Check out 4 difficult yoga poses to conquer, not to be missed

Yoga is a practice that contains great moments. Because this subject helps the practitioner to bring the body beyond the physical and mental limits. Let’s learn about difficult yoga poses with to see how difficult it is!

Are you too familiar with yoga and looking for more advanced exercises? The higher the level, the harder it is to do. The more difficult yoga poses, the more ardent the yoga devotees will be to practice and satisfy their conquering nature. If you feel that the basic yoga poses are too boring, please refer to the following article.

4 difficult yoga poses to conquer, should not be ignored

1. Pose of growing a banana tree with one leg

Pose of growing a banana tree with one leg


  • Start in a kneeling position on an exercise mat. Then put your elbows on the floor. Both hands are perpendicular to the mat and create a shoulder-width distance.
  • When performing this pose, the entire weight will be on the elbows. Interlaced fingers.
  • Place the top of your head on the floor. Note the interlaced palms placed face down on the back of the neck.
  • Slowly bring your legs up with the toes pointing up to the sky, perpendicular to the mat.
  • Then bend your knees and keep your body still. Slowly raise your legs. At this point, the knees are facing the ceiling, heels close to the buttocks.

Pay attention to the breath and try to stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2. Crow yoga pose

Crow yoga pose


  • Prepare in mountain pose, arms placed down by the sides of the hips.
  • Slowly lower your knees so that you feel the palm of your hand so that your hands are about shoulder-width apart.
  • Then place your palms face down on the mat. With this pose try to open your palms and fingers because this will be the part that will bear a lot of weight while performing.
  • Bend your elbows slightly. Lift your legs up so that your knees are in line with your arms
  • Begin to shift your weight forward into your hands while lifting your head.
  • Adjust the position so that you are comfortable and can perform the movement for as long as possible.
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Slowly exit the pose and return to the starting position.
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3. Scorpion yoga pose

Scorpion yoga pose


  • Start in a seated position with your knees bent between your feet. Relax your hand.
  • Gradually bring your body and legs up to perform a standing yoga position with your arms right in the middle of the mat.
  • Kneel down. Palms down on the mat, head up and eyes looking forward.
  • Push your hips over your shoulders. Gradually move your hips away from your head, trying to bend your spine into the extension position so that your body forms a C-shape like the shape of a scorpion.
  • Try to hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute or longer depending on your ability.
  • Then slowly exit the pose and return to the starting position. Stretch the body.

4. Peacock yoga pose

Peacock yoga pose


  • First, you kneel on the exercise mat. Then slowly bend forward. Lower your palms to the floor of the exercise mat.
  • Slowly bend the elbows while rotating the forearms so that they are leaning against each other. Make the forearms lean against each other. The diaphragms of the abdomen rest on the elbows, the chest rests on the backs of the arms.
  • Then straighten your legs back and close.
  • Try to keep your whole body parallel to the mat and stay in this position for as long as possible (within your stamina).
  • Take care with this pose not to put pressure on the ribs. Pressure on the diaphragm makes breathing difficult.
  • After you feel tired, lower your legs to the mat and return to the starting position.

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