Gym or yoga: The answer is not as difficult as you think

Yoga and gym are the two top choices of young people today when they need to improve their physique and enhance their health. To know if you should do gym or yoga, you need to understand the difference between the two.

Yoga and gym are two physical activities that promote health and improve quality of life. In recent times, these two subjects have received great attention from the community.

Each discipline has its own characteristics. If you are wondering whether to practice yoga or gym, let’s continue with to see the shares below to know some characteristics of these two disciplines and make the right decision.

Gym or yoga, important issues to consider

For these two disciplines, it’s hard to choose based on pros and cons because although they serve different purposes, both offer great health benefits:

Gym and fitness exercises

Most exercises like gym, swimming, aerobics will usually help you burn calories and bring flexibility to both body and mind.


The discipline has ancient origins from India about 5000 years ago. Yoga also brings flexibility to the body. However, a special feature of this discipline is that it can help people control the mind and body functions such as excretion, digestion, etc.

gym or yoga

Yoga is a discipline that focuses on the mind

The benefits of two types of exercise

1. Do yoga

  • Boost your energy, keep you full of life
  • Improves circulation of blood and nutrients, and removes toxins.
  • Good for the digestive system, prevent constipation
  • Helps you stay happy, stress-free and you also learn to fight stressors
  • Give control over the body to the mind. Thereby reducing the possibility of diseases and disorders.
  • Yoga is easy to practice anywhere: home, garden, terrace…

2. Gym workout

  • Firming muscles
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve circulation and eliminate toxins.
  • Increases appetite, helps the body to consume more food.
  • Weight loss due to a large amount of calories burned during exercise.

5 factors to help you decide whether to practice yoga or gym

Yoga and gym are two distinctly different disciplines. The following 5 factors will be a guide to help you choose the type of exercise that is right for you!

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1. Features of yoga and gym

Gym focuses on the physical and yoga focuses on the mind. Besides, exercise will make the body and mind have strong agitation. Blood flow, heart rate, breathing rate… will increase during exercise and gradually stabilize when returning to normal.

gym or yoga

Practicing yoga makes the body flexible and the mind relaxed

Exercise is a way for the body and muscles to overcome stagnation and slowness. In the process of exercising, you can also develop your body into a desired physical shape such as “six pack abs”. In addition, food intake and appetite are also increased, sleep will also be better, and physique will also improve.

Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on tuning the entire mechanism of the body. This subject has few too heavy movements, but mainly focuses on mental improvement. Yoga requires the practitioner to have perseverance and patience. Therefore, this is a sport for those who are stressed, under pressure and want to be relaxed and peaceful.

2. Cost and location

The cost of practicing yoga is not too high because you do not need to prepare many tools. At the beginning, you just need to buy yourself a yoga suit and a yoga mat. In addition, you can practice anywhere, at home or at clubs.

Gym training requires you to go to the gym because this subject mainly works with machines. Therefore, you will have to pay a fee for this problem. However, the cost of gym will not be too high if you know how to properly spend for bodybuilding.

3. Coach

Both types of workouts require a coach from day one to give you a good training ground. With the basics in place, you can ensure effective training, limit injury, and get health and fitness benefits in no time.

4. Age

Yoga is for everyone, from children to adults. While the gym is not suitable for the elderly and those with health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

5. Exciting

Yoga can make young people feel bored and uninteresting. While the gym creates motivation for young people to improve their physique.


For active young people, sometimes the gym is a more suitable choice

If you want to understand the body, want to harmonize between mind and body, want to enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation, you should choose yoga. Meanwhile, if you want to have a beautiful body, want to have muscles to develop, gym will be a better choice.

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For young people who love to be active, care about their appearance, gym is the most suitable choice. Postpartum women and the elderly practicing yoga can reduce mental stress and bring a sense of refreshment.

In short, people with anxiety and stress can choose to practice yoga. While those who have a desire to have a beautiful figure and body should choose gym.

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