How long does yoga practice to increase flexibility for the body?

How long does it take to practice yoga to have an effective effect and make the body flexible is a common question among many new yoga practitioners. In fact, this depends on many factors and no one can give a definite answer.

People come to yoga for many different reasons. However, most of them are because they want to find ways to increase the flexibility of the body.

Many people share that they feel depressed because the exercise does not bring the desired effect. If you are also in the above case, please immediately see the sharing below of From there, you will understand more about yoga as well as the reasons why you feel the flexibility of your body does not change after a period of practice.

Yoga – The discipline of lightness and relaxation

Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Like other subjects, to master and feel the effectiveness of yoga practice, you will need time, passion and enthusiasm for this subject.

The purpose of yoga is not to perform the poses perfectly or to have a certain degree of flexibility in your body. Practicing yoga is for you to increase your self-awareness and understand your own body better.

Whatever your reason for coming to yoga, being aware of the purpose of yoga will make it easier for you to feel the effectiveness that this discipline brings.

How long does it take to practice yoga to be effective and make the body more flexible?

Each person will have different characteristics and will feel about yoga in very unique ways. Therefore, there is no specific answer to the question of how long to practice yoga to be effective and the body to become flexible.

Besides, the definition of flexibility varies from person to person. You’ve never done yoga, so your definition of flexibility might be just touching your toes in a yoga bend.

While others define flexibility as being able to split straight. However, although the goals and definitions are different, if you persevere and practice regularly, you will still feel a clear change in your body after a while.

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There is no specific answer to the question of how long to practice yoga to be effective and the body to become flexible

The flexibility of the body is improved quickly or slowly depending on many factors such as body condition, health and the time that you spend practicing yoga. In addition, the type of practice is not a “panacea”, cannot bring immediate results.

Therefore, if you do not find your body more flexible, do not be discouraged. Usually, it will take about 3 to 6 months for the practitioner to feel the body becoming more flexible.

If you come to yoga with the aim of increasing your body’s flexibility, you should choose dynamic types of yoga with lots of stretching and moving movements. Specifically, you should choose types such as:

  • Yin yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hot yoga
  • Hatha yoga

Some things to remember when practicing yoga to quickly improve body flexibility:

  • Be patient with your body. Remember that it takes time for the body to change.
  • Listen to the body. Everyone’s body is different, even every day the body will be in a different state. There are days when you will feel stressed and tired, but there are days when you will feel healthy and full of energy. Therefore, listen and choose the appropriate basic yoga exercises.
  • Practicing yoga is a long journey. If you are only training for the simple intention of making your body flexible, allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Many people start practicing yoga for a specific reason. However, after a period of practice, they fall in love with yoga for many different reasons. Yoga is self-awareness. The more you understand and treat your body well, the faster you will feel the effectiveness of this subject.

3 poses to help improve the flexibility of the body most effectively

There are hundreds of different poses in yoga and many of them require a certain degree of flexibility to be able to practice. However, there are also many poses that help increase flexibility that are great for beginners:

1. Standing posture bent forward

Standing posture bent forward

This is a great pose to increase body flexibility:

  • Stand up straight, arms hanging down. Breathe in.
  • Exhale, gently bend forward.
  • Keep the knees soft and flexible to make it easier for the buttocks to point upwards.
  • 2 hands touch the floor, next to the feet. Feet spaced slightly apart and parallel to each other, 2nd and middle toes facing forward. Try to press your chest against your legs.
  • Move thighs, heels to align the posture.
  • Bow your head so that your eyes look over your legs, hold the position for 15-30 seconds.
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2. Downward-facing dog pose

Downward-facing dog pose

Downward-facing dog pose

This is a relatively common pose and can bring the body a lot of benefits when practicing yoga:

  • Start in a crawling position, so that your whole body forms a table-like structure
  • Inhale and slowly raise your hips, straighten your arms and legs to form an inverted V
  • Hands shoulder-width apart, feet hip-width apart. The whole foot touches the floor
  • Move your arms forward and your feet back to lengthen your torso. Squeeze your thighs while moving
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds, then bend your legs back to table pose.

3. Baby Pose

Baby Pose

This is a very relaxing pose for the body:

  • Sit on your heels. When you feel comfortable, extend your knees and hips, breathing evenly
  • Bend forward between your thighs and exhale.
  • Reach your arms straight over your head, in line with your knees. Relax your shoulders on the floor.
  • Maintain the pose from 30 seconds to several minutes.

Does hot yoga help you increase flexibility faster?

Hot yoga is a type of yoga known for its excellent detoxifying effects on the body. When performing yoga poses in a hot environment, your muscles will easily expand and you will find yourself stretching your body easily.

However, although it can help you quickly improve your flexibility, when practicing, you also need to keep a few things in mind when doing hot yoga. Because the heat from the environment helps your muscles expand very quickly, it is very difficult for you to realize how active your muscles are.

Through the above sharing, hope you have some more information about how long to practice yoga to be effective and increase flexibility for the body. However, it is still important that you perform the correct posture and follow the advice of yoga experts to feel the results and avoid body damage.

Regular yoga practice will not only help you own a flexible body but also help you burn calories and support weight loss very effectively. So download now to find yourself a yoga class or a private yoga coach to have effective exercises and soon achieve the desired results.

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