How to choose simple yoga exercises for each body part

If you want to improve a certain part of your body, you can completely combine simple yoga exercises and regular practice to feel the change after only a short time.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people love to practice yoga is because it can affect almost any part of the body. If in many subjects, you can only focus on your arms or legs, with yoga, you can “move” all parts in just one session. Even if you want to focus on a single area, other departments still receive certain benefits.

Here, will share with you some information about choosing the right yoga poses from basic to advanced to improve a specific part of the body. Based on that, you can combine to form a series of exercises depending on your needs and create a training plan for yourself.

Simple yoga exercises good for legs

Simple yoga exercises

Standing yoga posture is the most ideal exercise, helping the legs become stronger and toned

For the legs, standing movements will be the right choice to increase the strength and flexibility of the legs. When performing, although the focus is on the legs, other parts of the body also receive many benefits:

  • Basic: Downward Dog Pose, Leaning Pose, Mountain Pose, Pyramid Pose, Mountain Pose, Standing Folding Pose, Crouching Pose, Tree Pose, Triangle Pose, Pose World Warrior I, Warrior II
  • Intermediate: Eagle Pose, Half Moon Pose, Dancer Pose, Twisted Triangle Pose, Warrior Pose III
  • Advanced: Wheel Pose

Good sequence of yoga exercises for legs:

  • 8 basic standing postures: Downward Dog – Lunge – Warrior 1 – Warrior II – Reverse Warrior – Sloppy Angle – Triangle – Downward Dog
  • A series of balancing poses: Chair Pose – Eagle Pose – Tree Pose – Dancer Pose – Warrior III Pose – Splits Upright Pose – Half Moon Pose – Cane Pose – Island Half Moon Pose person – Folding pose
  • Warrior Pose Series: Mountain Pose – Warrior I – Bowed Warrior – Warrior II – Reversal Warrior – Warrior III
  • Series of exercises to stretch the front thigh muscles: Crescent Pose – Hero Pose – Pigeon Pose – Cane Pose – Dancer Pose – Camel Pose – Bow Pose – Round Diamond Pose.
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Simple yoga exercises that are good for the abdomen

Simple yoga exercises

Cat Pose – Yoga moves to firm the abdomen

Practicing the following yoga poses regularly will improve strength and tone the abdominal muscles, which in turn, helps reduce back pain:

  • Basic: Cat-cow pose, hand and knee balance, pelvic tilts, plank pose
  • Intermediate: Boat Pose, Crow Pose, Half Moon Pose, Banana Pose, Scale Pose, Side Plank Pose
  • Advanced: Firefly Pose, Forearm Banana Tree Pose, Handstand Pose, Side Crow Pose, Warrior III.

Series of yoga exercises to tone the abdominal muscles:

  • Good series of exercises for the core area: Cat Pose – Cow Pose – Hands and Knees Balance – Three-legged Dog Pose – Plank Pose – Side Plank – High Lunge Pose – Half Moon Pose – Chair Pose – Pose Eagle Pose – Boat Pose.

Good yoga exercises for arms

Simple yoga exercises

Strengthen your arms with an assisted plank move

Postures where you have to use your arms to support most of your body weight are very effective in increasing arm strength:

  • Basic: Downward facing dog, plank, side plank with support
  • Intermediate: Crow Pose, Push-up Pose, Side Plank Pose, Upside Down Dog Pose
  • Advanced: Firefly Pose, Flying Crow Pose, Banana Tree Pose, Side Crow Pose, Wheel Pose

The series of good yoga exercises for the arms:

  • Series of yoga exercises to help tone the triceps and biceps: Downward facing dog pose – Plank pose – Full side plank – Plank pose – Push up pose – Upward facing dog pose – Three-legged dog pose – Variant of head-to-knee pose – Pose one-legged plank

Good yoga exercises for the back

round diamond pose

Round Diamond Pose – Challenging Yoga Pose

These are poses that strengthen the back and improve spinal mobility. If you can’t do backbends to strengthen and stretch your back, you can do the following simple yoga exercises:

  • Basic: Cat Pose, Cow Pose, Supported Bridge Pose, Cobra Pose, Chest Pillow Pose
  • Intermediate: Bridge Pose, Face Up Dog Pose, Inverted Warrior Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Grasshopper Pose, Dancer Pose
  • Advanced: Wheel pose, round diamond pose, mermaid pose, one legged pigeon pose, scorpion pose

The sequence of yoga exercises is good for the back:

  • Lower back stretching exercises: Pelvic tilts – Cat – Cow Pose – Child Pose – Twisted Chair Pose.
  • The sequence of yoga poses to prevent back pain: Cat Pose – Cow Pose – Downward Dog Pose – Cobra Pose – Child Pose.
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Simple yoga exercises good for hamstrings

Good posture for hamstringsThe bending movements help to stretch the hamstring muscles very effectively

Hamstring strain is a common condition experienced by many people. To increase hamstring flexibility, you can try the following yoga moves:

  • Basic: Lying on back with legs pulled, standing bent over, wide leg bend, downward facing dog, head close to the knee, sitting bent over, pyramid pose, triangle pose
  • Intermediate: Half Moon Pose, Full Side Plank Pose, Twisted Triangle Pose, Heron Pose, Monkey Pose, Vishnu Sleeping Pose
  • Advanced: Split-legged standing, side lunge, twisted half-moon pose

Good sequence of hamstring yoga exercises:

  • Series of exercises to improve flexibility: Lying on back with legs pulled up – Standing hunched over – Triangle pose – Wide leg bent over sitting posture – Needle piercing pose – Fixed angle pose – Pigeon pose – Eagle pose – Pose bridge – Cow face pose.

Simple yoga exercises good for hips

simple yoga exercises good for hips

Pigeon Pose – Yoga movements to help open hips effectively

This group of yoga exercises will include movements that both stretch and open the hips and help stretch the entire pelvis:

  • Basic: Child Pose, Fixed Angle Pose, Needle Piercing Pose, Squatting, Happy Baby Pose, Side-lying Goddess Pose, Wide Legs Bend, Standing Bend, Pose World War II
  • Intermediate: Cow Face Pose, Eagle Pose, Goddess Pose, Half Moon Pose, Knee-to-Ankle Pose, Dove Pose
  • Advanced: Lotus Pose, Lizard Pose, One Leg King Pigeon Pose, One Side Lunge Pose

Good sequence of yoga exercises for hips:

  • Series of hip stretching exercises: Fixed Angle Pose – Knee-to-ankle Pose – Cow Face Pose – Head to Knee Pose – Wide-legged sitting posture.

Good yoga exercises for chest and shoulders

Good exercises for chest and shoulders

The stray movement – ​​Good exercise for chest and shoulders

Yoga poses help open up the ribcage and release tension in the shoulders, helping to prevent back and neck pain. In particular, these poses are extremely helpful if you sit a lot:

  • Basic: Twisted lying position, cow and cat pose, warrior II pose, cobra pose, triangle pose, side stretch pose, sphinx pose, cow face pose
  • Intermediate: Bridge Pose, Face Up Dog Pose, Inverted Warrior Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Grasshopper Pose, Dancer Pose, Half Moon Pose
  • Advanced: Advanced triangle pose

The series of yoga exercises that are good for the chest and shoulders:

  • Series of exercises for nursing mothers: Cat Pose – Sphinx Pose – Bridge Pose – Half Boat Pose – Bend Pose with fingers interlaced – Extended Triangle Pose – Downward Facing Dog Pose.
  • Series of exercises to improve gait, standing: Mountain pose – Standing bent over with fingers interlaced – Cat Pose – Bridge Pose – Eagle Pose – Plank Pose.
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Above are some suggestions for yoga movements suitable for each part. You can try a combination of these poses to suit you best.

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