Couple yoga – The secret to keeping the fire of happiness

Couple yoga practice is a great opportunity to build communication and strong bonds in relationships, whether with friends, family members or someone special.

Have you ever thought about doing yoga with your lover or best friend? Traditionally, yoga has been a form of individual exercise. However, along with the passage of time, double yoga has been formed and developed to build trust and close connection between relationships. Follow along with to follow the sharing below to understand more about the benefits of double yoga.

Couple yoga – The secret to keeping the fire of happiness

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means harmony, and the most obvious type of yoga towards this goal is double yoga. Couple yoga (or partner yoga) is a combination of movements between two people practicing together.

The main goal of these exercises is to expand your fitness in many ways. With the help of a partner, you can try new poses and uncover more of the “mystery” behind familiar poses.

double yoga

Couple yoga – The secret to keeping the “fire” happy

Besides, this is also an opportunity for you to challenge yourself physically and emotionally by putting your body in someone else’s hands. Couple yoga brings people together through every move, every breath in yoga, every touch and, importantly, intimacy.

Great benefits of double yoga

Here’s what double yoga can do for your relationship:

1. Increase satisfaction with current relationship

Doing double yoga can help you and your partner feel more satisfied with your current relationship. Many studies have shown that when couples engage in challenging new activities, the emotional bond is stronger.

At the same time, both will also feel the attraction and romance of the other. When practicing double yoga, couples must be fully engaged in each movement, supporting each other, maintaining balance, alignment, and focus in each pose.

So, doing double yoga is an effective way to foster a bond between the two of you because then you learn to be humble, to interact, to be open and to have great trust in your partner’s support. each pose.

In addition, being intimate and posing together when practicing yoga poses creates a new feeling. Besides, when you practice together, you and your partner also have time and space to be together.

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2. Improve intimacy and sex life

For couples, doing double yoga is a way to increase sexual arousal. A study from Loyola University Health System, USA, shows that practicing double yoga can be hugely beneficial for couples struggling with sexual dysfunction.

However, do not think that yoga is a natural aphrodisiac. Because double yoga requires both practitioners to synchronize their breathing, posture and movement. It is this that increases intimacy because you need to achieve some level of trust, communication, and connection.

Another reason yoga can improve sex life is that yoga can increase communication through practice. In fact, the cause of conflict in a relationship is often because couples feel incompatible due to distance or lack of understanding. When practicing yoga in pairs, yoga poses that move together will help to “eliminate” this.

3. Enhance communication and trust

To create harmony when doing double yoga exercises, you need to have great trust in your partner and must constantly communicate verbally and body language. This requires mutual trust.

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Yoga improves the state of your relationships very well

In addition, to learn to fully trust another person, you also need to deepen your ability to trust yourself. When we perceive risk in the presence of another person, we are empowered to learn, feel deeper without too much effort.

4. Reduce anxiety and stress

If traditional yoga is touted as a miracle cure for anxiety, double yoga can do so much more. Experts say that holding hands with your partner produces a strong neurological response. Therefore, double yoga can help reduce the nervous system’s response to stress.

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Double yoga makes your sex life more sublimated

5. Create a sharing moment

Double yoga is not simply about one person supporting the other to soar. Double yoga is about giving and receiving. Therefore, you should immediately give up thinking that the person with a larger body will support someone with a smaller body, because in double yoga it is also possible to do the opposite.

Think of a time when two people moved together. Give yourself the opportunity to practice feeling your weight. Give your workout buddy the chance to share every moment with you. There is nothing sexier than flying together and creating a wonderful bonding moment.

6. Learn to let go

Sometimes we all take things too seriously and always find a way to take all our frustrations and mistakes out on our partner after a tiring day at work. When doing double yoga, you will gradually learn to let go, release stress to enjoy life instead of thinking too much, making both mind and body tired.

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7. Create a sense of balance

We often have special tendencies in relationships. On the one hand, we feel overly sensitive and gradually become lost. On the other hand, we feel protected and energized. This contrast sometimes creates a feeling of contradiction that makes your mind tired.

There is no separation between giver and receiver in two-person yoga poses. Both must be completely immersed in each movement with a clear supporting role to create a perfect sense of balance.

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