#8 foods that help increase height effectively

Besides the exercise and sleep regime, to achieve the maximum height when growing up, our body always needs to add more foods. We would like to introduce to you 8 foods that help increase height effectively that most people use.

1. Seafood

Calcium accounts for 99% of the structure of bones and teeth. Therefore, when this mineral is lacking, our height will be difficult to develop smoothly. Especially, for those who are in the developing age, the child’s body needs to supplement many food sources from calcium-rich seafood such as crabs, snails, shrimps, shrimps, fish, shrimps…

Seafood is a food not to be missed in the "roadmap" to increase height

Seafood is a food not to be missed in the “roadmap” to increase height

2. Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products both help improve height. It is a fact that our body cannot make calcium on its own. Therefore, to help your body absorb calcium, you need to add vitamin D. Research shows that milk and yogurt are rich sources of vitamin D and calcium, necessary for the growth of the body’s height. In addition, you can replace yogurt with cheese, butter, or other dairy products…

3. Spinach

Spinach is a plant commonly used in South Asia. This is considered a form of food capable of increasing the functions of the body. Accordingly, in spinach is rich in calcium, vitamins, iron, fiber and all nutrients useful for height development. Therefore, regularly eating spinach is also considered as one of the simple ways to improve height.

4. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein. Children love to eat eggs. Therefore, when you want to improve your child’s height, you can give them eggs in many different forms such as boiled, fried or omelet. At that time, the protein in eggs will actively support our height growth. ​

Protein in eggs supports the process of height growth

Protein in eggs supports the process of height growth

5. Carrots

Research shows that carrots contain a lot of vitamin A, which is not only good for the eyes but also promotes protein synthesis, helping to grow taller. Suggestion, if you don’t like to eat raw carrots, you can completely “process” into smoothies, carrot juice, which are both beautiful and nutritious…

6. Soybeans

Did you know that soybeans have the highest protein content among all vegetarian foods? To increase height, each person’s body needs to consume about 50g of soybeans per day. At that time, the pure proteins contained in soybeans will help the body improve tissues and bones.

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7. Iron-rich foods

If iron deficiency, our body will slow growth in both height and weight. Therefore, add to your daily diet foods rich in iron such as animal blood, meat, fish, beans, amaranth…

8. Water

There is an “immutable” rule that, every day, each person’s body needs to provide at least 2 liters of water. Accordingly, water will help eliminate toxic substances from the body, while improving the digestive system. In addition, water also helps speed up the metabolism of substances in the body, stimulates hormone production and has a direct impact on the process of height growth.

With enough water in the body, there will be many conditions for height growth

With enough water in the body, there will be many conditions for height growth

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In addition to adding foods that help increase height as suggested above, in order for height to grow smoothly and quickly, you need to combine more scientific sleep habits and regularly play stimulating sports. likes to develop height such as: basketball, swimming, barbell, bicycle…

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