How to choose a gentle / deep clean / oil-control cleanser / for each skin type

Cleansing is the most important step in determining the cleanliness of the skin and preparing the nutrients of the next steps to be best absorbed. Each skin type will have a unique need for facial cleanser products. Different skin types are also suitable for different textured cleansers. So how to choose the best face wash for each skin’s needs, learn how to choose a gentle / deep clean / oil-control cleanser and refer to some of the following suggested products.

Choose the right facial cleanser to help clean, healthy and smooth skin
Choose the right facial cleanser to help clean, healthy, smooth skin.

General criteria for a good gentle cleanser

To define a good gentle cleanser depends a lot on the user’s experience, preferences and feelings. There are some general criteria to judge whether a cleanser is really good or not:

  • PH: is one of the prerequisite factors to choose to buy a facial cleanser today. The top layer of the epidermis of the face has a pH of approximately 5.5 which means it is weakly acidic. A good facial cleanser should have a similar pH and close to the physiological pH of the skin as possible so as not to upset the skin’s pH balance, not to cause dryness and to be gentle on the skin.
  • Platform system: are the leading ingredients in the formulation of a cosmetic product. Commonly used base cleansers will include water (water, aqua, purified water, …), hygroscopic, moisturizing radicals (propylene glycol, glycerin, butylene glycol, …) and some fatty acids (linoleic acid). , linolein palmitate, …) and some weak alkaline substances to create emulsions when washing the face. Usually, to know if a foundation is good or not, it depends a lot on the feel and softness of the product when taking a small amount on the hand and gently rubbing it.
  • Cleaning ability: is the most important element of a face wash. It is worth mentioning that the ability to clean but not cause damage to the skin is unbalanced or irritated. Some of you are too concerned with the “additional” function such as whitening, darkening, exfoliation, etc., but forget that a good face wash must first do well its main role, which is cleansing. skin.
  • The ability to maintain moisture for the skin after washing the face: a good cleanser after cleansing the skin must leave a sufficiently moist and smooth skin surface, without dryness, itching or redness. This is reflected in the moisturizing agents in the ingredient list and some substances such as natural extracts, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, urea, etc. in the ingredient list. In addition, the texture of the product itself will help retain moisture in the skin (creamy cleansers do not foam).
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Classification of some textures of facial cleansers

Each skin type will be suitable for one or several textures of face milks. Recognizing and understanding one’s skin and understanding the properties of different textures makes choosing easier.

Foaming Cleansing Gel: are slightly liquid, viscous, usually transparent, colorless or light-colored face wash products that, when rubbed with water, create foam to wash the face. Gel products are often less oil-based, light on the skin, so they are suitable for oily skin because they give a clean feeling to the skin after use, and thanks to their foaming ability, they can penetrate deep into the skin. the pores should have better cleaning effect.

Non-foaming gel cleanser: The texture is similar to that of a foaming cleanser, but the way to use it is to apply it directly to the face and then massage it in. Facial cleansing products of this type usually have very little cleansing effect, mainly on the surface of the skin, so it is suitable to wash your face in the morning to remove excess oil and excess skin care products of the previous night.

The advantage of non-foaming face wash gel is that it does not dry the skin, moisturizes very well and often contains many natural extracts, but there are quite a few manufacturers of this type of product.

Cleansing gel texture - gentle cleanser
Facial wash gel texture.

Facial Foam: are pre-foamed face wash products, when used, just press the hand and then wash your face. The foam of these products is usually very porous, smooth and thick, the ability to deep clean is very good for acne-prone skin, but it is easy to cause dryness, so dry skin people should avoid.

Foam cleanser - gentle cleanser
Foaming face wash – Foam cleanser.

Foaming cleanser: It has a slightly dense, viscous texture that is flexible when taken out in the hand, when mixed with a little water, it will create a foam to wash your face. The foam of these products is usually not as thick and not as abundant as pre-made foam products, foaming tools such as foam nets or sponges can be used to create more effective foam.

Foaming cleansers are suitable for many skin types from normal to oily acne, a few can also be used for dry and sensitive skin.

Face wash: has the densest texture and usually does not foam. These types of products have an average cleansing ability and often have some additional exfoliating ingredients such as scrub particles, some acids, enzymes, etc.

Facial cleansers are usually suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and some of you are irritated with the above products. This is a type of texture that is not too common but has the ability to moisturize and soften the skin very effectively.

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Facial cleanser containing exfoliating scrub particles - gentle cleanser
The face wash contains scrub particles that exfoliate the skin.

1. Gentle cleanser for dry & sensitive skin

Oribe Gentle Cleanser

The main active ingredient is chamomile extract – an effective skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient. The product also contains Vitamin C & E to help rejuvenate, brighten the skin and fade dark spots. The soft creamy texture helps retain moisture after washing the face, combined with green massage particles that will soften and gradually dissolve during the washing process to help increase the cleaning effect but not to hurt or damage the skin. dry after washing.

Oribe gentle cleanser is the perfect choice for those who have dry skin, a dry combination, easily irritated skin or have just gone to get acne at the spa and want to help their skin recover quickly.

First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser

With extracts of white tea, aloe and licorice root, the product moisturizes quite well after cleansing, and helps skin look healthy and vibrant right after use. This is a product with a slightly special texture, when taken out of the tube, it has a light foam form but after massaging on the skin, it turns into a milky form, helping to remove dirt without causing irritation or dryness. .

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser - gentle cleanser

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser.

However, aloe vera extract can still cause mild itching in some extremely sensitive skin. If you don’t have a problem with aloe, this is a good choice for a gentle cleanser.

2. Gentle cleanser for acne-prone skin

Josie Maran Pineapple Enzyme Pore Cleansing Cleanser

While any skin type can benefit from the gentle exfoliating power of pineapple enzyme extract in Josie Maran’s Pineapple Enzyme Pore Clearing Cleanser, the unclogs pores are particularly strong. Especially suitable for oily skin.

And don’t worry about any excess shine from the argan oil in the formula as argan oil is an oil that contains essential fatty acids for the skin without being heavy or irritating. This product is suitable for those with oily and acne-free skin.

Josie Maran Facial Cleanser - gentle cleanser
Josie Maran Facial Cleanser.

Oriss face wash for oily and acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin needs a face wash that is both oil-controlling, well-cleansed, and contains anti-inflammatory active ingredients and a not-so-sophisticated ingredient list to avoid skin irritation. Oriss face wash is a good candidate for those with acne-prone skin.

Tea tree extract has anti-inflammatory properties along with mineral mud to help absorb dirt, excess oil and sebum, leaving skin smoother and brighter right after each face wash.

Those with very oily skin will suit the texture of the product and immediately feel the effect of absorbing excess oil on the skin when applying the product to dry skin, then pat a little water on the face and then gently massage, rinse with water. Leaves skin clean, smooth, and visibly brighter.

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Oriss Gentle Cleanser
Oriss Gentle Cleanser.

3. Deep clean cleanser for normal skin

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

For those of you with normal skin that do not require too many extra functions of a face wash, this is a product worth choosing. The white willow bark in the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex exfoliates and dissolves just enough oil to ensure that not only the surface of the skin is clear, but also the pores.

The gentle chamomile extract makes washing the face an especially gentle cleansing experience, and the glycerin ensures the skin’s moisture after cleansing.

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex - gentle cleanser
IS Clinical Cleansing Complex.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

With extracts of lemon, juniper and jasmine, OSEA Ocean Gel Cleanser with vegan ingredients will bring an extremely pleasant, relaxing feeling while deep cleansing the face. Lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) helps gently exfoliate, while red algae calms and balances skin.

The product meets many “difficult” requirements in a face wash at the same time, in return it is a bit high in price.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser
OSEA Ocean Cleanser.


To choose a suitable gentle cleanser, in addition to understanding your skin and needs, it is also important to learn about the composition and texture of different cleansers.

The fact that there are too many good products on the market also makes us become more demanding and demanding in a face wash, in addition to cleaning, it also needs to balance and nourish the skin.

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