How Long Does Thought Adultery Last?

How long adultery in thought lasts is a concern of those who are experiencing this condition. The information in the article will help readers understand the above problem and know how to prevent and avoid long-term adultery that affects family happiness.

How long does ideological infidelity usually last?
Thought infidelity can develop into real infidelity and threaten family happiness

How long does mental adultery last?

Mental infidelity is a very difficult type of adultery to detect. Some people don’t even realize that they are betraying their partner in their thoughts. Thought adultery is thinking, dreaming and thinking about an object other than one’s spouse. However, feelings only stop in thought and have not gone beyond the limit.

When we meet people who are interesting, attractive and possess outstanding looks and abilities, we easily fall in love and develop special feelings. If the affection only stops at the level of caring like friends, it is not a problem to worry about. However, there are also cases where feelings develop over time, thereby prompting possessive desires and physical desires.

Many people are confused, even bewildered when they have thoughts about others despite trying to control and control their emotions. Therefore, many people wonder how long adultery in thought will last. Because according to many people, thoughts and dreams will decrease over time. And they will quickly return to married life without doing anything wrong to their partner.

In fact, mental infidelity is very common. There is no law on this issue, but only punishments for acts of adultery that have involved physical contact. However, adultery in thought is the “seed” that threatens family happiness if no timely preventive measures are taken.

How long does ideological infidelity usually last?
How long ideological infidelity usually lasts will depend entirely on the individual

As for how long the ideological infidelity lasts, there is no exact answer to this question. Because this situation depends on the individual. If you have a sense of protecting your family’s happiness, you will quickly get rid of these fanciful thoughts after only a few days to a few weeks. However, there are also cases where prolonged ideological infidelity leads to actual infidelity.

Most people who have an emotional affair have feelings for a third person, not simply a physical desire. Therefore, physical conflicts in this case will leave deep feelings and are more difficult to break than those who cheat to find newness in sex life. This is also the reason why it is necessary to recognize an adulterous spouse in thought to take timely preventive measures.

Consequences of prolonged ideological infidelity

Ideological infidelity is divided into 3 levels. At first, you will have daydreams and thoughts about the third person. Then, it will develop into a desire to possess and finally a stage of lust, which in turn prompts the actual act of adultery.

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If prevented from the early stages, ideological infidelity will not have a chance to develop. On the contrary, prolonged cases will leave countless consequences for marriage and family life and hurt children’s psyche.

How long does ideological infidelity usually last?
Ideological infidelity dents feelings and increases separation and divorce rates

Consequences of prolonged ideological infidelity:

  • Thought infidelity makes you less interested in your family and cold towards your spouse and children.
  • Gradually, the feelings of the couple will fade – especially when your partner discovers that you have special feelings for the third person.
  • Increasing conflicts, family conflicts and life becoming suffocating and tiring.
  • Leads to separation, divorce – especially when ideological infidelity has developed into adultery with a sexual element
  • Children can be hurt when they see their parents arguing and being cold to each other. Many children when growing up tend to be afraid of marriage and afraid of love relationships for fear of failing like their parents.
  • Children have to live in families that are not full of members.

Many psychologists assess that adultery in the mind leaves heavy consequences if not controlled early. Even causing more serious effects than the real appearance. Because at this point, you already have feelings for the third person, not just normal lust and sexual desire.

How to stop mental adultery quickly?

Long-term ideological infidelity has a profound effect on the couple’s love and family happiness. To put an end to this situation quickly, you should:

  • Avoid meeting, talking and interacting with people with whom you are “sick”. If you work with the same company, you should only discuss when absolutely necessary.
  • Be aware of the possible consequences if ideological infidelity persists. In addition, it is necessary to be strict with yourself to promptly adjust your thoughts and prevent emotions from developing beyond the limit.
  • Be with your partner and children, spend time with your family cooking, visiting grandparents, or traveling together. Having fun with your family will help you forget about the third person and focus more on your family.
  • There are romantic actions to warm up feelings. You can actively prepare the party and small gift to surprise your partner. These actions will help both of you find your feelings when you were still in love and maintain deep feelings.
  • If both of you have problems with your sex life, you should see a doctor for support. Harmony about sex is the “key” to help the couple’s relationship become stronger.
  • In case you cannot get rid of the thoughts about the third person, you should see a psychologist for support. Experts will help you stop thinking and daydreaming before things go too far. In addition, you will also be guided by a psychologist on how to renew your relationship with your spouse and realize the joy in married life instead of looking for excitement outside.
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Adultery in thought has never been right even though you do not have words and behaviors that go beyond the limit. Hopefully, through the article, readers have clearly understood “How long does adultery in thoughts last?” and know how to control their emotions to avoid unfortunate consequences.

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