Can somatic disorder be cured?

Is body dysmorphic disorder curable, so how to treat it is a concern of many sufferers. In fact, the treatment of this disease is not easy, to ensure that it is completely cured or not depends on many factors, especially a healthy spirit and determination of the patient. However, if treated early and applied the right course, the patient still has a very good life.

Can somatic disorder be cured?

Body dysmorphic disorder is manifested by the patient’s excessive concern with a certain problem of the body, be it physical appearance or health. For example, they always feel stomachache, feel that their nose is too big, they feel like they have cancer. However, in fact, they do not have physical problems, but these problems are rooted in their psychology.

The symptoms of somatic disorder are so varied that they always think they can feel these problems. Even in somatic dysmorphic patients who have been to the hospital and been diagnosed without a diagnosis. sick but still do not trust the doctor’s orders. Or a patient with a fear of body deformity, even though he has had plastic surgery many times, is still not satisfied with his new appearance.

Can body dysmorphic disorder be cured?
Somatic disorders that are curable no longer need to depend on many factors

Is body dysmorphic disorder curable is a concern of many people because these long-term worries and obsessions can seriously affect the quality of life of each person. However, this depends on many factors, it is difficult to say for sure.

Patients themselves are completely unable to realize that the problem they are having is a psychological problem, so they only keep the belief that their body has a problem. Therefore, it is very difficult to diagnose the disease right from the start, most patients are diagnosed quite late, often because other people detect abnormal psychology of the patient and take them to the doctor.

To know if somatic disorder is curable does not depend a lot on the stage of detection and treatment schedule. The earlier it is detected, the higher the patient’s prognosis, the patient can completely eliminate distorted thoughts about themselves and return to a normal life.

Usually, for patients with body dysmorphic disorder, the use of drugs is only temporary support to stabilize psychology and control extreme states for the patient. New psychotherapy is the main measure to change the patient’s deviant psychology, helping the patient understand that his body is completely normal.

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If the patient responds well to the therapeutic measures, the possibility of recovery is very high. Especially if the patient finds the right psychologist for himself, he can persevere with the patient through the very difficult early stages because it is not easy to make the patient accept that he has a mental problem. mentality.

Whether somatic disorder is curable also requires the perseverance of the patient himself and his family. If there is no patient’s relatives to support and motivate the patient to improve the spirit and determination to treat, the psychological recovery process of the patient also encounters many difficulties.

In general, whether somatic disorder is curable, the answer is still possible. The right treatment, perseverance and determination of the patient are important factors to do this.

Effective treatment of body dysmorphic disorder

With that said, the treatment of somatic disorders is still difficult, but if the patient cooperates with the doctor and therapist, the prognosis will be extremely positive. Specific treatment directions for people with this disease are as follows

Medical treatment

Whether or not somatic disorder is curable, the fact that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not officially approved drugs for patients with somatic disorders has not been officially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, psychiatrists can still prescribe anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications such as SSRIs or tranquilizers to temporarily control extreme emotions for patients.

Can body dysmorphic disorder be cured?
The doctor will prescribe a number of drugs to control the extreme symptoms for the patient

The use of these drugs should be guaranteed by a qualified doctor, absolutely do not use them on your own because they are accompanied by many unwanted side effects.

In addition, in some patients, if symptoms are too severe, excessive self-harm behaviors may also require hospitalization for best management. However, hospitalization is mainly recommended when the patient does not respond well to other methods, especially psychotherapy.


As mentioned, psychotherapy is the main approach for patients with body dysmorphic disorder. The psychologist will reinforce the belief that the patient understands that their body is completely normal, without any problems, and teach them how to deal with other negative stressors.

Can body dysmorphic disorder be cured?
Psychotherapy is a solution that brings many positive prognosis to patients

Psychological measures are often applied to patients with somatic disorders such as cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy, family therapy. Regardless of the method, the main goal is still for the patient to understand the problem he is facing, adjust his way of thinking correctly, appropriately, more positively, eliminate false negative thoughts with the patient. reality.

If somatic disorder is curable, the answer will be yes if the patient responds well to these therapies. The patient’s spirit gradually becomes more optimistic, understands that he has no health problems, and the physical defects are not as serious as they perceive, so they gradually love themselves more and are happier.

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Families should also participate in psychotherapy with the patient to better understand the patient, thereby providing the most appropriate care. Mental encouragement, health and perseverance along with the support of the family also play an important role in shortening the time of treatment.

Change to a healthier lifestyle

Treatment of body dysmorphic disorder is not a day or two that can be cured, and at the same time, it is not possible to guarantee that the disease will not return if the patient does not soon change to a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a good health, a stable spirit also makes a very important contribution to improving the quality of life for patients better every day.

Can body dysmorphic disorder be cured?
Learn to love even your flaws, you will find this life so much more beautiful

Specifically, some home care measures that patients should take are as follows:

  • Make sure to get enough sleep every day, absolutely don’t stay up late to stay awake and healthy
  • Make a scientific diet, increase green vegetables, fruits and other healthy food groups
  • Absolutely stay away from alcoholic beverages or stimulants, narcotics because they can make the mind lack of alertness, increase impulsive behaviors and lose control.
  • Maintain a daily exercise routine to improve health and spirit
  • If you have a body defect disorder, you can also learn ways to improve yourself, such as eating scientifically to control your weight, learning how to take care of your skin, learning how to apply makeup to enhance your features. your own beauty, overshadowing your previous flaws
  • Share your thoughts with family and friends, don’t keep them in your heart because it will accumulate negative emotions and make it easier to explode again.
  • Learn to love yourself more, say love to yourself every day, even with your own flaws. When you are confident in yourself, you will no longer see a flat nose as ugly, no longer see overweight as obnoxious, but will see it as a characteristic of yourself.
  • Meditation or yoga are also therapies that help control mood, purify negative things, stabilize emotions and help people with body dysmorphic disorder.
  • Take measures to help relax your mind such as watching movies, listening to music, taking a hot bath or traveling…

The cure of somatic disorders does not depend on many factors, but as long as the patient has determination, nothing is impossible. Each person needs to learn to be confident in themselves, to love their own flaws, then we will find this life much more beautiful.

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