you. It can be family members, colleagues, close friends, sometimes even strangers who are ready to help you.

How to control and eliminate negative thoughts

Sharing with friends will help you find solutions to negative problems in a useful way

The strong development of technology means that you do not have to spend time to meet someone in person, but can completely text or video call to see each other. Keeping in touch with a close, confidant friend, even though you don’t need to see each other much, but still understand each other, can still share all your thoughts with each other is extremely necessary in this life.

A small note is that you should never wait for a problem to find others to share, confide in, find ways to control, and eliminate negative thoughts. You yourself are sometimes the person others come to share and confide in. If you cannot listen and share with others, it is difficult for them to sympathize and support when you have a problem.

In fact, there are countless ways to control and eliminate negative thoughts in life, the important thing is how you apply it. The most important thing is that you yourself need to learn to see things in a negative way so that the brain gradually works this way, the spirit will automatically follow. If you refuse to change, persisting in your “ugly” thoughts, even applying this way cannot bring the best effect.

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