Coke how many calories? Does drinking coke make you fat?

Coca is known as a famous carbonated soft drink that is loved by many people. Some people even consider coke as a daily drink and indispensable in every meal. However, using too much coca will cause obesity and potentially many dangerous diseases. So Coke how many calories?? How much coke is enough? Let’s Ocany Learn about this knowledge in the article below.

How many calories in 1 can of Coke?

Coca is an abbreviation for the Coca-Cola brand of carbonated soft drinks produced by the Coca-Cola Company. This company has been established quite a long time, since the twentieth century. Despite decades of ups and downs, Coca is still the name chosen by consumers. Therefore, Coca has a strong position in the beverage market. It appears almost everywhere, from grocery stores, supermarkets to vending machines.

However, the essence of Coke is still a soft drink made up of many chemical components. Therefore, using a lot of Coca will adversely affect human health. But for some users, they do not know how many calories coca and how much is appropriate. Therefore, this article is shared by Ocan to help more people understand the knowledge of coca cola how many calories.

According to the information on the packaging, a 330ml can of Coke contains 139 calories. This is the amount of calories equivalent to 7% of the energy that an average adult consumes in a day. In addition to calories, coke also contains 34.3g of sugar and 26.4mg of calcium. These substances are also one of the causes of obesity for users.

Coca-Cola contains a lot of calories

Coca-Cola contains a lot of calories

Drinking Coke is good?

Not in a hurry to discuss the issue of how many calories in coke or how many calories in unsweetened coca. First of all, we need to care whether drinking Coke is good?

We have to admit that Coca is the top 1 ranked carbonated soft drink in Vietnam and in the world. This is an addictive drink for children, teenagers and adults. Because drinking Coke is very thirsty, many people cannot quit this habit whenever they feel tired or thirsty. But drinking too much Coca will affect health and in the long run can cause obesity and other dangerous diseases.

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One of the scary things about drinking too much Coke is that it can be addictive. Too much sugar in the body causes overweight, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure. After that, you will gradually become dependent on this drink. If there is no daily drink, it will easily cause stress and difficulty concentrating. It can be said that the above harms are not small, so you need to know the amount Coke how many calories? before you want to load it into the body.

Drinking a lot of Coke is not good for the body

Drinking a lot of Coke is not good for the body

Does drinking Coke make you fat?

Besides the issue of how many calories coke, you should also pay attention to the amount of sugar in this beverage. According to nutrition experts, the main ingredient in Coca and other soft drinks is sugar. So, regular use of soft drinks will definitely make you gain weight. Especially the sugar in soft drinks is very difficult to convert into energy, you have to exercise for hours to digest all that sugar.

The University of Texas Medical Center (USA) has a study that shows that people who regularly use soft drinks in their daily meals are 10 times more likely to be obese than the average person.

Drinking a lot of Coke will easily make you fat

Drinking a lot of Coke will easily make you fat

How to drink Coke properly?

Once you know how many calories coke is and that drinking Coke can cause obesity, you should not take that as a basis to rule out this type of drink. Because in fact, this is a delicious drink to help you quench your thirst very well. What you need to pay attention to is probably to consider using a reasonable amount of Coca.

According to the recommendations of nutritionists, drinking Coke is not completely harmful. For a healthy adult, can drink Coke 1-2 times a week and each drink no more than 1 can.

You should only drink Coke in moderation

You should only drink Coke in moderation

Does drinking sugar-free coke make you fat?

Many of you think that sugar-free coca has no calories, so it does not cause obesity. However, this statement is not true because although it does not contain a high amount of sugar, unsweetened Coke contains the artificial sweetener aspartame. This is a chemical sugar and can be considered as zero calories. When broken down in the body, they will be converted into methanol and amino acids, which are substances that produce calories.

Thus, we cannot base on how many calories coke is to be able to determine that the calorie-free type will not cause fat. Therefore, you should not abuse sugar-free Coke and drink them uncontrollably. As Ocany said in the above content, any kind of soft drink, you should only use it in moderation.

Sugar-free Coca-Cola will also make you fat

Sugar-free Coca-Cola will also make you fat

Some harmful effects when using Coca-Cola

So, we already know how many calories coke has and answer the question of whether drinking sugar-free coke is fat. In the next content, we will explore some of the harms when you abuse coca.

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Makes it difficult for the body to absorb essential vitamins

Phosphoric acid and caffeine present in coca will inhibit the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins. After you drink Coke, the vitamins may be pushed out of the body by these two substances.

Thus, if you drink Coke every day, it will be difficult for the body to receive the necessary vitamins. Over time, it will lead to a state of vitamin deficiency in the body, making the body tired.

Causes the body to age quickly, causing bad effects on the skin

If you drink Coke every day will increase the amount of sugar in the body. And sugar is the author that makes the aging process faster. In addition, drinking Coke every day will make the body lose water, adversely affecting the skin.

Makes the body able to cope with stress and anxiety

In the composition of Coke contains caffeine, so when drinking Coke continuously you will often lose sleep and stress. At the same time, your emotions will also be prone to anger and instability. Caffeine can also be addictive if you drink too much, often and continuously.

Drinking too much Coke will be harmful to health

Drinking too much Coke will be harmful to health

Enamel wear

Acid in carbonated soft drinks will wear down your teeth and it is also the cause of many dental problems. In addition, because Coca inhibits the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, when drinking too much, the body will not synthesize calcium, causing dental problems.

Make the body overweight and obese

As shared, you already know how many calories in Coca-Cola. Although the number of calories is not much, but plus some other ingredients in Coca is also a concern. Because the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners in Coca is too large. It makes it difficult for the body to metabolize and eliminate. Over time, it will cause obesity and overweight.

Impaired liver and kidney function

If you regularly drink Coke or use other carbonated beverages, it will lead to an overactive liver. This will greatly reduce liver and kidney function.

Increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood pressure

Drinking Coke every day will increase the body’s production of bad cholesterol. This increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. In addition, regularly drinking Coca will also increase the risk of diabetes.

Increased risk of cancer

In addition to discussing the issue of how many calories in a can of coke, you need to pay attention to both the chemical composition and the packaging containing Coke because it is also harmful to health. The chemical components in Coke along with the benzene molecules found in soft drink packaging, cans and bottles will stimulate precancerous cells to grow and increase the incidence of cancer.

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In addition, Coca also causes bad impacts on the environment and water resources. To be able to produce 10,000 liters of carbonated soft drinks, billions of liters of clean water need to be consumed every second. But only 40% of the water is used directly to create the product, the remaining 60% is used in the production process.

This wastes a lot of water, while the world’s water resources are getting less and less and many places are struggling with severe water shortages.

Coca abuse is also the cause of your cancer risk

Coca abuse is also the cause of your cancer risk

What should be noted when drinking coca so as not to affect health?

After confirming how many calories of coke and the chemical composition of Coke cans, nutritionists recommend drinking a maximum of about 1 300ml can a day. However, do not drink often but should only use 1 to 2 cans per week.

In addition, the acid in Coke will erode tooth enamel. So when drinking Coke and carbonated soft drinks you should use a straw. In addition, you should not hold soft drinks in your mouth for too long.

Need to control the amount of Coca loaded into the body

Need to control the amount of Coca loaded into the body

Through the sharing in the above article, Ocany hopes to help you answer questions related to how many calories in coca and how many calories in unsweetened coca… In fact, if you are applying a nutritional diet and exercise to lose weight should not use Coca. Because that will easily make your efforts meaningless. Therefore, please pay attention to using Coca appropriately and safely for your health!

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