Decoding the boy’s psychology when love is rejected, how painful is it?

When a boy’s love is rejected, he will often be very disappointed and miserable, many men also think that they are incompetent and have lost their motivation to strive in life. However, it is necessary to know how to balance emotions early to avoid the consequences arising. Guys should remember that the most needed thing of a man is still strong and brave.

boy psychology when love is rejected
Understanding more about boys psychology when love is rejected, is it easy to let go?

The boy’s mentality when love is rejected, the pain is over

Love is a sweet thing that gives people many different emotions. Guys regardless of age always have a person who secretly loves and misses, a shadow that overwhelms their mind.

When they have a crush on someone, guys often tend to want to approach the person they love and find all sorts of ways to flirt. However, flirting with women is never easy. And many boys have failed to confess to the person they love.

So what will happen to a boy’s mind when his love is rejected? Usually guys can go after their crush passionately, but when the confession fails, they won’t stick around too much. Of course, there will be disappointment and sadness, but they are still willing to let go of their feelings to balance their emotions and focus on their career.

Here is a boy’s psychological development when love is rejected:

1. The feeling of disappointment covers the mind

Men are a species with a very high ego, they always want to show strength and bravery. When a guy is determined to pursue a girl, they will spend a lot of time and find all ways to get her nod. However, “fate of heaven”, not always his enthusiasm also received sweet fruit.

There will be many guys who will be rejected by the girl they love. At this point, the first emotion that came to his mind was disappointment. He may think that he is incompetent, not brave enough to please the girl he loves. The greater the love of a son, the more the disappointment will be filled.

2. Sad, depressed

Along with the feeling of disappointment is the sadness and depression in the son’s mind when the beautiful woman refuses to love him. This seems to be a common feeling that is easy to understand, if the person you love refuses attention, concern, and care, everyone will be bored.

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Many men who are in love have a hard time controlling their emotions. Sometimes sadness and boredom interfere with daily life. Some guys can’t even concentrate at work, their mind is always thinking about the girl they missed.

3. Turn on battle mode one more time

As mentioned, guys always want to express themselves, they have high egos and like to conquer. Therefore, when a boy is in love, it can be very difficult to accept the feeling of rejection. Even with disappointment, sadness, and depression, a lot of guys will pick up their spirits and turn on battle mode again.

They want to let their loved ones know that, even if they are harshly rejected, they will not give up easily. They always aspire to have a beautiful heart. No matter how many difficulties and barriers they have to overcome, they are ready to continue the journey to conquer the girl they love.

4. Suffering is doubled when continuing to fail

It is often said that “nobody bathes twice in the same river”, yet there are guys who are repeatedly rejected by the girl they have a crush on. At this time, the mentality of a boy when his love is rejected will be very painful, the negative emotions are doubled.

boy psychology when love is rejected
Guys who get rejected are often very disappointed and heartbroken

Being rejected for the first time, because of giving too much love, he was still determined to fight for his love one more time but was still rejected. Imagine what is more painful than that, many guys when they are rejected emotionally, they become depressed, no longer motivated to work, even locked themselves in the room for many days. Many men also turn to alcohol and tobacco to relieve their sadness with the desire to soon control negative emotions.

However, every sadness will pass, every pain will have an end. Maybe the double hurt, double the pain is the motivation to help the guys become stronger and more resilient.

5. Accept the truth and let go

After a long period of being immersed in complex and negative emotions, boys will gradually accept the fact that they are rejected by the other side. At this time, the guys often will not allow themselves to suffer and be bored anymore, knowing the truth will know how to let go.

However, not just saying give up means giving up right away. In fact, any injury, either mental or physical, takes time to heal. At first, even though they were no longer so sad and depressed, the guys were still a little sad sometimes. Especially the moments that recall the opponent’s silhouette.

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When you have accepted and let go, sadness is only fleeting, suddenly comes and then quickly goes. The boys didn’t wallow in negative emotions for too long. At this point, the guys know it’s time to change, to live for themselves instead of thinking about a shadow that doesn’t belong to them forever.

6. Return to emotional equilibrium

When a boy’s love is rejected, he usually won’t be confused and entangled too much. They can fight once, twice, but the third time the result is still a shake of the head, they will be ready to accept and give up.

For boys, love is just a spice for a colorful life. They need love, but for them love is often not everything, because most guys are very interested in career success. They can’t spend too much time with the girl they love and forget about bigger things.

After accepting and letting go, guys will quickly return to emotional balance. They continue to give work and life a spin. Moreover, burying their heads in work and trying for the future will help them gain more confidence and soon forget the silhouette of the girl they once loved.

How to psychologically balance boys when love is rejected

Being emotionally rejected is never a pleasant thing for both boys and girls. However, guys are usually people with high egos and like to express themselves, so rejection seems to be more difficult to accept. Feeling hopeless, suffering can last for a long time, so it takes time to heal the wound and balance emotions again.

How to balance emotions when being rejected
When being rejected, guys should find pleasures to forget about negative emotions

To return to normal psychological state soon, forget the feeling of emotional rejection, guys can apply some of the following tips:

  • Acknowledge your feelings: Feeling disappointed, heartbroken when love is rejected is a very natural human response. That’s why you need to acknowledge your feelings and be ready to face them. This is the best way to quickly get rid of boredom and pain.
  • Talk to a trusted friend: You should choose a friend who is always optimistic, happy and has a positive view to share the problem you are facing. Sometimes, just listening to them subtly is enough for you to ease the troubles in your heart. In addition, they can also give you useful and relevant advice.
  • Allow yourself to suffer: It is very normal for a boy to suffer when his love is rejected. So give yourself time to be sad and accept the pain. If you try to act like it’s okay, your thoughts and feelings will be repressed. At this point, things will only get worse.
  • Find things that make you happy: You can allow yourself to suffer, but don’t let it last too long. You need to find a way to get your mind off the problem when love is rejected. The advice for you is to find other hobbies, such as watching funny shows, watching comedy movies, going to sports, going out with friends, going shopping, etc.
  • Learn to love yourself more: No matter how painful and desperate it is, the bad things about being rejected only last for a while. You need to soon overcome negative emotions and return to yourself, learn to love yourself more. In addition to making efforts to exercise, focus on work. Men with an open career are not worried about the lack of women around.
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A boy’s mentality when in love is rejected, although it will be very painful, disappointing and boring, but don’t let these negative emotions overwhelm your mind for too long. Learn how to balance emotions to return to normal soon, love yourself and put more effort into work and career to become a strong and brave man.

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