Does plant-based meat contain as many nutrients as animal meat?

Plant-based meat became a big craze in the food industry in 2022 and has not shown any signs of cooling down until now. With the aim to help reduce the amount of air pollution in the livestock industry, as well as solve the problem of food crisis in the future. However, does plant-based meat provide the same nutrition as animal meat?

1. What is vegetable meat?

Vegetable meat Plant-based meat has a chemical composition that is almost identical to that of animal meat. The only difference is that the units of protein, amino acids, are extracted from the fruit completely.

According to Dr. Joel Gilmore – Science communicator in Brisbane, the processing of plant-based meat is challenging and extremely complex. The protein structure mimics that of beef, reverse-engineered using fats, proteins, amino acids and vegetable sources of vitamins. The protein bundles are pressed, milled and spun like animal chopping boards, and each piece of vegetarian meat is manufactured to exacting standards.

Currently, vegetarian meat production units only use food additives derived from nature to create the corresponding flavor and color. For example: to create the texture and flavor of chocolate, they combine pumpkin seeds with mushrooms, or use soybeans with sake to create the delicious taste of burgers, ..

Vegetarian meat products are now the perfect and vegetarian-friendly alternative, including fish and meats such as: tuna, salmon, sausage, chicken, burgers, shrimp, …

About meat products made from plants

About meat products made from plants

2. Nutrition inside “Plant Meat”

This meat product can completely replace vegetable proteins, because they are rich in fiber. According to the diet recommended by experts, we should provide the body with an appropriate amount of fiber, fiber can account for ½ of the meal every day. In addition, fiber also brings good health and helps prevent cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Fat in vegetable meat ingredients is extracted entirely from coconut oil. There is a large amount of vitamin E in coconut oil, which helps prevent free radicals and has the effect of supplementing the body with antioxidants. Compared to animal fats, vegetable oil is an extremely healthy alternative and helps reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed in daily meals.

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Vegetable meat also contains a natural mineral – Potassium Chloride. It is provided to provide a mineral balance, similar to the mineral content of animal meat. Besides, beetroot juice is a raw material to add red color to the skin vegetarian meatgiving the authentic feel of red beef.

In addition, the use of natural extracts from sunflowers to replace lecithin additives is the right solution for this technology. Natural emulsifiers limit the separation of ingredients and result in significantly improved agglomeration.

Vegetarian meat contains all the necessary nutritional values ​​for the human body

Vegetarian meat contains all the necessary nutritional values ​​for the human body

3. Why do so many people choose plant-based meat?

One of the reasons why many people give up using animal meat in favor of plant-based meat is rooted in health-related awareness. Accordingly, many consumers find that the main reason for health problems comes from animal fats, red meat and they also realize that their health will be better if they eat more vegetables.

Moreover, many people are aware that one of the causes of environmental pollution, greenhouse effect, .. is due to over-breeding. Therefore, the necessary work to impact the earth and help the environment cleaner is to reduce the livestock industry.

4. The health benefits of plant-based meat

4.1. “Healthy” Fats

There is almost no or very little saturated fat in vegetarian meat. Unsaturated fats (vegetable fats) are used to completely replace animal fats. Therefore, vegetarian meat products are extremely beneficial to the health of consumers.

4.2. Reduce your risk of getting sick

It is safer to use meat made from plants, which minimize the risk of infection with parasites and pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella. These are common and contagious pathogens when animals are slaughtered, often causing disease inside the bovine’s internal organs. Therefore, using protein produced from plants will help reduce this problem.

4.3. Reduce Cholesterol

There are about 95.2mg of Cholesterol and 340 Kcal in a steak. While vegetable meat has almost no cholesterol and only contains about 260 Kcal. Therefore, vegetarian meat is not only suitable for people who are on a clean eating diet, but also suitable for patients with high blood pressure or heart problems.

Using a lot of plant-based meat brings good health to users

Using a lot of plant-based meat brings good health to users

5. Hints on how to make vegetable meat from tofu at home simply

5.1. Prepare

  • Tofu: 3 covers.

  • Wood ear: 3 ears.

  • Carrot: 1/2 tuber.

  • Flour.

  • Tomatoes: 2 fruits.

  • Spice.

5.2. Process materials

  • Wood ear bring soaked in water until large, then wash, then finely chop.

  • Peel carrots, wash and cut into thin strips.

  • Puree the tofu.

  • Mix water with tapioca starch to get a paste.

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5.3. Perform

  • Mix all of the pre-prepared ingredients.

  • Season the ingredients: 1/2 teaspoon of ground pepper, 1 teaspoon of seasoning.

  • Use a little of the mixture just mixed into small balls or shape into pieces of meat. Depending on your preference, you can squeeze it tightly so that the tofu does not fall apart when frying.

  • Put the pan on the stove and add the vegetable oil, wait until the oil is hot, then add the balls vegetarian meat Fry until all sides are evenly cooked. When frying, you need to be gentle so that the meat does not get crushed and broken.

Instructions on how to make simple vegetarian meat at home from tofu

Instructions on how to make simple vegetarian meat at home from tofu

Summary, vegetable meat not only for vegetarians but also suitable for most of us to improve health. Diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc. will be limited to using plant-based proteins in daily meals.

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