Harms of forcing children to study too much and advice for parents

Currently, there are many parents who are forcing their children to study too much with the desire for their children to study well and have a bright future. However, this inadvertently puts children under a lot of pressure. Understanding the unpredictable harms of forcing children to study too much will help parents soon look back on how to raise children to help children develop healthy.

The current situation of parents forcing children to study too much

Today, most families only have about 1 or 2 children. As a result, expectations and expectations on children increase even more. Any parent wishes that their child can be smart, study well and achieve success in study and life. Therefore, even as a child, children have to start going to school and are under a lot of pressure from studying.

Whether they are just entering elementary school or high school students, the academic work leaves the same pressure. They all have to study all the time during the day, during the week and can’t seem to participate in outside entertainment and fun activities. It can be seen that today, parents wherever they are, always tend to remind their children to study, to be diligent and successful.

In addition to the time that children study at school, many children after school only have time to eat something quickly and continue to attend extra classes, learn talents or have to bury their heads in studying, completing homework. into homework assignments. Many children share that, for most of the day, besides eating and studying, children don’t seem to have any time to relax or play according to their age.

Currently, although the education industry has banned extra tutoring to help children reduce learning pressures and prevent discrimination and oppression of students in learning. However, banning is still forbidden, but teaching is still teaching. Although the level of sanction on this issue has been set out very specifically and handled quite heavily, the application and enforcement have not been as effective as expected. Also, because the view of tutoring has been deeply rooted in many people’s subconscious, the change is difficult and still not well controlled.

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Children Learn Too Much

Many students have to constantly study from morning to evening without having time to play and rest

According to a survey at a secondary school in Hanoi, a 7th grader shared that: “I have to study the main course from Monday to Saturday, in the evening I have to study math, literature, and English. I have to do my homework every day until 9pm, so I have to go to bed almost every day at 11:30pm.” When asked if on weekends she can have fun, relax or participate in activities that she loves, she continued to share, “It’s the same every Sunday, sometimes I can only go home. My grandparents play at halftime, and if my parents are busy with work, I have to stay at home to review and do homework. If I don’t complete the assignment, I will get a bad grade and be criticized by the teacher.”

Thereby, it can be seen that, nowadays students have to face a lot of academic pressure, the study time of children is sometimes even busier than that of adults. Normally, people who go to the office only spend 8 hours at the office, then they will be able to relax, gather with friends, even on weekends, they have a lot of free time to rest, travel. calendar. Meanwhile, students have to study excessively, from early morning until late at night they just struggle with studying and eating without having a minute to rest, play and entertain.

The fact that you will have to constantly study too much often comes from pressure from parents and the school. Whether this is unintentional or intentional, children still feel extremely stressed and tired when they have to study too hard. Not only that, nowadays the educational program of young children also has too much knowledge, sometimes children have to learn things that are “forgotten”, so the burden of learning is increasing.

If children’s learning time is not changed and adjusted appropriately, it will cause a lot of negative effects on children’s health, learning results and daily life. Children can only develop comprehensively when learning, playing and relaxing appropriately. Although learning is necessary and important, it is not everything, children need to be balanced both physically and mentally in order to develop well.

7 The incalculable harm of parents forcing children to study too much

As shared above, currently students have to study too much, many of them don’t even have time to rest and have fun with their age due to the pressures from studying. The hectic schedule puts many children in a state of stress and causes a series of other serious harms.

Learning is essential and an important contributor to a child’s future success. However, learning is only effective if it is well organized and distributed. Therefore, parents need to pay more attention to the learning time of young children, avoiding forcing children to study continuously and study too much.

According to actual studies and surveys, experts have found that too much learning can cause serious harm as follows:

1. Health decline

When children spend too much time studying, physical inactivity will easily lead to health problems. Many children, due to excessive stress, adversely affect the functioning of internal organs, especially the brain. Children often fall into a state of stress, fatigue, lack of vitality, and loss of concentration.

Children Learn Too Much

Children’s health will be significantly impaired if they have to study too much

At the same time, children who only focus on learning and forget the importance of healthy physical activities and relaxation will have a serious decline in resistance. In the long run, children will face muscle problems and slow physical development. If not handled well, children will face many risks of infectious diseases because the body has no resistance and the immune system is also weakened.

2. Increased likelihood of refractive errors

This is perhaps the most common harm of children who study too much. When children spend most of their time studying, children have to constantly work on their eyes, so they are easy to suffer from problems such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, etc. According to experts, when the eyes adjust continuously with intense intensity. High altitude will cause vision to gradually decline, causing a series of eye-related health problems.

More specifically, today students are often exposed to electronic devices, learning information is also stored and transmitted through many websites. Therefore, the rate of children with myopia and astigmatism is now increasing significantly. There are children from elementary school who have had to use glasses to support learning.

According to statistics, there are about 15 to 45% of cases of students with myopia. In which, most of the children shared that they had to study for many hours, causing their eyes to become blurred over time. When vision is weakened, it also greatly affects children’s daily life and health.

3. Mental disorders caused by studying too much

In the results of a study conducted by the United Nations Children’s Fund, it was found that too much studying is one of the biggest reasons why many children and adolescents in our country face problems. mental health disturbances. At the same time, experts also found that the situation of children suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, and emotional disorders because of too much study is on the rise.

This is also easy to understand because from the early morning when children wake up, they have to be busy preparing for school. After finishing the study time at the school, then going to the classes at the center, together with the tutor. Especially for senior students, studying is even more tiring. They have to constantly face stress, pressure, and intensely repressed emotions.

Children Learn Too Much

Academic pressure is one of the leading causes of mental health problems in children

One sad thing is that most of the calls to the child support and counseling call center are calls to share about fears and obsessions about learning. According to experts, when children are forced to study too much, they will always fall into a state of stress, anxiety, fatigue, repressed emotions, and can easily develop depression in the long run. other mental health problems.

Depression can make many children feel stuck, lose interest in activities happening around, reduce concentration, and decline memory. Even many people tend to live in isolation, withdraw, engage in self-harming behaviors and have suicidal thoughts. Therefore, depression caused by academic pressure needs to be recognized early and intervened in time to avoid serious consequences.

4. Harmful to sleep quality

According to some specialized studies, when children study too much or are under a lot of pressure from studying, it will increase the risk of having sleep problems, the most common are insomnia, trouble sleeping, sleeping. do not sleep deeply, often dream and have nightmares, etc. As shared above, nowadays there are many cases of young children who have to study continuously, so they are not guaranteed good sleep. Children’s school schedules are sometimes busier and more complex than adult work.

In fact, children have to study early in the morning, and many schools have to study in both morning and afternoon. After that, children must continue to study in extra classes, study with tutors. After returning home, you have to complete the assigned assignments. Weekends are not a time to rest, but also a time for children to “run shows” with subjects.

Too much study schedule will make children not have enough time to rest and relax. When sleep is not guaranteed causes a series of negative effects on health. If this situation is not overcome soon, it will seriously reduce physical and mental health, and study results will also be severely reduced.

5. Children learn too much, causing psychological depression

From the current learning situation of students and students, education experts believe that studying too much and studying with high intensity will easily make them feel bored, tired and disgusted with studying. . When having to acquire knowledge in a structured and forced manner, it can easily lead to psychological problems, making children tend to become aggressive and withdrawn.

Children Learn Too Much

When children are forced to study too much, they will easily give birth to a psychology of depression and hatred for learning

In fact, many students share that they feel too tired and disgusted with studying. Many children are also obsessed when they are constantly reminded about learning, parents often “plant” in their children’s heads sayings such as “You must study well”, “You must study to be successful”, ” If you don’t study well, you will be ridiculed by many people”, … This inadvertently creates great pressure on children, and over time, children will have an aversion to learning.

6. Children who learn too much will easily miss important skills

To develop in the most comprehensive way, young children not only need to ensure good academic performance at school, but also have to cultivate necessary life skills. However, many parents often only focus on academic results, on grades and constantly force their children to absorb too much dry knowledge.

However, just having knowledge but not knowing how to apply it will not bring any benefits to the lives of young children. When growing up and entering the young society, they will completely not know how to deal with obstacles and difficulties, thereby making life easy to lose balance.

According to the sharing of education experts, learning needs to balance both knowledge and skills. When having knowledge, children need to know how to apply it well in daily life. At the same time, young children must also acquire life skills such as communication, making friends, and building relationships to easily succeed in the future.

7. Some other harmful effects of studying too much

Besides the common harms mentioned above, when children have to study too much, they can also face the following risks:

  • Nervous system depression, brain health is significantly reduced.
  • Increases the likelihood of diseases related to the spine.
  • Causing many conflicts in family relationships, there is often discord between parents and children. At the same time, young children also tend to resist and resist the wishes of their parents.
  • Young children can learn in a stereotyped way, without creativity, with limited thinking because of too much pressure due to grades and achievements.
  • Learning results are impaired, children can hardly focus on learning, memory is seriously impaired.
  • Increased risk of becoming criminals, bad elements in society. When constantly facing stress and pressure from studying, many children tend to abuse alcohol and stimulants to release emotions. Especially children at puberty are very easily tempted, falling into bad behaviors such as stealing, smoking, violence, ….

Tips for parents when managing their children’s education

As a parent, everyone wants the best for their child. However, parents need to be aware of the harmful effects of forcing their children to study too much. From there, there is a more appropriate adjustment in the management of children’s learning.

Here are some very helpful tips for parents:

  • Instead of putting pressure and forcing children to study a lot, parents need to find ways to talk and share with their children more. Being close to children will help parents understand the situation as well as their children’s psychology for timely handling.
  • Pay attention to listen to your child’s wishes, parents need to know what their child likes and wants. Absolutely avoid completely imposing your thoughts and aspirations on your children.
  • In case children like arts and sports, they should create conditions for them to develop. However, it is also advisable to set rules to help children balance learning and gifted development.
  • Parents need to guide their children to plan scientific learning to lead to the best results. Along with that, it is necessary to consider for children to learn some necessary subjects. Absolutely no thought of cramming and forcing children to learn too much.
  • Make sure children have enough time to rest, play and relax and encourage them to make time for physical activity each day. Parents can even exercise with their children.
  • Pay more attention to your child to promptly detect signs of school psychological problems. This helps children develop healthy, at the same time perfecting their good character as well as improving their own capacity.
  • Never compare your child with other peers. Because in fact, each child’s ability is different. It is best to let children develop naturally under the support of parents.
  • Encourage your child to find garlic and learn new things. You can participate in extracurricular activities with your child to help them cultivate knowledge as well as practical experience.

It can be seen that forcing children to study too much can cause a series of serious harms affecting the health, life and learning outcomes of young children. Therefore, parents need to know how to arrange and balance their children’s study, play and relaxation time so that their children can comfortably develop their abilities, and at the same time have the right time to live with them.

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