Find out the secret to helping children love practicing yoga

Yoga is a very good exercise for children. However, getting children to love practicing yoga will be an extremely difficult task for parents.

In this day and age, young children face a lot of stress, from schoolwork, exams to peer pressure. Yoga can help children relax and reduce stress through non-competitive physical activities, breathing exercises and meditation.

Understanding the benefits of yoga for children, many parents are eager to let their children try basic yoga movements to exercise and strengthen the body. However, after only a short time, most parents share that they have given up in encouraging their children to practice yoga because most children are bored and refuse to practice.

How to get children interested and love practicing yoga is a problem not only for parents but also for teachers who teach yoga to children. Here are a few tips that has collected, you can refer to and find the most suitable way for your baby.

Let your child practice for a short period of time but often

With young children, you cannot force them to sit still and do yoga for 60 minutes. Children will be extremely uncomfortable and immediately develop an “aversion” to this subject. In the first few days, you can try giving your child 5 minutes, or increase to 10 if he is not bored.

Just a few minutes of breathing and performing yoga movements can bring a lot of great benefits to children both physically and mentally. In addition, the time and place of practice is also one of the factors that determine whether children love this subject or not.

You can encourage your child to practice when they are energetic and comfortable, such as before bed, before dinner, etc. Or you can also make yoga a daily activity for the whole family in the morning. weekend. The whole family will go out, to the park or the beach to practice basic movements.

Let your child practice for a short period of time but often

In the beginning, you should only let your child practice for a short time but often

Make yoga classes as fun as possible

If you think yoga is to be serious or precise, then forget this thought immediately, especially for young children. You need to find a way to make yoga happy for your child to love it. And there is no better way to do this than to create fun for children while practicing.

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You can organize playing games, telling stories, singing and using as many props as you can. You can also turn your yoga practice into a journey of discovery; From zoos, oceans to jungles.

For example, when your child does Warrior III, help him imagine that it’s like he’s sitting on an airplane going to Africa.

When young children learn yoga, they not only learn about yoga but they can also learn about geography, animal kingdom, alphabet, dance, science, arts and crafts and even math. learn! Integrate all of these elements when teaching yoga to your baby.

You can even rename yoga poses as long as it’s fun and enjoyable for your child. In addition, you can also help children enjoy practicing by combining yoga with something they love, such as popular cartoons like Frozen or Harry Potter.

Using music and props can also be a way to help children’s learning process become more active. Try a few props, like feathers and scarves, to reflect your baby’s breathing and movement. When giving your child breathing exercises, ask him to put a few feathers on his hand, then let him blow to recognize his breath.

Choose a suitable type of yoga for your child

There is a huge difference between naughty 3-year-olds and curious 6-year-olds and sensitive 12-year-olds. That’s why you should choose the right yoga school for your child’s age.

Kindergarteners will love role-playing fairy tales, so choose quick and different exercises to keep things fresh. As for children at the age of 5-8, at this time, children have begun to develop their imaginations, their bodies are also stronger to be able to fulfill requests a little delicate.

Therefore, at this age, yoga exercises that help with physical training will be the right choice. From the age of 9-12, the exercises of concept and flow in yoga bring excitement to children.

This is a young age eager to learn and explore new things. This is also the time when children become more mature, so breathing exercises and meditation will be very helpful.

Choose a suitable type of yoga for your child

At the age of 9-12, breathing exercises and meditation will be very helpful

Have fun practicing with kids

Young children often like to imitate adults, so that children like to practice yoga, you should also be a lover of yoga. Never stand out and ask your child to do this or that, do these activities together, even as a family. Play, sing and dance with your child.

When you play and practice with your child, you will give them a positive and happy life energy. That way, your child will gradually feel the joy and will develop a love of yoga the way you do!

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Choose an appropriate practice time

Young children have an ever-changing energy source, so pay a little attention to the time when you plan to have your child practice Yoga during the day. Children need to have a positive attitude when exercising and therefore, exercising in the afternoon is a normal sleep and rest time that will easily make children tired and boring.

The time in the late morning is the most perfect, at this time the energy is still high. Children will easily immerse themselves in the poses as well as find interest in the practice more easily.

For each age, consider the time of day and year when giving your child yoga practice and find the yoga method that works best for your child. For example, practice slowly and gently in the autumn days, then increase the pace and practice more vigorously in the early spring days.

Relax and meditate

This is an integral part of yoga practice. But sitting still for long periods of time can seem quite difficult for young children. That’s why parents need to encourage their children, simply let them close their eyes and focus for about 10 seconds, that’s already great. Meditation not only teaches children self-awareness, but also helps them relax their bodies after the practice.

Start teaching your kids to meditate by showing them how to master their breath and calm their minds. Encourage your child to recite the sutras, this is a good way for them to gain focus and enter a meditative state.

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