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Why do so many people like to practice yoga? In fact, yoga can bring benefits such as increasing resistance, eliminating toxins, anti-aging… To better understand the benefits of yoga, read the following article of

Yoga originated in India and is now popular all over the world. The practice of yoga is to control the breath and keep the body in one position for a certain time.

As a result, practicing yoga helps to make the body more flexible and the mind comfortable. This is an important premise, so yoga is always appreciated for repelling diseases, stress, maintaining youth and vitality for practitioners.

What is Yoga?

The term yoga means unity and integration, detachment and liberation. Yoga is considered as a cultivation method, helping practitioners improve both mentally and physically, improving the whole body. This is a training method that requires high concentration of both mind and body.

It can be said that the magic of yoga is to help the practitioner give up bad habits, negative thoughts and move towards a healthy body with positive thoughts. With thousands of benefits of yoga, it is considered the oldest and most trusted form of exercise in the world.

Health benefits of yoga

1. Helps blood circulation better

Yoga exercises help blood move faster and more steadily through the blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation in the body. With the benefits that yoga exercises bring to the practitioner, the blood circulation system helps to increase oxygen into the lungs, blood and cells. That’s why people who practice yoga have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Yoga exercises to help blood circulation

Yoga exercises help blood move faster and more steadily through the blood vessels

2. Strengthen the immune system

The muscles are stretched and contracted evenly during yoga practice, helping to increase the amount of lymph produced. The lymphatic system plays an important role in helping our body fight infections, increase immunity, and eliminate toxins in the cells.

3. Eliminate Toxins

One thing is for sure, anyone who practices yoga will feel refreshed in body and mind, excited in spirit, and eat better and sleep better. What helps the human body to have such great improvements after practicing yoga? That is how yoga helps to eliminate toxins extremely well and effectively. Thereby, helping you always have shiny and smooth skin.

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4. Effective anti-aging

Aging is an eternal problem of women, many people even consider it a nightmare and find ways to prevent rapid aging. Yoga is considered a popular method because with the benefits of stimulating blood circulation, enhancing the efficiency of the digestive system, and eliminating toxins inside the body, anti-aging is obvious. already.

5. Protect the spine

It can be said that back pain is one of the most common diseases today regardless of age, gender. There are many causes of this symptom.

The symptoms are crooked, misaligned joints of the spine, pinched nerves, creating persistent painful muscles. The right yoga exercises and regular practice will help the body become supple and support the treatment of the above diseases.

Yoga movements you can apply such as dog pose variation, butterfly pose, sphinx pose, happy baby pose, fish pose…

6. Strong bones

Yoga is considered a good exercise for bones, not only for people with osteoarthritis but also for young people. Yoga exercises have been proven to be very good for the body, especially for the spine, with just a few simple movements.

Yoga is considered a good exercise for bones

The movements that are specific to the bones you should apply immediately such as tree pose, triangle pose, bridge pose, lying position raising one leg holding the big toe …

7. Full body weight loss support

Surely you have heard of yoga for weight loss? Yoga poses can tone and affect the entire body, especially areas with a lot of fat accumulation such as waist, abdomen, thighs …

However, to achieve the highest efficiency, you need to be focused and adhere to the requirements of yoga practice. You can refer to some effective weight loss yoga exercises at home such as baby pose, cobra pose, tree pose, warrior pose, side stretch pose, banana tree pose , pigeon pose, cross-arms sitting posture, sitting forward folded position…

Tips for practicing yoga

It is always the first note for those who have the purpose of practicing yoga, that is, you must have perseverance and patience, and be determined to go to the end. First of all, as well as practicing qigong to nourish life, yoga requires Ask the practitioner to be persistent and patient. Practicing yoga requires the practitioner to voluntarily choose and have the will to go to the end.

Note yoga exercises

Practicing yoga requires the practitioner to voluntarily choose and have the determination to go to the end

Secondly, the practitioner should not burn the stage but must practice the right method and technique, starting from basic exercises to complex exercises. Pay attention to carefully study yoga exercises every time you practice.

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If not performed correctly, the wrong exercise can have unpredictable consequences on bones, joints, subconscious mind, nervous system, circulatory system. Try to apply the 4 no’s if you want to be successful in your yoga practice: no rush (slowly, carefully and gradually), no record (shouldn’t be forced or forced), not too much. energetic (knowing to stop at one’s inherent ability and try) and non-distracting (high concentration and knowing how to relax).

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