The key to helping women stabilize their psychology during pregnancy

Psychologist, Master Coach Bui Thi Hai Yen not only has experience and knowledge in psychotherapy to help depressed people stabilize their psychology, recover health, become happy, but also a mother who has experienced through the uncertainties of pregnancy. Let’s listen to the sharing of expert Hai Yen to have the key and solution to help women stabilize their psychology during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very special period for a woman. It not only directly affects the health, psychology and spirit of a woman, but also directly affects the health and future of the baby. Therefore, for every woman, pregnancy is a very important stage and every woman wishes that she is really healthy, joyful and happy during this period to give birth to real angels. beautiful, healthy, smart.

However, when entering pregnancy, even though you have prepared carefully from your health, knowledge and spirit, you still feel that there are times when you are psychologically unstable. And sometimes those instability grows and creates excessive worries and fears of pregnant women, even pregnant mothers fall into a state of psychological trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, causing the body to become tense. stress, fatigue, loss of positive energy. So how to overcome psychological instability during pregnancy. Please listen to the sharing of psychologist, Master Coach Bui Thi Hai Yen.

We often feel insecure when something new comes into our lives

It is a natural human psychological response when something new comes to us. So is pregnancy. Although you have been longing to have a baby, even though we have researched information, attended courses to have knowledge of taking care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy, even though you have met many women During pregnancy, the appearance of an angel in the mother’s womb is also a new thing for us. And according to the natural psychological mechanism, the pregnant mother will have a defensive state because she feels something is not very safe, the pregnant mother will tend to worry more about the fetus.

While we may have bad habits, it is something that is very familiar to us and we still feel safe with those bad habits. For example, get up late, don’t eat breakfast, eat a lot of salt… but we still feel full psychologically.

This is also one of the reasons why pregnant women have psychological instability. When this instability plus other psychological problems are already present in us before pregnancy, it can resonate to form an anxiety, fear, phobia during pregnancy.

Moreover, when a woman is pregnant, she gives out a part of the nutrients in her body to feed the baby from nutrients to hormones according to a very natural mechanism. Therefore, a mother needs to have the care of relatives beside her in terms of health, psychology, physiology and physical.

What should pregnant women do when feeling insecure about negative warning information online?

When we are about to become pregnant or are pregnant, it is very normal to find out information about pregnancy care, taking care of the baby in the womb and taking care of the baby when it is born.

But if the mother only focuses on the risks, complications, and possible warnings during pregnancy, it can become a mother’s fear and obsession during pregnancy. This makes her always in an insecure mood and it is difficult to get rid of negative thoughts.

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In fact, not all pregnant and preparing to become pregnant women have the same mentality. Because there are women who have made a habit of focusing on the positive. They often only look at the positive and the negative things do not easily enter the memory area of ​​the brain and become an obsession for them.

Each person when receiving information from the outside passes through his or her own information filter. When reading certain information, our brain naturally has a mechanism to filter information. Therefore, if we already have a habit of using positive words, thinking, and looking at problems in a positive way, then our brain will often filter out positive information, things that are negative. Great to go inside.

Therefore, if you want to avoid obsessions and worries with negative information anywhere, anytime, train yourself to use positive words, how to look at problems in a different way. positive orientation and have faith, positive thinking and reciprocity.

Applying auto-suggestion techniques to form positive beliefs

Pregnant mothers can use the technique of auto-suggestion to create trust, positive and mutual thinking about their motherhood, about their wonderful future when they are pregnant and have a small child.

Before becoming pregnant, a mother can be autistic, saying: “I’m working hard, I’m always trying and I deserve a healthy, smart baby, I deserve an angel to come to me”. During pregnancy, when we just wake up, open our eyes, put our hands on our stomachs and say positive affirmations:

“Hello mother angel. You are a healthy, beautiful and intelligent angel.”

“I am a wonderful woman, I am carrying a baby, a wonderful angel who is healthy, smart, and beautiful.”

As soon as you get married or have a baby, paint yourself a wonderful picture of the future in your mind. A good future, with an angel by your side, with a husband, with children…

When your mind is filled with positive things, you will no longer bother too much, no longer be obsessed with warning information, negative information anymore. Although you know that such things can happen if we are not careful. But we read information so that we can direct ourselves to the positive and we need to know that we need to keep our mind at ease, keep our bodies healthy and keep our minds always directed towards a heavenly paradise. healthy god.

Or, there is a way like the old people used to do that before planning to get pregnant or pregnant, I can find cute, lovely, and beautiful baby pictures to hang on the nightstand, to in my phone or in my wallet. This is also a way of self-suggestion.

Pregnant mothers can apply this simple auto-suggestion technique to always fill their mind with images of a healthy, intelligent baby and with their mind, they attract such a baby to life. mine.

How to recognize when pregnant women have alarming psychological instability?

As shared above, pregnant women entering the pregnancy period can be psychologically unstable. Therefore, it is normal for pregnant women to be angry and tired from time to time. These uncertainties are usually not cause for concern. So what are the symptoms that show that pregnant women are having alarming psychological instability? Those are the signs that pregnant women are not appreciating themselves and life.

Because the normal psychology of a woman carrying a germ of life is that they will cherish their own life. Because this is the life of the baby too. They will have a sense and instinct in protecting their health, protecting the baby. They also have a sense that they must be very active, very healthy to protect their children, protect the germ that is inside their people. It’s a mother’s instinct.

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However, if they have expressions and actions that hurt themselves, don’t care, don’t care about their mental and physical health, that’s an alarm. Because it’s unnatural, it’s unusual. What is natural is naturally favorable.

And for pregnant women what they cherish most is their baby, they will do everything to protect their baby. For example, a woman with a headache, they will rest, massage their head or go to sapa… But if they bang their head against the wall or punch themselves in the head, even if the initial expression is mild, it is also an abnormal thing. .

A normal person when hitting his head against the wall will feel a lot of pain. But when we have a pain inside the body. Banging our head against the wall can cause more pain than the pain inside, making us feel like we have suppressed the pain inside. That is, the woman is using an external pain to suppress an internal pain. Therefore, it is self-harm even though it is only mildly painful actions at first.

If banging their heads didn’t help them suppress the aching pain inside their bodies. They can use stronger and more dangerous methods. Therefore, relatives need to really pay attention if pregnant women have actions and expressions that do not appreciate life, do not appreciate themselves.

Women who have had psychological disorders during pregnancy can have a recurrence?

As shared above, when pregnant women may have psychological instability, feeling unsafe by the arrival of the fetus is a new thing in the mother’s life. It’s a normal psychological defense mechanism. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to worry, think a lot and may pose negative situations. If a pregnant mother is confident, she can go through that stage easily and it only appears in a moment. But if any pregnant mother does not have a habit of positive thinking, the story can go in a different direction.

In addition, during pregnancy, a woman has to share a lot of nutrients and hormones from the body to serve the nurturing of the baby. If a woman’s body lacks or excess of certain nutrients, the mother’s body will not be healthy and happy. The body of a pregnant mother also produces hormones that make her more easily angry, stressed, and tired.

When the mother’s psychological state is not comfortable, the conditions are not reciprocated, making the mother’s psyche affected. If the mother has a positive living environment, full of love and care, the mother’s body will produce happy hormones on its own. Otherwise, the woman’s body will fall into a state of psychological instability and mood swings.

And if they themselves have had psychological problems, it means that they themselves have had a period when they cannot balance hormones in the body, cannot balance emotions. If the previous problem is not completely solved, they still have negative beliefs, thinking, even patterns of negative thinking, negative thinking, obsessions , anxiety, fear … plus the psychological state of the pregnant mother as analyzed above, the previous psychological problems can be repeated and bigger. Therefore, the risk of pregnant women falling into psychological instability is completely possible.

Therefore, if a pregnant mother has ever had periods of psychological instability, during pregnancy, relatives need to pay attention, care and support pregnant women in terms of nutrition, sleep, psychology, health, etc. especially creating conditions for pregnant mothers to have mental comfort.

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If pregnant women have psychological problems, should they use drugs?

Vietnamese mentality, when having any problem, will go to the hospital for examination and take medicine. With psychological problems, the drug will make the psychological problem down. And if you live in a favorable environment, not affected by adverse factors, without pressures and difficulties in daily life, your psychology will still be stable and your mental problems will be stable. probably won’t be back.

But if there is an issue that affects and touches the psychological problems that have been suppressed there, they will flare up again. And pregnancy can be one such trigger. So if a pregnant woman has psychological problems and can’t take medicine, is there any solution?

Psychotherapy is a solution that is very suitable for women who are about to become pregnant, are about to get married, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children. These are the subjects that NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center is extremely interested in because our method is without the use of drugs and we deal with the deep layers of the root cause so that the psychological parts that have already been removed. once compressed from drugs that can be completely or largely metabolised, we’ve managed to completely remove them from your being. In order to have difficult events and pressures come later, if those things are no longer in you, there will be no problems or there will be very little, so it cannot explode into a big problem. If yes, it is just a little worry, or when there are new problems, you have been trained by us to listen to yourself, observe yourself, take care of yourself to overcome through the trials and tribulations of life. That’s why we take care of our mental health.

If you have psychological problems when you are pregnant and you should not or cannot take medicine, they need your family’s support, care, and care in mind, body, and mind. The mind is to give them a comfortable state of mind, state, and psychology. Body: Adequate and reasonable nutrition, appropriate body exercises. Wisdom: Thinking, thinking, logic, positive beliefs, appropriate and correct.

Trust, positive thinking and reciprocity are very important for women who are about to become pregnant, are pregnant. When they have confidence, optimism that they will give birth to healthy babies, they are a good mother who can take good care of her baby. At that time, they themselves will have the awareness and instinctive action in taking care of their children. The instinctive actions of the mother are very wonderful, inside every woman there are these instinctive actions. But if they are entangled in worries and fears, that instinct may have been obscured and not fully developed, their motherhood.

Therefore, when family members support pregnant and postpartum mothers, they will fully promote their ability to be a wise mother to take care of their children in the best way. If you think that you can accompany pregnant and postpartum mothers to help them overcome psychological crises, be patient with them and love them with unconditional love, no expectations. Treat them like a crystal that needs to be cherished and cared for.

If you feel that you don’t have enough time or ability to accompany them, find pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers a psychotherapy center, a psychologist so that they can be accompanied properly. This is not a stage long period but it greatly affects the future of mother and baby later.


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