#9 foods to gain weight for skinny people

You want to gain weight to “add” a little bit of skin to the body of the stork? However, despite eating day and night, the weight remained unchanged. This may be because you do not know what weight gain foods to add to your daily nutritional menu.

To quickly have a full body, look vibrant, immediately add the following foods to your daily diet!

Eggs effective

This is a food rich in protein, vitamins A, D, E and good cholesterol, both effective in supplementing nutrients for muscles so that you can gain weight in a strong way. Every day, you eat at least one egg for breakfast, the weight will change after about 1 month.

Foods to gain weight: Nuts

Most nuts are high in calories, contain many healthy minerals, and help increase the nutritional value of meals. Contributing to helping you lose weight quickly.

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Bananas are a nutritious weight gain food

Potatoes weight gain food

Potatoes weight gain food

Banana is a food that provides an abundant amount of calories, helping to gain weight in a healthy way. A banana contains about 27g of carbohydrates with 14g of sugar, so when eating the food will help the body gain lean mass without creating fat. So this is considered a healthy way to gain weight.

Milk is easy to absorb weight gain food

Milk is a great source of protein, calcium and carbohydrates, which are extremely beneficial in gaining weight. Two glasses of milk a day is ideal, helping to gain weight effectively.


Potatoes weight gain food

Potatoes weight gain food

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, rich in protein and quite high in sugar. In addition, potatoes also contain a number of vitamins that work to promote health and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, when you consume baked or fried potatoes daily, you will gain weight rapidly.


Lean meat is rich in calories, protein is good for building muscle. Every day, you can process roasted, boiled or fried meat depending on your preference to add to your nutritional menu. This is a menu that helps to gain weight quickly, safely and extremely good for health.


According to many studies, carbohydrates and healthy fats in avocado help you gain weight extremely effectively. Because on average, 100 g of butter contains about 200 calories. Those who are close, want to gain weight but do not store fat, can eat butter with condensed milk.

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Cheese weight gain food for skinny people

Cheese weight gain food for skinny people

In addition to milk, dairy products such as cheese contain a lot of protein, calcium, fat, good cholesterol … so after a period of use, it will help you gain weight quickly. However, you should only eat in moderation and should not eat too much because it can increase cholesterol levels in the body.


Eating cereal regularly helps you easily gain weight because this is a food that contains many nutrients, especially carbohydrates. Grains such as bread, barley … contain quite high calories, so they support weight gain faster and more effectively in a short time. Therefore, when you maintain this diet regularly, the body of the stork will quickly disappear.

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