Fatty liver what to drink quickly?

Fatty liver what to drink to limit the disease? Fatty liver in the early stages often has no obvious symptoms and seriously affects health. Therefore, if detected early, patients can change their diet and exercise properly to reduce the disease. It also limits the progression of the disease and dangerous complications from occurring. Join Ocany to find out which drinks are good for people with fatty liver.

Fatty liver what to drink to heal quickly and limit the development of the disease?

Fatty liver what to drink to heal quickly and limit the development of the disease?

What is fatty liver disease?

Normally, the amount of fat in the liver will make up about 2-4% of the total weight. When this amount of fat exceeds the normal level of about 5-10% of the liver’s weight, a fatty condition occurs. From there, causing liver dysfunction, increased fibrosis, in the long run, if not improved, can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer.

The unhealthy eating, eating a lot of greasy food has made fatty liver disease more and more common. It is common in men and women between the ages of 40 and 60.

The main cause of fatty liver

Nowadays, the increasingly developed life leads to an unhealthy lifestyle which is also the cause of many people suffering from fatty liver disease. Join Ocany to learn some of the main causes of fatty liver, thereby getting a way to prevent it from the beginning.

What are the causes of fatty liver disease?

What are the causes of fatty liver disease?

Due to alcohol

Alcohol causes many different diseases, of which fatty liver is typical. Alcohol can increase the synthesis of fat in the liver, long-term fat accumulation should cause disease.

Due to obesity

You may not know, people with fatty liver disease are not necessarily obese, but about 80-90% of obese and overweight people will have fatty liver. If the disease progresses for a long time and is not overcome, it will lead to fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.

Due to illness

Conditions associated with fatty liver disease include:

  • Diabetes, especially type II diabetes, often disrupts fat metabolism. If a person is both obese and diabetic, there is a high chance that he or she may have a fatty liver.
  • Hyperlipidemia: Including hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, or both.
  • Hepatitis B, hepatitis C: If a person has just been infected with hepatitis and fatty liver, about 25% of cases will develop cirrhosis, even liver cancer.
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Due to diet

A diet with too many foods that are not good for the liver can also cause fatty liver disease such as foods high in sugar, high in fat, low in vitamins, low in protein …

A diet high in fat and oil is also the cause of fatty liver disease

A diet high in fat and oil is also the cause of fatty liver disease

Due to drug use

Regular intake of drugs metabolized in the liver also negatively affects liver function. Some drugs can include: Tamoxifen, Tetracycline, Aspirin, Steroids …

Fatty liver, what to drink quickly?

Changing your diet and having a reasonable exercise regimen is an effective measure in the treatment of fatty liver. You should know in the early stages, if there is a reasonable treatment that can help reduce fat in the liver, thereby improving the disease markedly.

Fatty liver what to drink quickly is the question of many people. In fact, there are many drinks that can reduce the amount of fat in the liver such as:

Vegetable and fruit juices of all kinds

Clean vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins that are good for the liver such as: Onions, beets, etc. You can also combine them with juice to drink daily, which will be very effective for the treatment of fatty liver disease. In addition, fruits such as oranges, kiwis, grapefruits… are also great suggestions for patients.

Drinking vegetable and fruit juices is very good for the treatment of fatty liver disease

Drinking vegetable and fruit juices is very good for the treatment of fatty liver disease

Do not hesitate to go to the kitchen to make yourself a glass of juice that is both delicious and can effectively prevent and support fatty liver disease. A small note is that you should drink it after breakfast and maintain drinking juice for a few months to feel a significant change in the body.

In the composition of vegetable juices, there are many fiber and potassium that help eliminate fat and dissolve fat accumulated in the liver, helping to protect the liver effectively.

Green tea

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants, effectively preventing cancer. Above all, green tea also helps greatly in reducing the amount of fat in the liver, actively treating people with fatty liver and fatty blood. Should drink green tea regularly for a long time to promote the maximum effect.

Turmeric and honey

Many scientific studies have shown that turmeric contains curcumin, which helps reduce liver fat and prevent fatty liver.

Yellow turmeric and honey - great choice for people with fatty liver

Yellow turmeric and honey – great choice for people with fatty liver

Besides, honey has the effect of nourishing the spleen, vitality, clearing heat, and detoxifying. Honey is also a savior for fatty liver, with the effect of reducing bad fat and increasing good fat in the body.

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Dandelion water

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dandelion root has been documented as a liver tonic. Studies also show that the reason dandelion is good for the liver is due to its ability to increase the flow of bile. From there, it can help the liver to detoxify and support liver function. Scientists have also proven that the active polysaccharides in dandelion have great uses in improving liver function, supporting liver protection.

The use of dandelion to reduce liver fat is also very diverse, you can use it to make tea or drink water, process it into dishes, or simply as a spice to increase the taste and attractiveness. for food.

Water melon

Pumpkin contains water as the main ingredient, along with vitamins and minerals that are good for health. In particular, squash juice is also used to support the treatment of fatty liver disease thanks to the effect of purifying, eliminating toxins and cooling the liver. The natural source of nutrients this drink provides also promotes the regeneration of new cells to heal damage in the liver.


According to modern medicine, lemon is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, which is very good for health. When supplied to the body, it will help strengthen the immune system, increase resistance, and help detoxify the liver better. In addition, lemon also has the ability to clean the liver, remove impurities, toxic substances and excess fat inside this organ.


Coffee is a beverage that has many benefits for liver health. Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, which when consumed in the body will reduce abnormal enzyme levels in the liver and prevent the onset of liver diseases.

Drinking coffee properly can limit fatty liver

Drinking coffee properly can limit fatty liver

According to WHO, drinking a moderate amount of coffee can prevent the risk of liver cancer, fatty liver … Because the active ingredients in coffee will prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the liver and will reduce bad cholesterol inside in the body.

However, for patients with fatty liver, you need to take it in the right way and in the right dose to have the effect of supporting the treatment of the disease. Drinking too much will not improve the disease but also adversely affect health. As follows:

  • Should use pure coffee because it will be beneficial for the liver.
  • Do not add sugar or milk when drinking coffee, because it will adversely affect health.
  • You should only drink 1 glass a day and drink it after eating.
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Lotus leaf tea

Lotus leaf is a familiar product, known for its great use to treat insomnia, dengue fever and improve hemoptysis, etc. In addition, lotus leaf tea also supports the fat elimination process in the body. liver and help lower blood fat effectively.

Drinking artichoke tea

For a long time, artichoke tea has become a familiar drink, also a folk remedy used to help clear heat, detoxify, and cool the liver because it contains many antioxidants such as silymarin, cynarin. The process of detoxification in the liver can be promoted quickly and repair damaged cells more effectively when drinking artichoke tea. In addition, artichoke tea is also effective in reducing excess fat in the liver, helping to treat fatty liver, preventing complications of cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Some notes for the treatment of disease

Besides supplementing nutrition with healthy juices and treating fatty liver disease, patients also need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Establish a scientific and reasonable diet. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Supplementing vitamins and fiber for the liver will help the liver to minimize the overload of the liver when it has to eliminate toxins regularly as well as help heal damage caused by the effects of fatty liver disease.
  • Experts also recommend that you should limit your intake of foods such as red meat, animals, fat, organs, or foods that contain a lot of saturated fat, etc. Because eating regularly will create a burden on the liver. worsen the condition of fatty liver disease.

Eat a lot of green vegetables to provide fiber for the body and very good for the liver

Eat a lot of green vegetables to provide fiber for the body and very good for the liver

  • In addition, spicy, hot and greasy foods should also be removed from the menu of patients with fatty liver disease. Regular consumption of these bad foods will make liver function decline, increasing the ability to accumulate fat in the liver.
  • Another tip to help reduce fatty liver disease is to regularly exercise with appropriate intensity. Just spend 30 minutes a day, you have a good health and a balanced body.
  • In addition to paying attention to what fatty liver drinks and what to eat, the patient also needs a healthy, comfortable lifestyle, limiting stress and tension. You can try many recreational activities such as travelling, watching movies, going for a walk to lift your spirits, thereby also helping to improve the disease.

The article is the answer to the question what to drink with fatty liver, what to eat as well as the notes to know for people with fatty liver disease. However, when you feel your body is abnormal, you need to go to the hospital for specialist doctors to examine, treat and advise on a most suitable exercise diet. Ocany wishes you good health!

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