How to behave when being reprimanded by your boss, skillfully to score points

In a work environment, it’s not hard to see your boss scold you at times. However, it is still important how you behave when being reprimanded by your boss. Because you can completely use your ingenuity to fill the boss’s anger and score absolute points.

How to behave when being reprimanded by your boss?
Need to know how to behave skillfully when being reprimanded by the boss to score absolute points


Why are you being reprimanded by your boss?

In this world, no one is 100% perfect. No matter how smart you are, how brilliant you are, you will never be able to avoid all mistakes. Especially when going to work, mistakes are not big but small will always be present to everyone.

The reality shows that, no one will easily complete all the assigned tasks and completely satisfy their superiors. There will be times when you make mistakes and being reprimanded by your boss is inevitable.

So first of all, being reprimanded by your boss will stem from the mistake you make at work. It could be a delay in reporting time, encountering fundamental errors or other minor errors. However, is there any other reason why you are being reprimanded by your boss?

Have you ever thought about the case where your boss often reprimands you from the boss himself. Maybe your boss is too fastidious or likes to “show prestige”. Small mistakes may just need a gentle reminder, but the boss still gives you a heavy reprimand. At this point, part of the fault is not necessarily yours.

However, you need to remember that, no matter what reason you are reprimanded for, you should first examine yourself. At the same time, there is a clever way to be able to cool down the boss as well as soothe your own psychology. From there, score points in the boss’s eyes to avoid encountering obstacles at work.

7 ways to behave skillfully when being reprimanded by your boss

It is not an exaggeration to say that the way you behave when being reprimanded by your boss will show what kind of person you are, smart, quick and clever or not? At the same time, your behavior also determines the convenience in work as well as your promotion later.

If you really have a hard time knowing how to behave skillfully when being reprimanded by your boss, here are 7 tips that are especially helpful for you:

1. Try to stay calm

Many people, when being reprimanded by their boss, are still confused and do not know what they have done wrong. However, even if you think you did nothing wrong, you still need to stay calm.

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Tips on how to behave when your boss scolds you
When your boss scolds you for any reason, you need to stay calm

You need to know that up to 90% of bad decisions are made when people are in an unstable, impulsive and angry state. Therefore, staying calm is said to be the most skillful way to behave when you are reprimanded by your boss.

You need to try to breathe regularly. Because science has proven that biological breathing determines a lot to people’s moods and emotions. Breathing evenly will help you maintain a calm attitude and a cool head.

2. Absolutely should not argue

In some cases, you may not be wrong or you just made small mistakes that don’t deserve a heavy reprimand. Even so, you should not argue with your boss, especially when he is angry.

Try to think a little further. The fact that you argue can help you satisfy the problem of wanting to prove yourself not wrong. However, what you lose will be much more than what you get.

The fact that you try to argue will make your boss even more angry. At this point, it’s like you’re adding fuel to the fire and making things even more stressful. Especially, it also makes your boss prejudice and lose sympathy with you. That will hinder your work in the future.

Therefore, when being reprimanded by your boss, you should not argue at all. Because at a sensitive time, it is easy to lose your temper if you argue, it is very easy to make yourself regret later. Instead, try to listen and show a willingness to accept criticism from your boss.

What to do when being reprimanded by your boss?
Arguing when being reprimanded by your boss will only make things worse

3. Lower your voice

You can be a person of personality and have a high ego. This will partly affect your feelings when being reprimanded by your boss. Especially when you think it’s not your fault that it’s entirely your fault, thoughts of resistance can arise.

However, you need to know that when you go to work you are a subordinate and the boss always has his own “privileges”. The skill that you need to cultivate is knowing how to behave skillfully when being reprimanded by your boss so that your boss’s anger quickly subsides.

If you want to express your opinion, you need to wait until your boss has finished speaking. Absolutely not allowed to interrupt when the boss is scolding. At the same time, you need to lower your voice a little to show sincerity. What you aim to do is handle things in a good and happy way, not argue to determine right from wrong.

4. Seriously think about what the boss scolds

As a smart, wise and righteous person, you should never let yourself fall into a passive state when being reprimanded by your boss. Instead, you need to rethink the problem and seriously think about what the boss scolded. You should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Are the things your boss reprimands you for right or wrong?
  • Is there a time when your boss is misunderstanding you?
  • If you are wrong, where is the main problem?
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Having a full understanding of all aspects of the problem will help you figure out how to behave appropriately when being reprimanded by your boss. If you are wrong, have the courage to face your own mistakes. You can apply ways to reduce stress at work to revive your spirit and soon correct and overcome the mistakes that you have made.

How to behave when your boss scolds you
When your boss scolds you, you should think seriously to see the problem thoroughly

If your boss is the wrong person or there is a misunderstanding, you need to stay calm and ask for a private meeting with your boss soon. You can gently express your point of view so that your boss understands. Try to stay calm during the conversation so that it’s easier for your boss to open up and accept your ideas. Being too harsh or raising your point will only make things worse, so be careful.

5. Draw lessons from experience

As analyzed, no human being is perfect and of course neither are you. There will be times when you make mistakes, big or small. But the important thing is that you recognize your mistake and don’t give in to it.

In addition to knowing how to behave wisely when being reprimanded by your boss, you also need to learn lessons for yourself. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes later, and show your boss that you’re more mature and more mature at work.

6. Always strive for the goals ahead

Sometimes, your boss’s criticism can put you under stress and pressure. Prolonged stress without control makes you tired, depressed or even want to quit your job. However, you need to get these negative thoughts out of your head soon to move forward.

Just being reprimanded for your own mistake that has brought you down, can you still do anything great? Instead of getting discouraged, you need to look directly at the problem and be ready to face your mistakes.

The important thing is not that you made a mistake, but that you recognize your mistake and are ready to correct the consequences. At the same time, always constantly trying for bigger goals at work.

What to do when being scolded by your boss?
The more you are reprimanded by your boss, the more you should try at work to prove your ability

See mistakes as a lesson for you to accomplish your next goals well. Don’t let a bad mood caused by being reprimanded by your boss hinder your creativity and efforts. Just think of your boss reprimanding you just because he wants you to get better and not make the same mistake next time.

7. Get rid of the aversion to the boss

No one is happy when being reprimanded by others, especially at work, being scolded by their boss. This seems to be the common mentality of everyone, without exception.

Many people even think that their superiors’ reprimands hurt their self-esteem. On the surface, they may not argue, but in the heart, they silently oppose and always disagree with the criticism of the boss.

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It is a fact that negative thinking, aversion and hating your boss will reduce your work performance. It also makes you lose motivation to work and no longer want to try to complete the goals well.

Your aversion to your boss can also create a huge gap that narrows your opportunity to prove yourself. This makes you unknowingly affect your own advancement path.

Instead of holding a grudge and jealousy towards your boss, you need to get rid of these negative emotions soon. At the same time, always try to complete the assigned work well to prove to your boss that you are a capable person and always try to contribute to the development of the company.

Don’t confuse being reprimanded and hated

Do not rush to assume that you are being hated by your boss when you are reprimanded by them. Because in fact, being reprimanded and being made difficult and hated are two completely different concepts. When you make a mistake, your superiors can scold you to show transparency and work is not governed by personal feelings.

hated by the boss
Being scolded by the boss at work and being hated and made difficult is completely different

However, if you are hated, it is a completely different aspect. At this point you may not be doing anything wrong, but you will still be troubled all the time. Sometimes your presence is enough to make your boss feel uncomfortable and have bad words.

Some signs that you may be being hated by your boss include:

  • Your boss is always looking for ways to tarnish your image in front of everyone, even though you’ve done your best.
  • You are treated by your boss in a way that clearly distinguishes you from other colleagues.
  • Your boss does not recognize your efforts and contributions to the company.
  • Your boss always refuses to listen to your ideas and wishes.
  • You are often criticized by your boss, scolded in front of everyone even though you do not make mistakes or only make small mistakes.
  • Your boss tries to pull people around to isolate you.

How to behave when being hated by your boss is completely different from when being reprimanded by your boss. Because being hated and made trouble can seriously affect your work. It even makes your psyche worse due to prolonged stress.

If you have clearly determined that you are hated by your boss and cause trouble, you need to talk to your boss directly. Also don’t forget to gather evidence of bullying and report it to HR or higher management. In addition, you still try to do your job well and can consider changing jobs in cases where it feels necessary.

It can be seen that it is not difficult to behave skillfully when being reprimanded by the boss. However, this is a huge decision to the relationship between you and your boss, so you still need to pay careful attention. Cooling your boss can help you score a perfect score as a launching pad for future promotion.

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