Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured? Does it heal on its own?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a very common disorder in children and has been on the rise in recent years. This also makes many parents feel anxious and always ask the question “Can ADHD be cured?”.

Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured?

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can’t concentrate on studying or anything.

Learn about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that often develops in young children and has shown signs of increasing significantly in recent years. Usually, the symptoms of the disease will start early from about 6 to 12 years old, of which about 6-8% of cases appear under 18 years of age.

The most prominent feature of this disorder is difficulty concentrating, losing control of one’s own behaviors and becoming hyperactive, having an excessive amount of energy. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, if not detected early and with appropriate interventions, will cause a lot of negative effects on the behavior, personality, thinking and psychology of young children.

According to the results of many studies, ADHD can be related to genetic factors or due to bad habits in women during pregnancy, complications during childbirth or due to the environment. daily activities. To assess whether a child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is necessary to conduct a direct examination with a doctor or psychologist.

Generally, to evaluate a child with ADHD, the child needs to have at least 6 of the typical symptoms and the conflict must have been going on for at least 6 months. These symptoms must interfere with the child’s adaptation or fail to respond to the developmental level of other mental illnesses.

Is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder curable?

With the amazing rate of increase in the incidence of ADHD in young children, parents also become worried and constantly ask the question, “Is ADHD curable? Will it heal on its own?”

According to experts, most diseases related to neurodevelopment are difficult to cure on their own, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Symptoms of the disease will often start very early and if not timely intervention will gradually progress to adolescence and adulthood.

According to the assessment, the symptoms of ADHD will have a degree of relief as the child matures, but in essence, it will not go away on its own. If not well remedied, up to 50% of cases with ADHD progress seriously into adulthood and greatly affect life.

Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be cured with appropriate treatment

Although it is a developmental disorder closely related to the nervous system of the brain, compared with other diseases such as retardation, autism, and schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is dangerous. much lower risk. When properly detected and treated, ADHD in children can be completely cured.

Children, after being properly treated, will gradually recover their awareness, behaviors, and overthinking are well controlled, and they still have as many chances of success as other normal children. More specifically, the symptoms of this disease tend to lessen as children get older, and behaviors begin to be controlled.

Therefore, parents should not be too worried and afraid, but it is important to calm down and find effective ways to overcome them. Parents need to be attentive and patient in the process of helping their children gradually recover their health and improve their own misbehavior.

Effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be cured, in fact there are many cases of indifferent parents who think that these are signs of rebellion and corruption of their children, leading to the refusal to timely examination and treatment. If this disease is not properly intervened early, it will cause a lot of obstacles to life activities, the more serious the disease will develop and make the children’s learning process impaired. Specifically like:

  • Children will be excitable, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive, so they tend to want to solve problems by violence.
  • Children will have difficulty communicating, making friends or maintaining a lasting relationship.
  • Children will find it difficult to achieve good academic results, poor concentration, poorer academic performance and unable to keep up with peers. In some cases, young children are teased, shunned and bullied by friends.
  • Children act in a thoughtless manner, often creating dangerous situations such as suddenly rushing out into the street, climbing up and down, playing with fire, etc.
  • It is more likely that children will make mistakes due to their own carelessness or when they grow up they will tend to be drawn into social evils such as theft, gambling, addiction, etc.

How to cure attention deficit hyperactivity disorder effectively

As shared above, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be completely overcome if appropriate treatment methods are applied. Usually, children with ADHD will be given priority to apply psychotherapy, use drugs in combination with children’s behavior education. Depending on the different conditions of the patient, the experts will consider applying the appropriate therapy. Specifically about each treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder such as:

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is simply understood as therapy using communication language to exploit and go deep into the subconscious of the patient and help them gradually change their behavior, perception, thoughts and feelings. For young children, this method is even more preferred because it is safe, does not use drugs and does not interfere with the body.

For cases of early-onset attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in preschool children, psychotherapy is considered the main and only therapy applied for treatment. The main goal of this treatment is to help children see their own wrong behaviors and thoughts in order to adjust in the right direction.

Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured?
Psychotherapy is the core and only method applied to children with ADHD

Through therapy sessions, psychologists will help children know how to behave, react more properly to situations happening around life and orient children in a positive and healthy direction. At the same time, this measure also helps children increase their communication ability, strengthen relationships and gradually integrate well into the normal rhythm of life.

For adults with ADHD, psychotherapy is often used as a supportive measure alongside medication. Patients will also be applied appropriate therapies to change their behaviors well. At the same time, psychologists will also help them improve the necessary skills to cope and handle difficulties that occur in study, work and life.

2. Drug treatment

For cases where it is absolutely necessary, psychiatrists will consider to prescribe appropriate drugs for different medical conditions. This method will be preferred for adults with ADHD and is often indicated for long-term use to prevent future recurrence.

The use of medication for people with ADHD will help control and relieve symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, anger, and excessive agitation. At the same time, it helps patients to balance their psychological state and improve their ability to concentrate to improve work and study performance.

There are several medications that can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, such as:

  • Antipsychotic drugs, such as Atomoxetine, Venlafaxine, Bupropion, Clonidine, etc.
  • Central nervous system stimulants, such as Dextroamphetamine, Methylphenidate, etc.
  • Antidepressants, such as Guanfacine, Bupropion, etc.

However, most medications used to treat it have the potential to cause some unwanted side effects. Therefore, to ensure safety, patients need to strictly follow the instructions of the specialist and absolutely do not change the dosage without the consent of the doctor.

If you notice any unusual symptoms during the course of taking the drug, you should immediately notify your doctor for instructions on how to correct them. Patients must absolutely not stop taking the drug on their own to avoid causing unfortunate consequences or making the condition worse.

3. Behavioral education for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

In almost every treatment regimen for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral education is essential. This method requires perseverance, patience and close cooperation between the school and parents over a long period of time. Behavioral education for children with ADHD needs to follow some basic principles as follows:

Can attention deficit hyperactivity disorder be cured?
Parents need to spend more time caring and sharing with their children with ADHD
  • Encourage and praise children at the right time: When children have correct and appropriate behaviors, parents should give them praise and rewards. Or sometimes you can give your child a few small gifts to help them have more motivation to perform their own correct behaviors.
  • Support children to make detailed plans for study and daily work: Setting a specific schedule is one of the effective ways to control behavior. At the same time, this method also requires children to seriously perform the tasks set out, creating discipline in young children.
  • Absolutely do not use whips: In fact, scolding and hitting young children does not create any effect on the education of children, especially those with ADHD. On the contrary, the use of whips to deter children makes them more inclined to perform violent acts of resistance and resistance. Therefore, the best way is for parents to stay calm, when children make mistakes, they should gently analyze and advise children.
  • Spend more time with your kids: Parents should spend more time caring and sharing with young children. Try to create a good and comfortable living and playing environment for children. At the same time, parents and schools also need to connect to help children feel comfortable and happy when going to school, to help children open and comfortable communication with friends.
  • Create a quiet environment for children to learn: Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are often easily distracted and lose focus. Therefore, it is necessary to create a quiet space for children to avoid noise or other distracting factors that prevent children from studying well.
  • Encourage and create conditions for children to participate in extracurricular activities: To help children quickly improve their interaction and cultivate more life skills, parents should create conditions and participate in many extracurricular activities with their children. Some sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball or picnics are also interesting suggestions.

Thus, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be cured if timely detected and appropriate intervention measures are taken. Hopefully, through the information of this article, readers will understand more about ADHD to have the right prevention and treatment measures.

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