How does skipping breakfast harm the body?

Do you think that breakfast is not important so you often skip meals? You are inadvertently harming your body by skipping breakfast. What are the consequences of skipping breakfast? Read this article now.

According to a study conducted in the US that followed the health of 6,550 people for 20 years, those who never ate breakfast had an 87% higher risk of dying from heart-related diseases than those who did not eat breakfast. regular breakfast people. The results of the study also showed that the risk of stroke also increased three times for those who did not or rarely eat breakfast.

Why skipping breakfast is harmful?

According to Dr. Wei Bao, University of Iowa (USA), skipping breakfast will lead to very harmful consequences, which can be mentioned as:

Eating more at other meals, causing nutritional imbalance: The most ominous thing about skipping breakfast is that feeling hungry will make the body eat more at lunch or dinner to make up for the lack of energy during half the day. The disorder of food intake in the body, plus unreasonable eating time will easily cause diseases such as obesity, overweight, stomach pain.

Stomach pain is an inevitable consequence of the habit of skipping breakfast

Hormonal disorders: Insulin, the hormone closely related to diabetes and obesity, is limited when you don’t eat breakfast. This also leads to a disturbance in the body’s hormone use, causing high blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

Increased cholesterol: Eating breakfast late or not eating breakfast will increase cholesterol levels in the blood, causing blockages in blood vessels and blood fats.

Gallstones: In the morning, the gallbladder secretes bile to digest food. If you do not eat breakfast, the amount of unused bile will accumulate to form gallstones.

Stress: The level of cortisol (the stress hormone that causes fatigue) will be highest at 7 am. If you do not eat anything for breakfast, the body will not be able to balance this hormone, and if the cortisol level is too high, you will be easily stressed, tired and prone to psychological diseases.

Eating a full breakfast also helps to lose weight

Some people think that skipping breakfast will help lose weight because the body will have to use the excess fat to create energy to maintain activity. But in fact, when maintaining a full breakfast habit, the body controls the portion of the meal and balances the amount of glucose, so breakfast becomes a factor that helps in weight loss.

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Breakfast has many benefits for the body

Limit snacking

When you do not eat a full breakfast, the body will be hungry leading to the habit of snacking. Snacks and fast foods that are high in sugar and starch will cause fat accumulation and make lunch unappetizing. With a breakfast rich in protein and starch, you will have enough energy to function throughout the morning without touching the snacks mentioned above.

portion control

Eating a full breakfast and a little less during the day is not only a reasonable way to lose weight, but also one of the effective methods of weight maintenance. If you eat all the main meals, the likelihood of snacking will be significantly reduced.

When you eat a full breakfast, you will have better portion control

Maintain proper glucose levels

Without breakfast, the glycemic index after each meal will increase, leading to weight gain. Studies have also shown that eating breakfast helps the body maintain a stable metabolic rate and better control blood sugar levels. This is especially important for patients with diabetes.

Exercise more effectively

This is true for people who often go to the gym for the purpose of gaining muscle. A protein-rich breakfast will help increase the duration and quality of the workout. If you work out to lose fat and do mainly cardio, then a light breakfast like milk, bananas or low-sugar cookies will help you burn fat more effectively. However, you must ensure a complete breakfast after training. Whether you eat breakfast more or less, your first meal of the day must be 45-60 minutes before the workout so that the digestive system is not adversely affected.

Fruits and cereals are the perfect breakfast that takes no time to prepare

In general, you don’t need to prioritize breakfast over other meals of the day, but you do need to make sure you have enough energy to function effectively throughout the morning and to limit snacking. Skipping breakfast from time to time isn’t a big deal, but if it’s become a habit that lasts for months or years, you need to revisit it and adjust it accordingly.

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