Crush stares at me – Catch the wave now to cut his heart

Crushing stares at you can be a sign that your crush is having a crush on you. At this time, you need to seize the opportunity and know how to behave delicately to win the heart of your crush. Maybe the two can catch up with each other and enter a new beginning for a “peaceful love affair”.

crush stares at me
You need to know how to behave subtly when your crush stares at you

Read the psychology of when your crush stares at you

Staring is simply a way of looking longer and more focused than usual. When someone stares at you, it means they may like you, are curious about you, or may be threatening you.

A gaze with intense concentration can express love, concern, or hatred. So pay more attention to the eye contact or other facial expressions that accompany the staring gesture to determine what the person is thinking about you.

The case of my crush staring at me is similar. In addition to paying attention to the look, you need to pay attention to other expressions to be able to read the person’s psychology accurately. From there, there is a way to behave appropriately so that the two can easily get closer to each other.

When my crush stares at me, my eyes can say a thousand meanings. Try to be a delicate girl who can observe his eyes to know if he really likes you or has feelings for you.

If your crush stares at you with affectionate eyes, it is a very positive signal. At this point, your crush is clearly interested in you, they are “green light” and want you to quickly catch the signal.

If your crush stares at you but with a frown, it seems a bit uncomfortable and tense. A frown can tell you that your crush is disagreeing with your opinion or that there is something about your appearance that displeases them.

As long as you really care about your crush’s gaze and pay attention to their facial expressions, you can completely read their psychology at that moment. This will help you to be proactive in your behavior to become more attractive in the eyes of that person.

How to behave subtly when your crush stares at you

As mentioned, when others stare at you, you will feel a little uncomfortable. However, with a crush, it’s different, a crush’s intense gaze can show that the person is interested in you or has a curiosity about you. At this time, you need to know how to behave skillfully to become more attractive. It also creates an opportunity for the two to get closer to each other.

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If you’re still confused about what to do when your crush stares at you, here are some tips that will help:

1. Take a deep breath

When your crush stares at you, you will often have reactions such as embarrassment, shyness, and anxiety. The sudden embarrassment triggers that you don’t know what to do to impress or attract the person.

what to do when my crush stares at me
You should take a deep breath when your crush stares at you to stay calm

At this time, very useful and effective advice for you is to pay attention to deep breathing. This is supposed to be a great solution for you to deal with nervousness, shyness, shame and anxiety. Thereby helping you to be calmer and more confident, preventing the avoidance reaction.

You just need to take a deep breath through the nose and hold the breath in the diaphragm for a few breaths, then slowly exhale through the mouth. Breathing deeply and regularly will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to produce many hormones that create a feeling of comfort. This will help you relax your mind and feel more balanced.

2. Put on a big smile

Putting on a big smile is also the perfect answer if you’re wondering what to do when your crush stares at you. Because a smile is always said to be the “ultimate” weapon that brings comfort in communication as well as social interaction. At the same time, it is also the right response to many different situations.

According to experts, a human smile clearly shows strength, optimism and joy. It can lift your mood, soothe a racing heart, elicit empathy, or get you out of an awkward situation. Specifically in this case is the situation where my crush is staring at me.

A bright smile will help you become calmer in the face of mixed emotions. It helps you show confidence. And you also know that a confident person is always filled with positive energy and attracts people around. Especially having a very strong attraction to people of the opposite sex.

Try to put on a natural smile that brightens up your face instead of a forced smile. My advice to you is that the Duchenne smile has great power and has a profound effect on human expression.

The Duchenne smile is simply defined as a smile that reaches the eyes. It makes the corners of your eyes pucker with crow’s feet. The Duchenne smile is recognized as the truest expression of joy and happiness. So when your crush stares at you, you can give them a warm Duchenne smile.

Subtle reactions when your crush looks at you
Duchenne’s smile is a very powerful weapon in an awkward situation

3. Subtle shyness

Shyness is a natural reaction that occurs when someone stares at you, especially with women. When your crush stares at you, you can also immediately apply the “bewildered golden deer” trick. You act like you’re confused because you don’t understand why your crush is looking at you.

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The purpose of being shy is to distract your crush and not let your crush know that you already like them. For women, shyness and timidity create an irresistible attraction. A shy face, confused eyes, and slightly rosy cheeks can make the other person fall in love.

4. Absolutely do not evade

When you are stared at by your crush, you will more or less show shyness, embarrassment, or even anxiety. If you continue to look your partner in the eye, the negative emotions mentioned above can multiply. However, avoiding is never a good way, especially when the person staring at you is your crush and not someone else.

You can temporarily avoid the enemy’s gaze, but absolutely cannot avoid it by running away. This can cause you to miss the opportunity to show confidence and attract him with the strengths that are inherent in you. For example, a bright smile, a lovely and shy face full of sophistication,…

5. Don’t be annoyed when your crush stares at you

As mentioned, discomfort can be a natural response to someone staring at you. However, with the look of your crush, you need to immediately remove this reaction from your head. Because sometimes the discomfort is just a natural outburst, but it accidentally cuts the bond between you and that person.

There are times when your crush’s gaze can be accompanied by a puzzled frown. At this point, you have to try to stay calm and not be upset with the other person. Give them a smile instead. This shows that, in any situation, you are always confident and smart.

Hopefully the information in the article will help you read the exact psychology of your crush when he or she stares at you. At the same time, have a skillful way to attract your crush and give the two a chance to get closer.

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