10 Harmful effects of stress on beauty that you did not expect

The effects of stress are always a matter of concern and concern for many people. Also because the harmful effects of stress are not only related to health but also can cause many serious consequences for beauty, especially skin.

10 Immeasurable effects of stress on beauty

With today’s modern and busy life, each of us cannot avoid times when we feel extremely stressed and tired. All problems revolving around life, from study, work to social relationships, have the ability to cause invisible pressures that make people lose their balance and fall into a state of stress. .

Basically, stress is not all bad because sometimes the right amount of stress will become a motivation for you to work hard and increase your creativity. However, if the stress is persistent and there is no good remedy, it will cause a lot of negative effects on your health, life and beauty.

Based on the results of many studies, it is found that stress will unbalance the ecosystem of the intestinal tract, which is a favorable condition for harmful bacteria in the intestine to produce and develop more. , thereby causing many problems such as indigestion, loss of appetite, frequent nausea, difficulty absorbing food.

In addition, excessive stress can also weaken the immune system, increase the risk of skin infections and make it difficult for the skin to heal wounds. Experts also share that the harmful effects of stress on beauty are extremely large, it can cause a series of effects on the skin, hair, nails.

Specifically, when the body is in a state of prolonged stress, the level of the hormone cortisol – a hormone capable of helping to prevent and control stress will be secreted more. However, when the content of this substance increases sharply, it will cause blood pressure to rise, make the metabolism disordered, the inflammatory reactions on the body also increase rapidly, the pores are blocked and the skin is damaged. aging rapidly.

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More specifically, when beauty and skin are seriously affected, some people feel even more stressed and tired. Therefore, it can be said that stress is the cause of beauty problems, but the decline of beauty is also a factor that increases the level of stress and stress. Specifically, some common harmful effects of stress on beauty are:

1. Prolonged stress causes the skin to appear more wrinkles

As shared above, when falling into a state of excessive stress and persisting for a long time, the body will increase the production of cortisol, making blood pressure significantly higher, metabolism also increases. not well guaranteed. Because of that, the collagen and elastin fiber structures will be severely damaged, causing the skin to gradually lose its elasticity and softness.

Effects of stress on beauty

Prolonged stress causes the skin to wrinkle and lack elasticity.

Besides, muscle tension can also be a factor that increases the risk of wrinkles and crow’s feet on the skin. In addition, stress is also the main cause of insomnia, so around the eyes, dark circles are easy to appear, the skin gradually sags and loses elasticity.

2. Dark skin due to stress

Stress makes it difficult for you to sleep or sleep will not be guaranteed, sleep is not deep, often dream and have nightmares. This stimulates the pigment disorders inside the body and causes them to gradually accumulate, making the skin no longer retain its bright, smooth whiteness, but instead become dull and dark.

You must have seen your skin burn, become dull, dark after just one night of sleepless nights. According to experts, the lack of sleep greatly affects the natural protective function of the skin. It can cause the skin to dry out, making it even more sensitive.

In addition, the stress that causes insomnia can also weaken the activity of the epidermis and make it no longer ensure good skin protection. Therefore, when the skin is exposed to the sun, harmful substances or polluted environments are often more susceptible to the effects.

3. Excessive stress makes the skin thin and vulnerable

The skin will become thinner and more vulnerable if you are constantly in a state of stress. According to experts, cortisol is a hormone that plays an extremely important role in the process of fighting and managing stress. At the same time, it also has anti-allergic effects and supports the body’s immunity.

Effects of stress on beauty

Excessive stress and anxiety will make the skin thin and vulnerable.

However, when cortisol levels rise sharply, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body increase. This is also one of the common reasons that break down proteins and make the skin thinner, at this time your skin will be vulnerable to external factors, very easily scratched or bruised. with only minor collisions.

4. Acne is a common consequence of stress

Acne caused by stress is one of the common problems, especially for students of all ages. So why does the skin have more acne when stressed? As explained by experts, when under extreme stress, the human brain will begin to produce corticotrophin stimulating hormone. This hormone acts as a kind of signal to the adrenal glands to help the body release cortisol to help reduce stress effectively.

However, the excessive release of hormones from the adrenal glands is also a factor that promotes increased oil secretion in the skin and causes the skin to increase inflammatory responses. It causes mast cells to start releasing histamine – a substance capable of causing skin swelling to limit the impact of bacteria or harmful substances. However, it makes the skin even more sensitive to external attacks, thereby making the skin more acne-prone, especially acne.

5. Stress makes skin take longer to heal wounds

According to experts, just going through about 30 minutes of stress will make the wound heal longer than 1 day. Dr. Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, Ohio State University once said: “Healing is a sensitive process”. Also, when you fall into a state of stress, the epidermis layer of the skin gradually becomes weaker. At the same time, the risk of infection and other environmental factors is also increased, which in turn slows the wound’s ability to heal or even makes it worse.

Tác hại của stress đến sắc đẹp
Stress là nguyên nhân khiến vết thương của bạn lâu lành

The results of a study conducted on 42 couples found that couples who often quarreled, argued, and stressed with each other were up to 40% slower in wound healing than those who were in love. The couple has a harmonious and happy married life. Therefore, hospitals always try to strengthen the spirit, reduce stress for patients before performing surgeries to help them shorten the hospital stay and support better wound healing.

6. Stress causes obesity

The most common harmful effect of stress on beauty is the state of excessive weight gain, which seriously affects the physique. For a long time, researchers have also specifically confirmed the link between stress and obesity. They say that, every time you feel anxious, excessive stress causes the adrenal glands to release more adrenaline and cortisol, which in turn causes glucose to be gradually released into the bloodstream.

In addition, when stressed, what you immediately think of is the need to replenish energy for the body and the best food supply at this time is sugar. However, tolerating a large amount of sugar will make the body unable to absorb it well and store it in the form of excess fat, thereby increasing the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Besides, even if you do not tolerate foods high in sugar and fat, there is a risk of increased stress because cortisol will slow down your metabolism making it difficult to maintain a stable weight. The researchers found that people who feel stressed often burn fewer calories than they normally would.

Accordingly, they said that if stress persists for a long time, it will likely cause you to gain up to 5kg in a year and it will be difficult to lose weight. For women who are often stressed, insulin levels will also increase – this is a hormone capable of storing fat in the body.

7. Stress increases the risk of dermatitis

The most serious effect of stress on beauty that makes many people feel anxious is skin inflammation. When stress is prolonged, you will be more likely to experience skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, urticaria, rosacea, eczema, …. In scientific research also found that, when the body Overwork, the brain must be constantly stressed, will cause intestinal bacteria balance disorder and make the skin’s resistance severely weakened.

Effects of stress on beauty

Stress that is not handled well will increase the risk of inflammatory skin diseases

Based on statistics, stress is one of the important causes of urticaria (accounting for 35 to 48 percent). Experts explain that some cases of stress rashes are caused by an unconditioned response to this psychological state. A person may develop hives after eating a food during stress, which is considered a form of conditioned response.

8. Prolonged stress and fatigue make you appear dark circles

Another common harmful effect of stress to the beauty of many people is that it causes dark circles under the eyes, the appearance of puffiness, which is unsightly. Excessive stress can limit the ability to absorb nutrients that help nourish the skin, especially vitamins C and E. The lack of these nutrients will make the skin under the eyes gradually lose elasticity. , becomes duller.

Besides, stress is also one of the main reasons that hinders blood circulation, causing the skin to not be supplied with the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients. Because of that, the skin will quickly resist aging, lack of vitality, become dry and form many bruises around the eye area, making beauty degraded without braking.

9. Hair loss and brittle nails are common effects of stress

Hair and nails are one of the first affected parts when you are constantly in a state of excessive stress. Also because, the body’s natural response is to automatically turn off some unnecessary activities and functions when we feel stressed. Hair and nails are those unimportant functions, so we will easily lose hair, break nails whenever we feel tired and stressed.

Effects of stress on beauty

Hair loss is the most common consequence of prolonged stress

In addition, hair loss and nail breakage due to stress can also stem from the body producing too much hormone. When the intensity of the pressure is high, the hair follicles cannot receive enough nutrients, thereby making the hair weak and prone to breakage. There are even many cases where prolonged continuous stress can cause baldness on the top of the head.

When stressed, the body will also have an imbalance of hormones, making nutrients unable to adequately supply all organs and parts. Nails are also one of the unnecessary parts and are prone to nutritional deficiencies when stressed, so they will often be thin and brittle. At the same time, many people also have the habit of biting their nails when they are too stressed, causing scratches and deformation of the nails.

10. Skin is prone to itching when stressed for a long time

Prolonged stress can also cause itching all over the body. According to the share from researchers, the human brain will always keep close contact with the nerves in the skin. Therefore, when stress and anxiety are excessive, the body’s response will gradually become overloaded. This condition will affect the activity and function of the nervous system, thereby causing itchy, burning skin.

Itchy sensations caused by psychological influences can appear in any area of ​​the body, such as hands, feet, face, scalp, back, etc. This sensation can appear intermittently. continuous but also sometimes interrupted depending on the level of anxiety of each person. If not treated promptly, it can cause the skin to scratch, bleed, or become irritated and seriously infected by the constant scratching action.

How to reduce the harmful effects of stress on beauty?

Thus, it can be seen that the harmful effects of stress on beauty are extremely large and need to be overcome quickly to avoid leaving more serious consequences. Stress is a common psychological state, especially in today’s busy and modern society, people have to face many applications from study, work, finance, family,… However, We still have ways to limit stress and reduce its effects on human beauty, skin, and physique.

If you often face the harmful effects of stress on your beauty, this is one of the effective remedies for you.

1. Ensure quality sleep

Stress and insomnia are issues that are closely related. Most people who are stressed and anxious will find it difficult to get a deep and complete sleep, and in many cases even have continuous insomnia. However, lack of sleep is a factor that causes a series of negative effects on health, especially the skin. Therefore, you need to know how to maintain and balance your sleep well.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, you can also apply some relaxation tips such as using aromatherapy, listening to music, meditating before bed. Every day you need to make sure you get enough sleep from 7 to 8 hours and should maintain a healthy sleep routine, avoid staying up late after 23 hours. When you get quality sleep, the skin will also easily produce new cells, help wounds heal better and maintain a fresh, healthy appearance.

2. Regular exercise

Exercise is one of the effective ways that can both help you reduce stress and limit the harmful effects of stress on beauty. Whenever you feel stressed, tired, try gentle exercise, take deep breaths to balance your psychological state.

Effects of stress on beauty

Yoga every day will help you reduce the harmful effects of stress on beauty

In many scientific studies, it has been found that, when the body is exercised and exercised properly, it will help control stress and anxiety effectively. Every day you only need to spend about 15 to 30 minutes to practice, it will help you get a comfortable mind, help your skin become smooth, balanced physique and improve beauty significantly. For those who often experience stress, priority should be given to choosing subjects such as yoga, meditation, running, swimming, etc.

3. Supplement with nutritious foods

A healthy and nutritious diet is also a way to help you limit the harmful effects of stress on beauty. When feeling stressed, do not overdo sugary, high-fat foods or tolerate too many processed foods, packaged foods containing many harmful preservatives. Instead, you should increase your intake of fruits, green vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and fish to increase the body’s resistance and prevent excessive weight gain.

Besides, alcohol, stimulants and addictive substances also need to be eliminated quickly. This is also one of the reasons why your skin becomes more and more degraded every time you feel stressed and tired. Many people often use alcohol and tobacco as a means to solve sadness and dispel worries. However, these substances all have toxic ingredients that can affect your health and beauty.

4. See a psychologist

If you can’t control your stress and anxiety well, it’s best to see a psychologist for better support. Experts will discuss and help you find the cause of stress, thereby offering the most suitable solutions. After stress is well controlled, its harmful effects will also gradually decrease.

Effects of stress on beauty

See a psychologist when stress seriously affects your beauty and health.

After helping patients recover well, experts also help them improve the skills needed to better cope with possible difficulties in the future. Patients will learn more ways to control their emotions, how to deal with stressful situations and pressure to better limit the effects of stress.

5. Overcome the harmful effects of stress right from the start

Stress can cause a lot of damage to your beauty. Therefore, as soon as you notice signs such as hair loss, dull skin, dark circles, etc., you need to quickly find a way to fix it immediately. Besides reducing stress, you also need to pay attention to dealing with the harm it has caused.

For example, stress causes your hair to constantly fall out and break. You need to quickly find measures to limit this situation. You can use more shampoos, hair conditioners, and more nutritious foods that are good for your hair to overcome this problem. Or stress causes obesity, even though you have overcome your psychological state well, your weight will not improve naturally. Therefore, you also need to have a suitable weight loss regime, eat healthy, exercise to regain a balanced shape.

The above article has helped readers learn more about some of the harmful effects of stress on beauty. Each of us needs to know how to control our emotions, relieve stress effectively to minimize the negative effects it can cause to health and beauty.

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