How does air pollution affect outdoor exercise?

How does air pollution affect outdoor exercise? will give you the answer!

Practicing outdoor sports is an option for many people because it brings many benefits such as strengthening resistance, burning more calories, feeling happy, increasing vitamin D… However, exercise Outdoors in an air-polluted environment is harmful to health. In particular, if you have problems such as asthma, diabetes or diseases related to the heart and lungs, then you need to prepare carefully before exercising outdoors.

Where does air pollution come from and what are the consequences?

Air pollution can originate from many causes such as vehicles, pollen, fine dust in the wind, ash, construction sites, animal waste, emissions from factories, and household waste. Whether you exercise outdoors or not, exposure to polluted air has potential health risks. Physical exercises that require deep breathing make the problem worse because the amount of impurities introduced into the body increases.

Air pollution has negative effects on health

Health problems caused by air pollution can include headaches; itchy eyes, nose, throat; tracheal damage; increased chance of asthma or triggering an asthma attack; increased chance of stroke or other heart problems.

People living in urban areas around the world face the problem of air pollution every day and greatly exceed the threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). What is not clear is how much exercise, how and how long it is harmful to the body. However, that doesn’t mean you completely negate the benefits of regular exercise. Scientific studies have also shown that maintaining a regular exercise regime provides more benefits than causing problems for the body.

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So how does outdoor exercise bring good results?

Monitor local pollution levels

You can consult this information on weather information sites or applications that measure the composition of the air where you live. Weather programs on radio or television will also occasionally mention this.

Calculate reasonable training hours

Avoid exercising outdoors during times of alarming air pollution. If you have a habit of exercising outdoors at peak hours, with a lot of dust, change your practice time a bit and practice with a moderate intensity, avoiding your body being too tired after exercise.

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Pollution levels in the air will be at their highest between midday and late afternoon. Therefore, you should avoid outdoor activities during this period. Rush hour is definitely a dark time for outdoor workouts and the solution is to exercise in the room or at home. If the gym is on the street front, where there is a lot of traffic, you should actively choose a location as far away from the door as possible.

Practice alternating between outdoor and indoor

In fact, working out outdoors is fine, but you need to add workouts in the gym or at home to your schedule just in case the air quality days are too bad.

Equip the necessary tools for the worst case scenario

In addition to water, towels and shoes, medicines, throat sprays will be the “separate items” of people with asthma. For people with diabetes, it is advisable to consider the location of the insulin machine so that it is reasonable to avoid exposure to dust and smoke in the air. Heart disease can also be aggravated by exercising outdoors in unclean conditions. Therefore, you should pay attention to taking medicine or carrying medicine when exercising outdoors.

You don't need a water bottle to know how much you need to drink

A water bottle is an indispensable item when exercising outdoors

Consult a doctor

For some diseases, outdoor exercise will help shorten the treatment time and have positive effects on the patient. Therefore, consult your doctor about the time, duration, and type of exercise to prepare to avoid harm caused by environmental pollution.

In general, outdoor exercise requires careful preparation if the air quality in your area is not high. If you want to know more about a reasonable outdoor exercise program, update sports and fitness information, download right away. In addition, the experts of will help you have more enjoyable outdoor training sessions.

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