Discover the benefits of yoga with cancer patients

Instead of surrendering to cancer, we should find ways to prevent and reduce the symptoms of the disease. In addition to using drugs and rearranging a suitable diet, the practice of sports is always a factor recommended by doctors, especially yoga practice. Let’s learn about the benefits of yoga with cancer patients with

Most cancer patients are in poor health. Mostly due to side effects from drug side effects, radiation therapy and partly due to psychological stress and fatigue of the patient.

Many patients are not physically able to follow the doctor’s treatment regimen, which greatly affects the treatment process. The longer the treatment is delayed, the more pain and fatigue the patient will experience, creating conditions for cancer cells to grow rapidly.

Therefore, doctors treating cancer patients have always reminded patients about the importance of exercise. In particular, yoga is considered a practice method that helps patients have a good impact on both physical and mental health.

In addition, with its gentle and easy nature, this type of exercise has created favorable conditions for patients to exercise easily, improve physical fitness and immunity. Many cancer patients are afraid to exercise because they are afraid that exercises will make them feel tired and lose strength.

However, reality shows that if cancer patients have a suitable exercise regimen, following the doctor’s instructions will not make the body feel tired, but also help strengthen physical, improve health, strengthen the body. resistance during cancer treatment. With the dedicated guidance from the medical staff as well as the determination from the patients, the practice will definitely become extremely effective and successful.

The link between yoga practice and cancer treatment

Everyone knows that when it comes to fighting cancer, the worst thing is the pain from the disease as well as the side effects from the chemotherapy. It is the general invisible pain that makes the patient feel tired, exhausted and even discouraged, wanting to give up.

In addition, patients also have to deal with post-operative scars and wear and tear from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Cancer treatment is a long and arduous journey for both patients and their loved ones.

Benefits of yoga for cancer patients

Cancer treatment is a long and arduous journey

Recent studies show that yoga has the potential to help cancer patients. The patients in the survey all answered that yoga helps them strengthen their resistance, reduce unwanted side effects during treatment.

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Practicing yoga helps them remove discomfort and fatigue in the body and have more optimism against disease, thereby creating positive energy. Compared to other sports, yoga is considered a low-energy sport.

However, this is considered a strong point suitable for cancer patients. Because the patient’s physical condition is still quite weak, it is suitable for gentle exercises that cause little trauma.

List the benefits of yoga with cancer patients

Yoga is an ancient Indian family of mind and body training methods. Breathing yoga methods are essential, combined with correct sitting or with movements.

Today, the great effects of yoga on the mind and health of practitioners have been widely popularized. Here are the 3 biggest effects of yoga for cancer patients:

Eliminate toxins from cancer treatment

First, yoga is used as an effective therapy to help remove toxins accumulated during cancer treatment. Gentle movements combined with breathing will stimulate the muscles, increase blood flow, balance the glands, increase the flow of white blood cells and red blood cells in the body, all of which help to enhance the cleansing process. filter.

Deep, relaxing breathing is often emphasized during exercise to help increase oxygen-rich blood, deliver vital nutrients to tired cells, and continue to remove toxins during the healing process.

Benefits of yoga for cancer patients

Yoga is used as therapy to help remove toxins accumulated during cancer treatment

Comprehensive method of recovery during treatment

As we all know, most cancer patients have to go through a long and tiring radiation therapy. However, yoga is considered as a method to help patients recover quickly, increase resistance, and reduce pain caused by radiation therapy.

In addition to the physical benefits, the benefit of yoga for cancer patients is improved mental optimism. Therefore, patients will have an interest in practicing and love to practice, helping them improve their sense of practice, and create a sense of balance.

At a basic level of consciousness, people with cancer have a sense of well-being and increased vitality in other aspects of their lives.

Improve immune system

When muscles are stretched and contracted, lymph, a fluid that increases immune cells is produced that helps people fight infections, destroy cancer cells, and eliminate toxins in the cells.

Physical enhancement

In addition to problems related to the mind, cancer also affects the patient’s ability to move. Spending a lot of time in the hospital or being sick at home can make a patient’s body stiff and painful, making it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Benefits of yoga for cancer patients

Yoga helps patients relax joints, increase flexibility for the body

Yoga is also considered as a method of “physical therapy” especially for cancer patients, helping them relax their joints, be more flexible and active!

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