#5 foods that affect height growth

Nutrition can influence up to 32% in the process of growing children’s height. The addition of good, safe and nutritious foods will promote rapid increase in height. However, eating indiscriminately, regularly using foods that affect height growth below can make your height forever “stamped in place”.


In fact, beef contains very little calcium, but mainly sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine. These are also acidic elements – causing the amount of acid in the blood to increase significantly, which has an adverse effect on health.

To solve this situation and neutralize the excess acid, a large amount of calcium in the body will be used in the process of regulating and stabilizing the blood, causing the calcium content to be “occupied” for the wrong purpose. effects on bone and joint health.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to nutritional balance, do not eat too much beef in a short period of time if you want to own an ideal height.

Beef can hinder the process of growing taller

Beef can hinder the process of growing taller

Canned food

Canned food is quite convenient and can be preserved for a long time. However, the process of selecting and processing this type of product is completely out of our control. In addition, the fat content of canned foods is much higher than that of fresh foods, leading to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity for users. With the above reasons, do you understand why you should not eat a lot of canned food if you want to stand out?


The fancy delicious taste, low cost, and convenience are the outstanding features of fast food that attract many people to seek and use it every day. However, fast food is mainly fried and uses a large amount of preservatives, which is dangerous to health. Besides, the high fat content in fast food is the cause of obesity and inhibits the growth of the body.
Fast food is not good for your height

Fast food is not good for your height

Sweet things

Sweets such as confectionery used too much will cause the body to secrete a hormone that inhibits the skeleton, making the skeleton slow to grow, thereby hindering the growth of height. When eating a lot of starch, the amount of insulin in the blood increases, which will have a negative effect on the height of the child. Sweets with a large amount of sugar increase insulin levels in the body, when the production of height growth hormone will be slowed down or even stopped, leading to height restriction.

Gas drink

The sweet, refreshing taste of carbonated soft drinks makes this drink a favorite dish of many people. However, if you are in the process of improving your modest height, you should not “make friends” with this drink. Because, the air bubbles in carbonated drinks will “lose” the source of calcium in the body, reduce bone strength, increase the risk of bone and joint diseases and slow growth.
Carbonated soft drinks cause calcium content in the body to be lost.

Carbonated soft drinks cause calcium content in the body to be lost.

Note that we do not recommend that you do not use these foods that affect height growth. Use them as low as possible to protect your health.

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