Having trouble squatting? Signs that cannot be ignored

If you regularly exercise in the gym, you are probably familiar with the squat movement. But do you have trouble doing squats? If so, you may have an underlying health condition. Join easyhealthylive.com to discover the reasons why you can’t squat with correct technique.

The squat is a strength-training exercise that requires the muscles of the upper and lower body to work at the same time. These muscles help you perform everyday tasks such as walking, climbing stairs or carrying heavy loads, and performing sports-related activities.

Adding squats to your workout can increase your performance, reduce your risk of injury, and make it easier to move around throughout the day.

What muscles will you use when performing the squat?

Squats are exercises that challenge several muscle groups in the body. When doing the squat, the muscles are mainly in the lower body, but to do this exercise with correct technique, you also need to use some upper body muscles like the hips. Squats are one of those functional exercises you need to do every day to increase your balance and muscle flexibility.

The squat movement uses many muscle groups in the body such as thighs, buttocks, hips

This exercise without equipment mainly works on the glutes, quadriceps muscles. The exercise may look simple, but if you’re struggling with it, it’s a sign your body is warning of a health condition.

Some reasons why you have difficulty squatting

1. If you can’t squat, it’s probably because your muscles are stiff

When performing a squat, you must push your hips back and sit almost squatting, while keeping your spine straight and thighs parallel to the ground. In case you find it difficult to lower down, it could be due to inflexibility of the hip muscles. This could be because you are less physically active or sitting all day in a chair. To increase hip mobility, do some stretching exercises (kneeling hip flexor stretch) or yoga asanas (Malasana).

2. If your upper body leans forward, your abs are weak

When performing squats, the spine needs to be balanced and if you can’t maintain this, you need to strengthen the abs group. Many people are often interested in building six pack abs, but having strong abs is much more important. Strong abs will help stabilize movement and maintain a straight posture. Therefore, people with strong abs often perform deep squats more easily. You can do abs exercises like dead bugs and bird dogs to strengthen the abs.

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Exercises bird dogs to make abs stronger

3. If your knees shake during squats, your leg muscles are weak

Tremor or pain in the knee is a sign of weak or damaged leg muscles. The squat is an exercise that works the lower body. So when you get into a squat position, your entire body weight is on your legs. Furthermore, the squat is an unstable position. So your legs have to work hard to maintain balance and keep you from falling.

The leg muscle group helps you to hold this position for a longer time. If they’re not flexible or strong enough, your knees will bend inward or may hurt. Lateral jump (jump left, right), side leg raise (side leg raise) are some moves that can help you strengthen the leg muscles.

Strengthen leg muscles by jumping left and right

Building strength is just one of the many benefits of squatting in training. When done correctly, this functional exercise burns more calories, prevents injury, strengthens the abs and improves balance. If you have an injury or health problem, talk to your doctor or personal trainer before doing squats.

To have more knowledge about health, exercise, nutrition or find a coach to help you practice with the right technique and safety, download easyhealthylive.com right away. There are many other interesting things waiting for you to discover.

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