Care plan for patients with gastritis

Gastritis is a common problem in the digestive tract. Patients are often subjective just taking medicine will cure the disease. This is a wrong thinking, during the treatment it is necessary to have a plan to care for the gastritis patient properly. For a perfect patient care plan, please refer to the following article by MSc Tran Quoc Phong.

What is the cause of gastritis?

Gastritis usually describes inflammation in the lining of the stomach. This is the result of bacterial invasion or drinking a lot of alcohol or taking painkillers, etc. Gastritis is the phenomenon of mucosal inflammation, swelling or ulceration. Symptoms are often sudden (acute gastritis) or insidious (chronic gastritis).

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach
Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining

Gastritis can occur in anyone with factors that increase the risk of the disease. Therefore, we need to know the causes of the disease in order to take preventive measures gastritis patient care plan.

  • Infection: infection bacteria Helicobacter pylori. This is a bacteria that loses the anti-acid function of the mucosa. This bacteria gets into the mucus layer and secretes substances that are harmful to the stomach.
  • Using pain relievers and antibiotics regularly: When taking pain relievers regularly or excessively, the body may stop synthesizing protaglandin. This is an important substance to fight harmful bacteria in the stomach.
  • Eating too full or leaving your stomach hungry, fasting: Not having meals because of work or weight loss can all cause stomach ulcers. The pain lasts from 1 to 2 hours. At the same time, if you eat too much, it also causes unpredictable consequences.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcoholic beverages irritate and erode the stomach lining. Increases the chance for digestive juices to hurt.
  • Stress: Physical stress is also a cause of gastritis.
  • Age: As people get older, the lining of the stomach tends to thin. The risk of H. pylori infection and immune disorders is also higher than that of young people.
  • Other health problems: have medical conditions such as HIV AIDSparasitic infections, etc. increase the risk of gastritis.

Care plan for patients with gastritis


Nutritional diet for patients with gastritis
Nutritional diet for patients with gastritis
  • Nutritionally complete diet.
  • Eat on time, don’t skip meals, don’t starve.
  • Eat enough, avoid overeating.
  • Limit late-night eating.
  • If you have indigestion, you can divide your meal into several small meals to lessen the effects of stomach acid.
  • Avoid eating foods that irritate the stomach: spicy foods, fried foods that are greasy or fatty.
  • Limit alcohol, beer, alcoholic beverages that irritate the mucosa.
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Life mode

Care plan for patients with gastritisDon’t forget your daily routines. These activities affect the digestion of food.

  • Maintain a reasonable biological clock: Get enough sleep, be on time and avoid staying up late. You should rest in moderation to avoid exhaustion.
  • Limit stress: Anxiety and pressure make gastritis worse, severe can cause bleeding and ulcers.
  • Hygiene of the body and the environment: helps to reduce the risk of foreign pathogens and complications.
  • Control your emotions: fluctuating emotions (too happy or too sad) is also an opportunity for gastritis to recur.
  • Improve health: practice gentle movement exercises such as walking, yoga, meditation, etc. to help improve health.

Relieve stomach pain with natural remedies

Drink honey and turmeric in the morning

Usage is very simple, drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix 1 spoon honey pure and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, dissolve in warm water and drink. This is an effective remedy for stomach ulcers.

Drink malt water

Combine malt with husk (ratio 3:1) to cook for drinking water. Cook for about 20 minutes to let the ingredients out and divide them into servings of the day.

Buddha’s Water

Just wash the Buddha’s hand and put it in a thermos with hot water. Leave to steep for about 20 minutes and then drink during the day as tea. Can add rock sugar for easy drinking.

When to see a doctor?

When there are signs of doubt, you should monitor the progress of the symptoms to see if they go away on their own. If the pain persists and tends to get worse, seek medical attention. In particular, you should see your doctor right away if:

  • Vomiting lasts 12 hours continuously.
  • High fever with severe abdominal pain in the epigastrium.
  • Blood out.
  • Severe abdominal pain during pregnancy.
  • Weight dropped sharply.
  • Signs of dehydration.
gastritis patient care plan
Symptoms of gastritis

Above is gastritis patient care plan. If you have any suspicions about the disease, you should visit your doctor for an examination. Because the disease lasts longer, it leads to dangerous complications such as stomach bleeding, stomach cancer, etc.

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