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Why must Drink water on time? Water plays an important role in human health and longevity. Many studies by Archiv Fur Kriminologie concluded that humans can fast for 8-21 days (with adequate water intake), but it is difficult to survive without water for 3-4 days. So, Drinking enough water is the simplest habit for us to have a healthy body, a refreshing mind and a supple health.

BILLIONHowever, the effect from drinking water depends not only on the type of water, the amount of water you drink but also affected by when you put water in your body. So when is the right time to replenish water for the body and how to drink water on time let’s Ocany go find the answer.

Time to drink water is good for health

1. Drink water right after waking up

Do you know the reason why the Japanese face is always shiny and full of life? Simply, because they always drink a lot of water on an empty stomach, especially in the morning when they wake up.

Many experts have pointed out that the drink water in the morning upon waking up, it helps to wash away many toxins and wastes from the body.

Many health related problems such as constipation, stomach pain, belching and other diseases related to the digestive tract will be solved quite easily by drinking water in the morning. Therefore, you should immediately add a habit drink a glass of water in the morning when you wake up.

2. Drink water before meals

drinking water

Reduce cravings by drinking water

Drinking water before each meal is an extremely great way for our health. Drinking a glass of warm water about half an hour before lunch or dinner will help your digestive system work much more efficiently.

More specifically, if you are looking for losing weightDrinking water on time before meals will also be very beneficial because it makes you feel full. At that time, you will no longer crave much and food is also digested more easily thanks to the amount of water you have just absorbed into the body.

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3. How to drink water on time before exercise

The right time to drink water is about 1 hour before you start exercising. We all have to admit that water is an integral part of the body. It helps improve blood circulation, helps the digestive system work more efficiently and especially it helps to stay hydrated and regulate body temperature at the most appropriate level.

Of course, before you start working out, you need to warm up your body and make sure all the muscles and joints are ready. Drinking water before exercise will help your joints be lubricated, along with body temperature will also be maintained at the most reasonable level.

On the contrary, if the body is dehydrated, it will easily cause muscle tearing. Therefore, you need to pay attention to drink enough water for your body before each workout session.

4. Drink water on time after each training session

One thing is for sure, your body will lose a large amount of water by sweating during exercise and it will adversely affect your health. Therefore, you need to properly replenish water after each training session.

ocany bottled water

Drinking water after a workout is very important

After finishing the workout, you should let your body rest for about 30 minutes and then replenish the lost water to help the muscles recover faster, the face is not pale and lifeless.

5. How to properly drink water when feeling tired

Dehydration is one of the common causes of feeling sluggish and lack of energy. Therefore, whenever you feel unwell, immediately replenish your body with water. Surely then you will feel more awake, more energetic to work and be more creative.

6. Drink water when you feel thirsty

When the body needs to replenish water, it will quickly send you a signal by feeling thirsty. At that time, drink 1-2 glasses of water to make your body feel more alert and comfortable.

Usually when thirsty, many people will immediately think of carbonated soft drinks or iced milk coffee, but it really doesn’t bring scientific refreshment. Instead, find yourself a glass of filtered water or a bottle of alkaline ionized water.

Ocany Alkaline Ionized Water is a highly alkaline drinking water with PH from 8.5 to 9.5 and does not contain harmful chemicals. Besides, it also contains natural mineral content that is good for the body, does not raise blood sugar like soft drinks on the market.

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Moreover, alkaline ionized water also has a natural sweet taste that is easy to drink. Many people think alkaline ionized water is a difficult drink to drink, but it is not. Unlike mineral water with a slightly salty taste, alkaline ionized water has a cool, natural sweet taste that is extremely easy to drink. This is a drink that is definitely indispensable in days when you have to work hard.

Tips for drinking water

Do you usually drink water while sitting or standing?

drink water for 5

Please sit while drinking water

If you have a habit of drinking water while standing, get rid of it immediately because it is really not good for health. Many experts have shown that drinking water while standing will cause the water to flow directly into the bladder without passing through any other parts of the body, so it will create more waste in the bladder. This is really not good for long term health.

Thus, drinking water seems like a very simple thing, but many people are making some basic mistakes. Hopefully after this article, Ocany has helped you understand how to have a way Drink water on time as well as tips for you to drink water more efficiently.

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