Depression due to family pressure: An alarming situation

Depression because of family pressure, although there have been many warnings by the press and media, this number has not stopped increasing. Children and adolescents are one of the subjects that are easily affected by pressure from family in studying, grades, choosing schools.. In many cases, they will hurt themselves or even hurt themselves. is to commit suicide because of not getting help in time.

What family pressures cause depression?

We often say that family is the place to “go to return” because no matter where we go to 5 continents and 4 pools, to any country, there is always someone waiting for us, the place we always think of when we are tired. always family. However, for many people, the two words “family” carry a lot of weight, making them feel suffocated when thinking about it and just want to quickly get out of this place.

Depression due to family pressure
Depression due to family pressure is one of the growing problems, reaching an alarming number

According to statistics on the causes of suicidal behavior in teenagers, up to 33% of people commit this behavior because of conflicts from parents, family and 26% related to academic pressure, of which Family is also a factor that makes the pressure of grades, assignments, and ratings heavier. Among them, many children were depressed before committing suicide but were not detected in time.

In fact, depression because of family pressure is not only found in children but also in adults who seem to have a very strong mentality. So what pressures from family can cause a person to become depressed?

Pressure on scores, rankings, fame

Any parent wants their child to be successful, their child to grow up and the most obvious way to show this is to study well, to be at the top, to work in big companies. What they want their children to do is also the parents’ dream, so they put all their expectations on their children, forcing their children to fulfill their dreams without knowing how their children’s feelings and dreams are.

Society develops faster and faster, so if you take just one step behind, you will completely turn yourself into a backward person. Therefore, many families have forced their children to study day and night, study at school in the morning, study literature in the afternoon, study math at night, and study music at midnight. There are children who are only in elementary school but have no time to rest, do not know what a park or cartoon is.

The higher the education, the greater the family pressure, so the children only know how to study, have no friends to share, so they easily fall into depression. However, no matter how hard they try to study, they cannot satisfy their parents. When trying to be at the top of the class, parents want their children to be at the top of the school, then the top of the district, the top of the city. The pressure builds up so they don’t have time to breathe.

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Even adults who are still subject to their parents’ constraints and have to follow their parents’ will. For example, you have to study the industry that your parents designate, you have to work at the company your parents want, and you have to be a director. If you can’t complete it, you will be scolded by your parents every day, making them not even want to go home.

Money pressure

Money is also one of the reasons why many people fall into depression because of family pressure. For example, there are people who, even though they are going to university, are always forced by their parents to earn money to pay for their studies; When he graduated from school, he was forced to send money home, if he sent a little money, he would be scolded and compared with this person. It sounds strange, but this is the reality in many families today.

Depression due to family pressure
Money pressure makes the breadwinners fall into depression

Another case is that there are children who have to go to work early to pay debts for the family due to their parents or siblings playing around, taking on usury loans, causing the burden of money to fall on the shoulders of a small person. The amount of interest that keeps increasing every day no matter how hard the person tries to make money, it doesn’t pay enough. There are even people who have just finished this debt, but now another debt appears, making their health and mind increasingly exhausted.

Another common case among adults, married people and possibly men is the burden of the cost of raising a family. Once married, it will not be like being alone, especially when having children will incur a lot of big expenses. If there is no stable economy, the pressure of money to feed will be very heavy on the husband’s shoulders, especially during the time of the wife giving birth, if not able to share with anyone will lead to depression.

Pressure from family because of love affairs – marriage causes depression

Depression due to family pressure can also be related to emotional or marital problems. In fact, every parent wants their child to be happy and always wants to get married. Therefore, when you see that your children have reached the age to get married, but there are no signs, they will often be prompted a lot. There are people who are asked every day by their parents, always doing matchmaking or even forcing their children to marry someone they don’t know.

There are even families who, when seeing their children show no signs of love, are taciturn all day, quiet, do not want to socialize with anyone, thinking that their children are “predestined” to follow, so they perform exorcism without knowing that I’m actually depressed. In the end, not only lost money, but these children had to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment because of severe depression without anyone knowing.

Or there are cases where parents are depressed because their children refuse to get married or get married. In these cases, they may be pressured by judgments from neighbors or family members around them, or feel self-pitying that their family situation is not so good that their children don’t want to get married. These emotions gradually make the patient’s mood become melancholy and hopeless, leading to depression.

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Pressure from the family’s high expectations

There are people who give birth to children to fulfill their parents’ dreams, to do things that they couldn’t do in the past. Therefore, from a young age, children are like a doll, it seems that if they are well cared for, they will have a happy life, but in reality, they are completely under the control of their parents, never allowed to be free. by doing what I love.

Depression due to family pressure
Adults always like to set high expectations for their children, but they do not care about their feelings

Everyone is always the pride of the family. Parents always want to show that their children study well, hold high positions, and are trusted by many people; Children always want to show off how pampered their parents are, their parents earn a lot of money, or husbands also want to show off that his wife is both knowledgeable and good at domestic chores. It is those expectations that unintentionally put great pressure on these people, making them always strive to keep their families from being disappointed.

When living not according to their nature, always have to wear a fake mask and will drain the energy of these people. If you can’t find someone to share and confide in, negative things will gradually accumulate inside, like a volcano that doesn’t know when to erupt. Depression because of family pressure is also why there are always negative behaviors, hurting yourself to release the feelings that are smoldering in your heart.

Is depression due to family pressure dangerous?

Depression is inherently a potentially dangerous disease, but it is not easy to treat. According to experts, for people with depression, besides medication and psychological care, the family’s support during home care and treatment also plays an important role. However, for patients with depression because of family pressure, sometimes they do not receive proper support from relatives and family.

Depression due to family pressure
Many people who are depressed because of family pressure have been treated in mental institutions

There are many cases where even though the doctor has diagnosed depression due to too much pressure, the family still cannot accept this fact, still thinks that they are right, even trying to find ways to prove it. The doctor is wrong. They do not give treatment to their loved ones or because even though they are being treated, they still force the patient to do what they want. This made the patient’s condition worse.

In fact, there are children who are forced to study too much by their parents, and as soon as they have met their parents’ expectations, they quickly choose to commit suicide. Because they know that those expectations will never stop, reaching one peak will have to go to another, there is no way to stop. Only death can free them from the grip of their parents.

People with depression because of family pressure, if the family refuses to change, it will be very difficult to completely improve the disease. Even many patients have to be treated by a mental institution because they are increasingly unable to find a common voice with their families. Life, happiness, and work are completely turned upside down, and it is difficult for patients to regain their normal life if they have to undergo psychiatric treatment.

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Avoiding the risk of depression because of family pressure

Depression due to family pressure can be encountered in children, adults or the elderly and can leave many dangerous consequences, so it is advisable to have a way to prevent it as soon as possible. Children are often greatly influenced by their parents, so parents need to change first for their children to follow. In addition, husband and wife also need to share more with each other so that they can support each other financially and take care of the family, thereby minimizing the risk of all family members having mental problems. physical.

Depression due to family pressure
Family members should spend more time caring and sharing together

Some measures will help reduce the risk of depression that comes from the family such as

  • Parents should pay appropriate attention to their children’s interests, should ask their children what they like and want, so that they can give them appropriate orientations, and absolutely should not force their children to follow their own wishes.
  • Each person has their own strengths, instead of forcing their children to learn and develop, create conditions for them to promote their forte. Instead of forcing your child to learn or creating a natural love for learning, such as setting good examples or always having appropriate rewards to boost their morale.
  • Family members should learn to share their feelings with each other every day. The older the children, the more distant family members seem to be. This is also the reason why people don’t understand each other and place their own personal standards on each other
  • Families should make time to eat together at least 1 meal a day or at least 1 day together in a week, no matter how busy the members are. This will help bring the members together more
  • Sharing household chores, not only a financial burden but also taking care of the house and children, everyone has to be responsible.
  • Learn to control your emotions and listen to each other more. Before deciding on any major issue, it is advisable to consult with family members or at least relevant subjects, absolutely do not arbitrarily decide.
  • Know how to listen, learn to absorb and correct mistakes when necessary, should not be too conservative with the opinions of loved ones

Family will be the most peaceful and happiest place for those who are far away to remember, not a place where members have to live in anxiety and fear when thinking about it. Depression due to family pressure, if not detected and controlled in time, will lead to many unwanted consequences, so it is necessary to take preventive measures as soon as possible. Hope the above sharing has brought you more useful information and understanding about this disease.

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